Fun Instagram Mom~The Official Game of 4th of July

Fun Instagram Mom~The Official Game of 4th of July at:

Can you guess what the most important item is in this picture? I know you’re looking at that frosting…  That’s right…the toothpick!  The Toothpick Game is absolutely the most fun game you can play in a pool.  It is highly competitive so if you are not, sit back, relax and enjoy the show because it is bound to be a good one!  The object of the game is to retrieve the toothpick out of the water … [Read more...]

Red, White, & Blue 4th of July Painted Flag Denim Jackets

4th of July Painted Flag Denim Jackets By:

Well, summer seems to be kicking me in the tushie so far, but we are very much looking forward to 4th of July and celebrating our independence and freedoms with family and some stunning fireworks over the lake. Therefore, I wanted to show how we made these cute flag jackets the girlies get to wear while we hang out this holiday and Oooooh & Ahhhhh at the fireworks high above us. We loved … [Read more...]

Printable Father’s Day Tags With Awesome Quote

Printable Father's Day Tags With Awesome Quote By:

Wanna hear a funny story {of course you do....who says no to a funny story}? This happened the year I posted about these funny t-shirts I made for our girlies to wear whenever they were out~and~about with their dad. I was trying to hurry and get the shirts done and photos taken as well as still adjusting to our recently adopted tiny kiddo {yes, we brought her home in Feb, but adjustment always … [Read more...]

Adventures With ADHD ~ Throw In Some OCD And You’ve Got A Party

Adventures With ADHD ~ Throw In Some OCD And You've Got A Party By:

ADHD is a lot of fun and super exciting for me. It helps me run around with my friend the headless chicken and allows me to remember exactly %5 of conversations I'm a part of {because after the first minute, my brain starts thinking of 53 other things that are not in the least pertinent to anything being discussed}. It aids me in keeping every project I start, half-finished and strewn around my … [Read more...]

Cheater’s Guide ~ How to Post Your Awesome DSLR Photos to Instagram

Cheater's Guide ~ How to Post Your Awesome DSLR Photos to Instagram By:

Ok, so we all know how awesome Instagram is {case in point, Jess~ The Fun Instagram Mom}, but we also all know how frustrating it is that we can't post the fantabulous pics we take with our super expensive DSLR cameras. What did we buy them for anyways, if we always end up taking pics of important events with our phones JUST so we can throw 'em up onto Instagram later? Well, there are apps you … [Read more...]

Color On Shape Magnets ~ Father’s Day & Summer Kids Craft

Color On Shape Magnets ~ Father's Day & Summer Kids Craft By:

I have been racking my brain for a cute craft the kiddos could make for the hubs for Father's Day this year. So, as I was ransacking my craft supplies for inspiration, I came across these cute shapes I made from magnet material {we all know how much I LOVE magnets!!} that the kiddos could draw on with colorful permanent markers. I knew the hubs would love being able to use these and see the … [Read more...]

13 Awesome Father’s Day Crafts for Kids to Help Make

13 Awesome Father's Day Crafts for Kids to Help Make at

Well, I'm back from my sinus infection vacation....and freaking out because I just realized that Father's Day is coming fast! I started checking out cute gifts that the kiddos can help make for daddy and wanted to show some of my favs. Father's Day Remote Control Cookie from Somewhat Simple Don't Laugh, He's My Dad T~Shirts by Me {see how thrilled 1/3 of my brood looks to be modeling … [Read more...]

My Life Written As Drama~ Bedtime

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I was reading a fantastic book last where the story line was so thick with description that I wondered: What would my life sound like if written as a book? It might be a comedy, adventure or even drama, but I wanted to let you in on some of the most exciting times of my life these days....written as a passage from a book, of course. Bedtime The young girl with the sleepless blue … [Read more...]