Spooky Halloween Jello Specimen Jars

Spooky Halloween Jello Specimen Jars By: NotSoIdleHands.com

When Halloween time comes a~callin' I get in the mood to try creeping out my kiddos {which isn't hard cuz they're kinda lily~livered}. I don't go too far, or course, but when I found these cool gummies at target I knew I wanted to do something fun with them. Well, I have these sweet Weck jars and I thought they would look cool with green Jello and creepy things floating inside....like specimen … [Read more...]

We’ve Been Boo’ed, How About You? + Freebie Printable

We've Been Boo'ed, How About You? @NotSoIdleHands.com

When Halloween creeps closer and the other holidays are coming up on the horizon, it seems like it gets more fun to go sneaking around, dropping treats on our neighbor's porches and doing a ding~dong~ditch! Watching your kiddo tip~toe up to the door and glance back at you over their shoulder with a look of thrilled excitement on their little face is the best! And then they reach out a small hand … [Read more...]

DIY Candy Eyes For Your Spooky Treats

DIY Candy Eyes For Your Spooky Treats By:NotSoIdleHands.com

Gearing up to make some fun Halloween treats and want to add some fun candy peepers? Why not make your own this year? It's incredibly easy to do and each batch makes about a million of these things. Start off by following the recipe for royal icing here over at Bake at 350. She does a beautiful job with this and there's no way I could improve it. *Remember to make these a day ahead of whenever … [Read more...]

19+ Cute and Easy Kids Halloween Costumes

19+ Cute and Easy Kids Halloween Costumes @NotSoIdleHands.com

So, while searching for costumes to make for my own kiddos {post coming soon}, I kept stumbling upon SO many other cute costumes. My older 2 had already made up their minds early and were getting so tired of me trying to convince them to change costumes 17 times every day whenever I went on Pinterest "Are you sure you want to be a peacock....how about a gumball machine instead....Or wait! maybe a … [Read more...]

Spooky and Simple Halloween Treat Bags X 2

Spooky and Simple Halloween Treat Bags X 2 By NotSoIdleHands.com

Need some cute and simple Halloween treat bags for your fun Halloween party....or just to hand out to the cute kiddos that will come begging for sweets? Well, I have just the thing! These bags are so easy peasy to make and can hold just about anything you care to fill 'em with. I do have both kinds at my Etsy Shop....pre~stamped of course! Orrrrrrr, you can get the blank bags and jazz them up … [Read more...]

Fantastically Easy Ways To Foster Happiness In Your Life Now

Fantastically Easy Ways To Foster Happiness In Your Life Now @NotSoIdleHands.com

I love being happy, I mean who doesn't....{that's not a Pod Person}? And recently I've been working on some FANtastically easy ways to keep myself in an endless supply of happiness. Without doing anything questionable, of course. Happiness doesn't just fall into our laps, we have to help it along and a lot of us have to train ourselves to change our lifestyles to be able to be happy fairly … [Read more...]

Fun and Easy Halloween Bloody HandPrint Towel

Fun and Easy Halloween Bloody Hand Print Towel @NotSoIdleHands.com

So last week when my brain had run dry of sweet Halloween ideas, my bestie Jess sent me a torrent of texts filled with great ideas! One {this one} looked super fun and easy and I decided I needed to make one for our guest bathroom....you know, to scare away any guests that might be foolish enough to enter our asylum. Anyhoo, I also just happened to have all the materials on hand … [Read more...]

13+ Halloween Crafts The Kids Will Love

13+ Halloween Crafts The Kids Will Love @NotSoIdleHands.com

Man! Fall has totally snuck up on me this year, so I wasn't already ready in July with my mile~long list of Halloween craft ideas I usually have. I even panicked and texted Jess {the Fun Instagram Mom} for some help. I also, of course, turned to my friend Pinterest {hello, dear friend} much to my kiddos' delight. So yes, that totally means I'm going to share some of those fun ideas I … [Read more...]