Freecycle Friday – Cute Halloween Frames

Hey all!
I can’t believe that I’m actually getting this posted before midnight tonight :)
It’s just because I have somewhere sooooooo fun to go today (squeel!) But, more about that later.
Have any spare frames laying around?
Try making some these!

Freecycle Friday - Cute Halloween Frames By:

Freecycle Friday - Cute Halloween Frames By:

I made these 2 years ago and I LOVE them!

They are SO easy, too!
I used vinyl to make these, but you can use some plain colored paper,
Jazz it up with some cute scrapbook paper.
Just start by taking the glass and backing out of your frame and clean the glass really well. If you want to paint your frame (like I did for the white and orange ones), now is the time. Just make sure to sand he whole surface a little to help the paint stick better.
Cut out what you want on your die cutter OR use your printer & print it backwards in reverse on the back of your paper and cut it out with scissors.
Then, adhere it, backwards, to the back of the glass. So, when you look at it through the front, it reads the right way (hopefully). I’ve never done this with paper, but I imagine you would want to use a vellum adhesive or make sure and apply the glue evenly on each letter so it doesn’t look blotchy on the other side.
Another option is to get 2 pieces of glass and sandwich the paper between both, making sure to adhere the paper to the back piece of glass so the adhesive will be hidden.
Freecycle Friday - Cute Halloween Frames By:

Then, just glue the glass back into the frame with hot-glue or E6000. I used hot-glue for these (didn’t know about E6000 yet) so I just quickly dabbed a bit it in each corner since it cools so fast

 Freecycle Friday - Cute Halloween Frames By:

I stapled a cute ribbon onto the back of one and hot-glued a chain onto the other to hang them up with.

Freecycle Friday - Cute Halloween Frames By:

Freecycle Friday - Cute Halloween Frames By:

Anyhoo, this is a great way to use some of those frames you have stockpiled up in your closet (you KNOW it’s true :)

Freecycle Friday - Cute Halloween Frames By:

Freecycle Friday - Cute Halloween Frames By:

Here is one I made for Christmas, too!

SO easy!!
Have fun!
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  1. Love theses! I have to give it a shot for sure. thanks!!

  2. Those are so cute!!

    I signed up for Blogspark but get nothing but a couple random surveys. Oh well I guess!

  3. These are great! I really have to get one of those die cutting machines!

  4. so very cute…you could use vinyl or contact paper too..then they would stick right on….

    lovely idea…and such cute projects.

  5. Those are so cute! I tried it tonight, using only things I already have, mine are pretty ghetto, but that’s what I’m good at I guess! :) I’ll blog them soon!

    Thanks for all the awesome ideas!

  6. Ooh, pretty and functional! Not just functional, but febreezial! I’m drooling, I promise. I don’t know how I survived before febreeze.

  7. I love viynl on glass and framed too, very cute.

    so i had my glass jack o’ lantern girls craft night… I mentioned you OF COARSE.. on my craft night post… go check it out if you would like…

  8. These are so creative, love it! :) Glad I found your blog!


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