Fun Shape Pancakes!

Hey there peeps!

I didn’t realize there were soooooo many of you!!

Now I’m starting to get a little stage fright…..hopefully I won’t wet myself :)

Well, here’s a fun thing to do with the kiddos on their 1st (or 15th) day of school to celebrate! We DID actually do this for my oldest on the 1st day to celebrate her going to Kindergarten.
I saw this idea somewhere….but cannot for the life of me remember where. So, if you know, please tell me so I can give credit. Thanks!

It was TONS of fun for my girls to be able to eat pancakes that were the first letters of their names or in cool shapes. This is something that you can even let the kiddos do themselves!
But, alas, I tried to get my girls to create their own, but they were too scared to get that close to the hot pancake skillet. I guess that’s kinda a good thing?

I picked this condiment bottle up at Walmart for $1 and just cut the tip down a little to make the hole bigger (later, I found a condiment bottle 2-pack at the $1 Dollar store….o-well).

Then, just quickly squeeze out a fun shape onto the hot skillet.



Fun shape pancakes to start your morning off right.

Surprise your kiddos with these and hey will think you’re sooooooo cool!!

Have fun and stay tuned for Freecycle Friday tomorrow!

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Emily McDonald is the owner of Not So Idle Hands and lives in Colorado with her hot hubby and 3 cute daughters. When she's not battling ADHD, Fibro, or Migraines she loves to be downstairs playing with all her pretty crafty things making fun stuff. She also runs an awesome Etsy Shop by the same name where she gets to sell shiny supplies to make pretty stuff {check it out!}.


  1. We make fun shaped pancakes. I used an old ketchup bottle, but I like the condiment bottle better. It would make it a lot easier to make the fun shapes. Especially when my son asks for things like trains and skyscrapers.

  2. Awesome! I need to get me a condiment bottle! (Don’t ya hate it when you buy something then find it cheaper elsewhere)

    I bought my supplies for the picture puzzle blocks yesterday. This will be the test run then I’ll make a bunch for Christmas gifts. =)

  3. I’ve been making animal pancakes for my kiddos… Been using a spoon, but the condiment bottle is a fantastic idea :) Thanks!!!

  4. This also works with an empty, clean, ketchup bottle ~ I actually make extra pancake batter and store it in the ketchup bottle and keep in in the fridge. Makes mornings super easy!

  5. I’ve been lazy lately in the mornings with getting a good breakfast for my kids. It’s been cereal and toaster strudels for them lately. Your post has motivated me to step it up and make some fun pancakes for them! Thanks!

  6. I LOVE this! I am so doing this this weekend!

  7. I tried this the other day and evidently my batter had too many lumps which kept clogging up the tip. Gotta smooth out the batter before I try again!

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