Freecycle Friday – Glowing Jack O’Lanterns

Hey there!!I can’t believe we’ve passed the 200 MARK!!

So, I guess we need to have another GIVEAWAY soon.
Just not today.
Today we have Freecycle Friday!!!!
Freecycle Friday - Glowing Jack O'Lanterns By:
And we are making these awesome Glowing jack O’Lanterns made with recycled glass jars (I have enough jars to make a TON of these :)
So, I was perusing Instructables a few weeks ago and found this awesome chick, who made these! So cute huh?
So I HAD to make some!!
(especially since I have a million jars laying around…..sorry honey)
But, I figured I would go ahead and post a tute, ‘cuz I love you all ssoooooo much!

Freecycle Friday - Glowing Jack O'Lanterns By:

You will need:

5 glass jars of varying sizes (I think the varying sizes make it more interesting)

Some orange tissue paper (If you are anything like me… save tissue paper from EVERY gift you get but,…….NOT ORANGE! But luckily this was only $1 buck at Walmart)

Mod podge (Yes, I’ve had that bottle awhile… matter how much I use it, it never runs out!)

Black paper

Green paint

Freecycle Friday - Glowing Jack O'Lanterns By:
Start by cutting the tissue paper into strips about 1.5 – 2 inches wide. Measure the height of your jars and cut the tissue paper strips to that size.
Freecycle Friday - Glowing Jack O'Lanterns By:

Freecycle Friday - Glowing Jack O'Lanterns By: Freecycle Friday - Glowing Jack O'Lanterns By:

Paint Mod Podge, a section at a time, onto the outside of the jar. lay down a strip of paper and smooth it down well. Then, move onto the next section. Don’t worry if it’s a little wrinkly, it doesn’t show once it’s dry.

I loved the way she overlapped the strips of paper to make it look more pumpkin-y (is that a word?)

Freecycle Friday - Glowing Jack O'Lanterns By:

Keep going till you get the jar covered. Then, work on cutting out the faces for them. You can click here and here to download a template of the faces I used and size them according to the sizes of your jars.

Freecycle Friday - Glowing Jack O'Lanterns By:

Freecycle Friday - Glowing Jack O'Lanterns By:
Glue the faces on and paint the tops with some pretty green paint and then brush on a coat or 2 of Mod Podge (I used glossy so it looks shiny like it’s part of the jar :)

I ended up having to use vinyl for the faces since i didn’t have any black paper on hand and I didn’t feel like running out just to get paper.

Let them cure for 24 hours and…..

Freecycle Friday - Glowing Jack O'Lanterns By:

(in my office)

Freecycle Friday - Glowing Jack O'Lanterns By:

(in the sun)

Freecycle Friday - Glowing Jack O'Lanterns By:

(in the dark…..Ooooooooo scary)

Ta Da!

Freecycle Friday - Glowing Jack O'Lanterns By:

Your very own glowing jack o’lanterns!!

So Cute!! My girls are LOVING these!!

They were easy to make, AND your older kiddos can help do them. I’m thinking about using some baby food jars and letting my girls make some tiny ones to show in their room.

You can even use candles or those neat (fake) tealights in these for a fun effect :)

Update: Check out Reinvented (love that blog!) for more fun candles re-purposing projects.

Have fun!!

About Emily Mcdonald

Emily McDonald is the owner of Not So Idle Hands and lives in Colorado with her hot hubby and 3 cute daughters. When she's not battling ADHD, Fibro, or Migraines she loves to be downstairs playing with all her pretty crafty things making fun stuff. She also runs an awesome Etsy Shop by the same name where she gets to sell shiny supplies to make pretty stuff {check it out!}.


  1. Those are really cute!

  2. Love it! Something I think I could actually do!

  3. How cute. I love the different sizes. This is going on my list to make.

  4. So freakin’ cool! I love these…we are SO doing them!

    Did I invite you to Mod Podge Mania already? It’s the last day of each month over at my blog, and I would LOVE if you would link up and share some Mod Podge Magic with us!

  5. Lovin’ these!!! Thanks for the post!

  6. These are SUPER cute! I love it! I’ve been saving jars forever and I think I just found a use for them! THANKS!

  7. Those are DARLING!! I will totally be making these :) Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Um – SO AWESOME. Me want! :D

  9. i love the faces on these!

  10. so cute! I am featuring these on

  11. Such a cute idea, my 5 year old wants to make them today!

  12. I love those! I also have a strange question – how do you get the name of your blog, etc. on your photograph? Just curious. I am not the brightest of bloggers.

  13. Oh, what a cute idea!! I love it!!

  14. Wow, now that is a great idea. It looks so adorable all lit up.

  15. Wonderful idea…I may try these if I can figure out a place to put them & find some jars! I JUST recycled a bunch. :o(

  16. So cute! Might be fun for my boys to help me do these…they would love it! Thanks for sharing!~Ashley

  17. Very cute! It’ll make a nice art project for my kiddos! thanks for sharing.

  18. I am definitely going to make some of these! Thanks for the idea!

  19. i LOVE these! i’m obsessed with holiday decor!

    i’m having a goodwill party today & every Wednesday, stop by and link up!

  20. These are too cute! I’ll never put a glass jar in the recycle bin again!

  21. VERY clever!

  22. Emily, we finally had the chance to make these great little pumpkins this weekend. Sooo cute! Thanks so much for your inspiration. I linked to you on my blog post. Thanks again!

  23. Emily – I just wanted to let you know that my two year old and I made these this week. I posted pics on my blog if you want to check it out. My two year old loves these and we are really loving your blog :o) Thanks again!

  24. Wow! How cute these are! Thanks for sharing this darlin’ idea!


  25. Such a cute idea! I love very economical holiday decor that carries a lot of cute punch for less! And, if anyone doesn’t already have a pile of glass jars around, it wouldn’t take them long to collect several if they save them for a week or so. Thanks for sharing!

  26. I may just have to do this.. how creative are you? so CREATIVE. I have all these jars saved up and really have had no reason for WHY’ I was saving them (possibly canning one day, yes’ one day) well NOW I think I know what I will use some of them for. THANK YOU.

  27. Oh wow!! love this idea!!!

  28. Wow! They are awesome. Do you think painting the jars with glass transparent orange paint and using a solid black glass paint for the face would work? I think I’ll try it.

  29. These are great! I made some on Sat with my kids!We have still to finish them off but were so excited to take pics of them before it was dark that we took the pics before they were dry! I wrote about it on my blog and linked back to here, hope that is ok? xx

  30. So cute! I saw something similar today at the Halloween store and they had those fake tealights in them, just as you mentioned. It looked SO COOL! Those tealights give real candles competition if you ask me. Love this craft!

  31. Just found your blog! LOVE this idea!

  32. I love these and had to make some! I posted them on my blog with a link back to yours.
    Thanks for the great idea!!

  33. Love your blog, had to be a follower, what new and creative ideas, just love them, I will return again and again, thanks for sharing

  34. Hi Emily , way to cool…cute cute cute…

  35. Thank you for the inspiration. I’ve made pumpkins and ghost luminaries in the past, but never thought of doing different colors. Love it! I made my own version of these and posted them here I chose to paint instead of decoupage for a faster project. :)

  36. Thank you so much for posting this cute craft! I have been wanting to make them forever and just got done last night. Too cute!

  37. I just wanted to let you know I made these with the kiddos and they LOVED it! Mine are 3 and 5 and they did great! Only one small mistake and that was all me…I read the directions wrong (which probably means I didn’t really read the directions) and we applied the paper to the inside of our jars…I figured it out by the time we got to the faces! But they still look great and are doing fine! Thanks for the great ideas, you’ve got a lot of them…I’ll be a follower from now on!

  38. These are awesome! And I already have all the materials, I’m totally gonna make some! I was also looking for baby jar ideas, and this would be great for a little tealight holder!! THanks for the tutorial!

  39. OMG! I love this kind of stuff! I used to do so many creative things and due to a crazy work schedule for many years, I have not made the time. These gorgeous JOLs made me squeal with joy and make the instant decision to feed my artistic soul! Thank you, thank you, thanks you!

  40. so cute we made these years ago while my daughter was in kindergarten I still have hers. I have been wanting to do more and keep forgeting , thanks for the reminder.

  41. These lanterns are unbelievably cute!!! I found them on the Modg podg Rocks blog… I think I’m dropping everything i have to do today and making these lanterns even though Halloween is only a couple day away.

  42. I came here from Your Homebased Mom. Love it! I might have to sacrifice a couple of my jars for this worthy cause. Thanks!

  43. Loved these so much! And I just happened to have an entire pack of orange tissue paper. I didn’t have to buy anything and I made them to decorate my son’s birthday party on Halloween day. Then I let each family take one home as a party favor. They LOVED them and so did I. They took very little time to make and are soooo cute!

  44. These are just too cute but, I found your blog too late for Halloween. :( I think we might make some SNOWMEN for Christmas instead. I think they’d be adorable.

  45. This is BEYOND AWSOME! I am sooo going to try this with my little one. She will love it and so will all the little trick or treators coming at the front door. Thanks for sharing!

  46. if i pop candles inside will they be safe ?

  47. Kathryn- as long as there is not any paint, paper, or glue on the inside….it should be fine. But, just in case I like to use the fake ones ;)

  48. These are just so cute! Time to start savin some jars. We will definitely be making these!!!

  49. great tutorial! made these tonight and they are cheering up my front porch. i posted a link to your tutorial on my blog:
    let me know if this is not ok and i’ll take it down. thanks so much!

  50. Hi Emily,

    we wanted to create these pumpkins but missed it this year. Then myself and my kid came up with a Fish Tank fun by using the same method. Please have a look.


  51. These are sooo cute!!! Can you please tell me what kind of vinyl you used? Is it a vinyl type of sticker? Can you please let me know asap as I’m trying to put a craft together for my church group? Thanks soooo much!

  52. Hi Julie~ Yes, vinyl is a kind of sticker, but you can totally just print the faces out onto regular paper and the cut them out and glue them on with mod podge…..or use black cardstock if you want them thicker. Good luck!!

  53. Thanks Emily! Can you please tell me where I can buy it? i.e. Michael’s, etc?

  54. Julie~ Yup, at Michaels and Joanns with the Cricut stuff…..but it’s pricey there, so I suggest going online to Oh My since their prices are much better. If you need large quantities, you can go to Sign and get it by the roll. You an also email me directly if you have more questions. Enjoy!

  55. Thanks Emily! This is very helpful! =)

  56. You are a genius!!! this is so cute and smart!

  57. I have made these before using baby food or other small size jars and then putting a battery operated tea light, the kind that flicker,to light the little jack 0′ lantern. They are too cute!

  58. You can also cut the facial features out of stickee backed vinyl if you have an electronic cutting machine! Sharpie works well too on the smaller ones

  59. I noticed that the lightning in the jars appears to be all over the place, like on different levels. how did you do this?

  60. Adrianne~ I used a string of lights for these, so that’s prob what you are noticing. You can also use tealights for a flickering effect.


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