18 Cute and Fun Easter and Spring Crafts & Treats

18 Cute and Fun Easter and Spring Crafts & Treats by: NotSoIdleHands.com

I love this time of year...the weather is getting warm (but not hot yet) and pretty bright colors are all over to make me happy. Well, we have been getting ready and looking for fun Easter crafts to do, and there are so many out there. Here are some of the fun ones I found: Subway Art Painted Easter Eggs at Lil Luna Easy Burlap Easter Bunny by Landeelu Easy hipster Easter Eggs from One … [Read more...]

Unique Frozen Birthday Party Invites With Treat Inside

Unique Frozen Birthday Party Invites With Treat Inside By: NotSoIdleHands.com

Like I said in my last post, we are in full birthday planning mode here, so that's pretty much all I've been working on {and adding fun stuff to my Etsy Store}. So today I wanted to show some super fun invites I made for my kiddo to hand out to her friends for her upcoming Frozen themed birthday par~tay. I wanted to make something charming and surprising for her friends to start off the … [Read more...]

Frozen Themed Sewn Paper Party Garland

Frozen Themed Sewn Paper Party Garland By: NotSoIdleHands.com

Well, these days have been full of party planning for one of my kiddos....have you seen the pattern in my posts yet? She wants a Frozen themed party, so I've been up to my eyeballs in ice blue and purple {and Olaf}. One of the decorations I wanted to make is a cute and easy paper circle garland to hang in our living room for the festivities. These are SO easy peasy to make....you won't even … [Read more...]

22 More April Fool’s Tricks and Pranks for Kids

22 More April Fool's Tricks and Pranks for Kids By: NotSoIdleHands.com

Ok, so I already explained how much we love April Fool's Day here, so I don't need to again. But I did want to share some more fun pranks you all can do tomorrow when you are all full of mischief. First, I want to show you what happens when you mess with a 3 year old's Cheetos.... This video is from waaaaaaay back! I opened some bags of Cheetos and switched them out for carrots. Then I used … [Read more...]

The Power of Failure

The Power of Failure By: NotSoIdleHands.com

I have learned to embrace failure....no, actually I have learned to love failure. Yes, that's a weird thing to say but it's true {and I'm weird, so I say weird things like that all the time}. Failure is an important part of life and, when all is said and done, usually helps make your life better somehow. We hate it though. We fight kicking and screaming against failure. We hang our heads in … [Read more...]

Cheater’s Guide~Checklists to Make Your Mornings Smoother + Freebie Printable

Cheater's Guide~Checklists to Make Your Mornings Smoother + Freebie Printable By: NotSoIdleHands.com

Around these parts, hubby is required to be gone a lot for work, which means I need to be on top of my game to get 3 kiddos ready for school each day. So last year, I was drowning so much every morning that I needed to devise a way to encourage the girls to want to get on board with my ideas too. It needed to be something fun, so they wouldn't get bored of it.....but also something that would be … [Read more...]

Super Easy Spring, Easter, or Birthday Party Favor Bags

Super Easy Spring, Easter, or Birthday Party Favor Bags By: NotSoIdleHands.com

Well, we have come through the holiday season and had our little respite from parties and now we are thrown into "party~planning" mode once again. Hubby and I decided years ago that big parties would happen on even birthday years and the odd years would only be 1 or 2 friends going to the movies or something else simple. Well, our #2 Aislyn will be 8 soon and this means 2 things: She gets a big … [Read more...]

Fun and Easy April Fool’s Pranks for Kids

Fun and Easy April Fool's Pranks for By: NotSoIdleHands.com

So Spring is upon us and with that comes one of my favorite fun days....April Fool's Day! We play (nice) pranks every year and now that they are getting older, even the kiddos have started thinking up their own fun jokes to spring on us. The rules are that the tricks cannot be mean (like breaking or ruining things or the house), they cannot make too much of a mess, and tricks cannot be anything … [Read more...]