Freecycle Friday – Juice can stilts

So, I was going to do a weeklong edition of recycled crafts….but there are just too many to feature in one week, or even just two weeks!
So, to my lucky readers, I will now be featuring “Freecycle Fridays,” where I will show how to turn free (or cheap) stuff into cute crafts or decor.

This will include stuff that you would usually throw away (much to my sweet hubby’s dismay), stuff you may find at thrift stores or garage sales, or stuff around your house that you can re-purpose into something else.

To start things off, I want to show a craft that I, myself, remember doing as a kiddo (we had 5 kids in my family, so not much $$ for “real” toys :).

Ta Da!

Juice Can Stilts!

Anyhoo, I was browsing on Kaboose recently and came across this and had a little bit of nostalgia. So, naturally, I wanted to show my kiddos the same fun craft I remember having fun with.

Here goes:


  • 2 unopened 64 ounce cans of juice -you’ll probably just have your choice of pineapple or tomato
  • a can opener with a triangle end
  • 2 pieces of rope or 2 shoelaces
  • crayons, markers, or paint for decorating

Start with your cans of juice unopened.

Then, Make two holes, one on each side, at the top of each can as pictured. You don’t want to open it like a regular can, because ( as I seem to remember) this weakens the can and it won’t be able to hold much weight.

Pour out the juice (into a pitcher, of course) and wash out the inside of the can and let it dry. Also take off the label.

This is where it gets fun for the kiddos. Let your kids either paint directly on the outside of the cans, or cut some paper to fit the outside and let them color on that. Then once they are finished, adhere the paper onto the can (like in the pictures).

If you do it with paper, you will want to thread the rope through first and tie it….it’s easier.

Now, once the paper is on or the paint is dry…..and the rope is on……let the kids have their fun!

We all had fun trying it out (YES, the cans even held MY weight!).

But, since my kids are still young….they weren’t able to balance on them for long, let alone walk. I had to perch them precariously on the cans to even get pics for this post. After 1 or 2 pics, they would lose balance and fall (that’s why we were on carpet :)

That’s also why some of the pics are fuzzy.

We will keep practicing, but I think I will have to wait and pull this craft out again when they are a little older (sniff).

Have Fun!

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