Christmas in July – Shadowbox/Picture Frame Calendars

K, to me it’s still Wednesday……but I’m having a problem with my pics, so that’s why I’m posting this at midnight.
Christmas in July - Shadowbox Calendars by

This is a very cute and super easy craft that one of my friends and I saw at a scrapbook convention we went to last fall (LOVE those!)

The only difference is that they made theirs (can’t remember which booth we saw it at) with a calendar printed on a transparency.

So, EVEN if I had a printer that could print 12″x 12″…….The transparencies were A)Impossible to find and B) SUPER expensive once I did locate some.


Enter my vinyl cutter.


You could probably even do this with a paint pen and a straight edge ruler (haven’t tried it yet, though).

So here’s how:


Calendar vinyl or paint pen (maybe even a sharpie!)
Shadowbox or square picture frame
Cute piece of scrapbook paper
Yup! That’s all!

Christmas in July - Shadowbox Calendars by
So, start by taking the door off your shadowbox OR taking the glass out. Trust me, it’s so much easier with the door off/ glass out.

Christmas in July - Shadowbox Calendars by

Then, take your calendar vinyl and apply it to the INSIDE of the glass. That’s why it’s backwards.

Put the door back on/glass back in and put some cute paper in,

Christmas in July - Shadowbox Calendars by

I took the mat out of this super-cute frame (that I got at Marshall’s for only 5 bucks!) to maybe use later on another project. So, instead I cut down a thick cereal box and used it to pad the frame with. By-the-way….this cereal is SO YUMMY. There’s teeny tiny chocolate chips inside each piece of cereal. heaven.


Christmas in July - Shadowbox Calendars by

Ta Da!


These are great ‘cuz you can change the paper according to the seasons or your mood.

I even taught these for my Crafter’s Club last December and gave some out as Christmas gifts, too!

Christmas in July - Shadowbox Calendars by

I used some beautiful valentine’s paper in the picture of the shadowbox because I was feelin’ it today. And for the smaller one I LOVED the autumn-y colors on that paper. Even though it’s still hotter than the sun here :)

I forgot to mention…….that you just use dry erase markers on this. SO EASY.
Oh, yeah, and the little one is going to someone who signed up for my “Pay it forward”, but I won’t tell who so it will be a surprise (a little).

Have fun!

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  1. Can you buy the vinyl with the Calendar printed on it? Or did you create that vinyl? Also, these would be great because you can write on glad with a dry erase marker…you could actually use the calendar to keep organized and by stylin ;o)

    I just found your blog and I LOVE it! thanks for all you do :o)

  2. Emily! I want to order some vinyl to make some of these calendars. Call me!

  3. I love your blog! I stumbled across it not to long ago and now have to visit it at least once a day! This is another cute project I have added to my list to make. Thank you for the inspiration. Do you have any recomendations were I could get calender vinyl from?
    Thanks again for being so creative and willing to share!!

  4. ditto. where do you find the vinyl?

  5. Thanks! You can get it from my Etsy shop! Just go to the top of the page, on the right hand side.

  6. Hi. I stumbled across your blog while looking for vinyl calendars. Are you still making them? I would really LOVE one!

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