Christmas in July and Freecycle Friday Present: Pop Top Treat Cans!

Pop Top Treat Cans by
UPDATE: After much un scientific experimentation, I found that you should NOT use the E6000 glue with this project… makes the candy taste like, well, E6000 glue :( and the fumes were strong once I opened the pop top! Thanks to my readers for the heads-up since I have never given one of these to myself. And, I’m sorry to those who I have given these to. Instead, just use a hot glue gun to attach the top/bottom.Hey there, sorry for the super-long title.
Anyhoo, the craft for Freecycle Friday this week is another basically FREE craft (LoVE that word these days)

I call them “Pop top treat cans” (original, I know)

I got this awesome idea here from Crafts on a Whim and was IN love!

I did learn that it’s harder to find cans for this than you might think.

After reading this, I went to our pantry to look at the plethora of canned foods I have and……..most of them have a curved bottom, ie. you cannot open them from the bottom.

Pop Top Treat Cans by

So, nowadays, the only kind of pop-top cans I buy are the regular-bottomed ones so I will have an endless supply of crafting materials (sorry honey).

Here’s how you do it:


Pop top can(s)
Cute paper scraps
Smooth edge can opener
E6000 glue
Ribbons, tags, and any other embellishments you want to use

Pop Top Treat Cans by
Pop Top Treat Cans by
Start by opening the can from the bottom with one of these “Smooth edge” can openers. This will enable you to glue it back on later because of that little overhang.

Pop Top Treat Cans by

Then, after you have yourself a quick snack……..wash out the inside and take that pesky label off. DE-SOLV-IT works wonders!

I went ahead and decorated before I glued the bottom back on (but I didn’t actually end up gluing it back on :), but that’s entirely up to you.

To decorate, just measure around the can, and cut out the paper of your choice (I went with Christmas, since I am doing Christmas in July)

For this, you will NEED to break out your roll of “Terrifically Tacky Tape.” Trust me, the paper won’t stay around the can otherwise.

I also put paper on the tops too. You just need to cut around the little tab-y thing, and slide the paper under it. But this won’t work for the pop tops with little tabs (like the slim fast in the picture) because the paper would hide the tab.

Then, just add your choice of extras and embellishments.

Pop Top Treat Cans by

Pop Top Treat Cans by

Once you are satisfied with the decor (are we ever?), go ahead and turn it over and fill with a yummy treat. I didn’t seal this one up since X-mas isn’t for another 5 months and I don’t want the goodies to go bad by then.

But, if I had sealed it…..I would have used E6000 hot glue (not too much or it will glob over the sides.) and placed a book on top till it dried.


Pop Top Treat Cans by


Pop Top Treat Cans by

Voila! Cute little treats to have on hand for Christmas.

Pop Top Treat Cans by

You can go ahead and decorate cans now……and when Christmas comes, put the candy in it and seal ‘em up!

Pop Top Treat Cans by

Another quick thing I wanted to mention about Freecycle Christmas crafts (thanks to a great comment from Cecelia!) was that you could make these great chalkboard tags, but use festive paper and use them on your gifts this year!

Pop Top Treat Cans by

Have fun!


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Emily McDonald is the owner of Not So Idle Hands and lives in Colorado with her hot hubby and 3 cute daughters. When she's not battling ADHD, Fibro, or Migraines she loves to be downstairs playing with all her pretty crafty things making fun stuff. She also runs an awesome Etsy Shop by the same name where she gets to sell shiny supplies to make pretty stuff {check it out!}.


  1. What a cute and darling idea for Christmas gifts. I LOVE it so much that I’m going to have to make them. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I love this! I am going to post a link on my blog tomorrow!

  3. Anonymous says:

    If you have a Pampered Chef can opener you don’t have to open the bottom of the can!

    Love the idea!

  4. I just found your blog. I love the creative ideas. The projects are so cute.

    Thanks for Sharing!

  5. ok, this is a genius idea! Just popped over from Be Different, Act Normal. I can’t wait to read more from you!

  6. These are soooo cute. They appeal to the side of me that loves and adores scrap crafts. I love any chance to use my scrapbook stuff on projects other than scrapbook layouts. So so cute!!!

  7. Emily Simpson says:

    Very cute, Em! I guess I should probably stay away from smelly tuna cans though;)

  8. I am soooooo stealing this for Chrismtas this year :):) Thanks a bunch for posting the idea!! Amy

  9. I am SO glad I’m working on Christmas already! I so completely love this idea and am going to make a couple dozen!


  10. CLEVER! I LOVE it! :)

  11. I love this idea! Thank you 4 share!!!

  12. These are adorable and so fun! Thank you! :)

  13. SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute. What do you use to cut the circle for the top and also to go around the pop top, just one straight slit in?
    Thanks for your help!

  14. Rachelle~ I just used my circle paper puncher (or Cricut, depending on what size I need) to cut the circle out, then I cut a little “u” shape out for the tab. It doesn’t need to be big, just enough to be able to slide it around the tab.

  15. Does glue get on your treats inside the jar?

  16. Leann~
    Nope, just leave your jars upside down till the glue dries and your reciepiants won’t end up eating glue :)

  17. Anonymous says:

    I have made these before but I found out on the first ones that E6000 glue will make the candy inside taste awful… glues nice but use something else…even the wrapped stuff had a bad taste to it…

  18. Could anyone tell me where to get the can opener? Thank you.

  19. Loving the little pop can treats!! Too cute!

  20. thanks for the tip about the glue….i’ll have to taste test the treats next time i do this (what a good excuse to eats treats :). Also, you can get the can openers anywhere….I got mine at WalleyWorld for around $10 bucks.

  21. If E6000 glue makes the contents taste bad, what would be a good alternative sealant to use???

  22. Hi anonymous~

    I am currently in the throes of a seriously scientific experiment with the adhesive…… I will be back soon with the results :)

  23. I love this idea and I think I’ve come up with a great way to use the cans. My question is where did you get your smooth can opener? I don’t think I’ve seen those around.

    Thank you!

  24. Thanks for the speedy reply! I’ll check Walmart for the smooth can opener.

    I plan to post pictures and hopefully a tutorial type of post on my own blog, but can upload some pictures to you for sure as well :)

    my blog, which is just getting started is

    Until then I’m hunting down all the goodies for my pop-top can gifts!

  25. Hi everyone! I added an update to this post about the E6000 I originally used for this project. Just use hot glue instead. Thanks!

  26. I just made this last night with my daughter’s friends. It was such a hit. The only drawback was the hot glue. The glue dried thick on the lids, and we had a hard time fitting the lids back onto the can. The glue dried pretty quickly before we could get the lid on. Maybe I need to use the high temperature glue gun instead of the low temp glue gun and only dot the glue around the lid so as not to burn my fingers.

  27. pk @ Room Remix
    What a fun, adorable idea! Opening, then gluing the bottom back on so that you still have the pop top is genius! Love it.

  28. Saw this via PK’s Room Remix blog. What a great, fun idea!!!

  29. wow what an awesome IDEA!
    just bought a smooth edge can opener too! thanks for the wonderful idea

  30. Oh my, oh my…what a cute idea. I bought a safe can opener at Target. I was out at the grocery store today checking can bottoms!!! Paper and ribbon at Michaels and here is what I created:

  31. Anonymous says:

    I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

  32. Hi,
    I have just published a post featuring these. They are so cute, I have to make sure I’ll try them for xmas.

    I have linked back to the post from

    Thank you for sharing this great idea

  33. I do day care in my home and every year I give the parents gift cards to Starbucks. This is going to be a fun and creative way for me to give them this year.

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