Super Saturday Crafts!! Chore Chart & Temple Block

Soooooooooo, can you tell I’ve been busy?
On top of EVERYTHING else that’s been going on here, I got sick last night. I’m not talking cute little cough,cough, sniff, sniff

I pucked my brains out!!!
And some other stuff (I think you all know what I mean :(
Well, I feel better today, so I guess it wasn’t the flu, probably something I ate. That should teach me to stop eating out of the trash….no matter how thrifty I’m trying to be :)
So, enough with the gross images….onto the fun stuff!
Super Saturday was awesome! I had a great time…..and got to sit around more than usual (yeah, right) since I did my crafts early…… the ones I signed up for that other people taught
We’ll start out with the temple block, I got the idea from here, but made it a little bigger. And I got the pic from Flickr and added the words in Photoshop.

Here’s what you need:
  • A 7 1/2″x 7 1/2″x1″ block of wood
  • Black paint or color of your choice :)
  • A 6 1/2″x 6 1/2″ piece of scrapbook paper
  • A 6″x 6″ temple pic (or other pic)
So, paint your block and distress the edges with sandpaper (of course). And ink the edges of your picture. (double, of course).
Apply your paper using either Mod Podge or Tacky glue (I used tacky glue since my paper and photo were pretty thick). Make sure you cover the entire surface with glue or your paper (or pic) may bubble when you apply the finish.
Then, stick on the photo the same way.
Once the glue is dry apply a few coats of Mod Podge to finish or a finishing spray.
Now on to the Chore Chart:
  •  A 31 1/2″-ish x 11 1/2″-ish wooden board (or shorter or longer depending on how many kiddos you have)
  • Black paint
  • 8  5″x7″ metal roofing shingles (found at Home Depot or Lowes) 
  • 4 sheets of scrapbooking paper-cut down to 7″x10″ 
  • E6000 glue 
  • 1″ square glass tiles-can be found on Etsy 
  • Super-strong magnets (I used 1/2″) 
  • Diamond Glaze
You can make these as long or short as you need, but I wouldn’t go over 5 or 6 panels since that would be ginormous! If you have more kiddos, you could make 2 separate 3 or 4 panel charts.
Paint and distress your wood. And go ahead and seal your board with some awesome Krylon “Low odor, clear finish” matte finish.
Then, lay out your metal shingles and arrange them till you’re happy.
Then, using your handy-dandy (and stinky) E6000, glue your shingles down. I used some pavers to make sure they stayed down and are stuck nice and tight.
Then, I printed out the names onto the paper and adhered them with just a few pieces of double stick tape. That way it would be easy to change the paper if I want (for the seasons, or holidays, etc). I made these available here for ya’ll!
For the magnets, I got some 1″ glass tiles and super-strong magnets from here on Etsy or you can go here too. I liked the larger size since there are pictures to help my girls be able to see what the chores are.
I made the cute chore magnets the same way as I showed here.
And I worked soooooooo hard on these cute magnets…..but I am making them available to all of you super-cool peeps here.
Who loves ya!?

Since I did this for SS, there are tons more chores for you to choose from than the ones I have on my chart. I even made a few duplicates since I found 2 different cute pics for a couple of the chores.

So, I’ll explain the “extra chores.”
Hubby and I don’t want to pay our kiddos allowance for chores they should do no matter what….. and we don’t want them to think that chores are optional (I don’t get say no to laundry or dishes…do I?).

Anyhoo, all the regular chores are not optional and they don’t get $$$ to do them, but we thought up a bunch of extra ones that we thought were fair to pay them for. Then, we assigned prices for each one and made up a few rules:

  1. Each “extra” chore can only be done once per week (so if Maddie already did it, Aislyn can’t do it again the same week), 
  2. We get to assign the first “extra” to each kid (since some are not as popular as others) and then after that one is finished, they can do as many as they want, 
  3. They have to finish their “regular” chores for that day before they can do any “extras” and they have to get permission first. 

These ones I made are kinda made for younger kids, so you may need to make up different ones depending on your kids’ ages. And as for “mow the lawn,” we don’t send our 5 & 3-year-olds out to do it alone……it simply means help mow the lawn until they are old enough to do it alone (so, next year :)

K, so there you have it. Hope your kiddos don’t get mad at me for the chore chart ;)
Have fun!


P.S. Thanks SO much for all of your awesome comments and support over my last post…….I know I’ve said this before, but
We really appreciate all the LOVE and kind words and are SO excited to meet our little girl!!

About Emily Mcdonald

Emily McDonald is the owner of Not So Idle Hands and lives in Colorado with her hot hubby and 3 cute daughters. When she's not battling ADHD, Fibro, or Migraines she loves to be downstairs playing with all her pretty crafty things making fun stuff. She also runs an awesome Etsy Shop by the same name where she gets to sell shiny supplies to make pretty stuff {check it out!}.


  1. Great projects. I love the chore board. those tiles are awesome!

  2. I can’t open the file. Any ideas??

  3. Those tiles are an awesome idea! I love it!

  4. really cool ideas. I am going to make the chore chart. I also love the temple

  5. all though the Salt Lake Temple is my fav. I have to say I adore that magnetic board especally the darling pictured magnets! I have never been to A SUPER Saturday, or a what woman want expo… what is wrong here?

  6. I love the chore chart – it’s now on my after Christmas to do list!

  7. So those metal shingles are magnetic? I didn’t know that. What a great project. Thanks!

  8. I love that chart chart, such a cute idea! The temple block is cool too, I might have to do something similar (minus the temple)

    I stumbled your post :)

  9. I love the photo tiles!

  10. Thank you Thank yOu Thank you, I’ve been looking for great Super Saturday Crafts, these are perfect.

  11. oooh great projects!!!!!

  12. Wonderful ideas again !

  13. I’m jealous! Not about being sick, of course (glad you’re feeling better, btw), but because of SS. My ward didn’t do one! :{
    And Congrats on the girl!

  14. I LOVE the chore chart. Even though my little one isn’t old enough yet . . .

  15. Hey I found your blog! It is awesome! I actually was really wanting some chore charts and was about to buy some on etsy but this looks way cooler! I’m not crafty but I think I will give it a shot. Glad you are feeling better and I hope Maddie is too!

  16. Love the chore chart! I couldn’t open the file though either!!

  17. VERY cute ideas! About half of my family is LDS, so they’d love the Temple block. ;)

  18. i loooooove the chore chart , i have been in desperation for one thank you! however i can’t open the file either???

  19. Is the Temple picture on photo paper regular paper or card stock?

  20. I am making the chore chart AND I am in desperate need for magnets for my fridge, now I knwo how to make them cute. Thanks

  21. Love your projects! We just had our Super Saturday last week. I have some pictures up of what I did that day. I enjoy having these cute crafts to do. Thanks for sharing :) I can’t get enough of this!! Hehe.

  22. I love my chore chart!! I look at in the morning and it actually makes me want to do chores so I can move my magnets!! Thanks soooo much Emily!

  23. I love the chore chart idea! I’m so gonna make one for myself. Thanks for posting! :)

  24. Love the chore chart…I’m going to add this to my list of projects to do…

  25. I cannot find the metal shingles anywhere. I’ve called Home Depot and Lowes and they are acting like they have no clue what I’m talking about. HELP!! We have a group of girls that want to make this as a craft night!

  26. Norman Family~ Don’t worry, they definitely have the shingles, maybe they just call them something else. Just go into the store and find them in the roofing section of HD or Lowes. You will need to walk past all the regular roofing shingles, and the metal ones will be all together along with big rolls of metal (and aluminum, but that’s not magnetic). Hope this helps…..Good luck!

  27. Norman Family- I had the same problem today at Home Depot so I actually pulled the blogged up on my iphone and said, “I need metal…this is what I’m making.” I had two guys walk around and we finally landed in the gutter section. Good luck!

    Emily- Do you know anywhere else besides Etsy to get the glass tiles? I don’t really want to wait.

  28. I too would love to know which kind of paper you printed the temple picture on?

  29. Shelly~ I just printed these on regular photo paper from my printer at home. Regular paper or cardstock would definitely make the ink run as soon as you added the Mod Podge. Thanks!

  30. Akmamaof4~ I looked everywhere around here, but Etsy was the only place I could find the beautiful and perfectly square glass tiles. (I’m only a little OCD :) None of the craft stores or scrapbooking stores had square tiles…..or even pretty circle tiles. But, both suppliers on Etsy shipped very quickly!

  31. Oh my goodness – I am making this! Thank you so much!

    I am in charge of our Super Saturday and it is this Saturday so I am running around like a mad woman. I wish I had seen this a couple of months ago, oh well.

    I love it and am making one for me! Thanks again!


  32. Emily- So I decided to try and do something different with the tiles and so far it’s working. I bought the clear tiles at HD. You get 121 for $9.99. I just paper glazed the chore to the front of the tile instead of the back. The tile has a frosted white on the back which I’m still trying to figure out what would get that off to make it a clear tile. So far nail polish removed failed. Anyways, just thought I’d share. Jessy :0)

  33. What a cute idea for a chore chart! Turned out great.

    pk @ Room Remix

  34. You are a Genius! I came over from One Pretty Thing. Thanks so much for sharing.

  35. The chore chart is a great idea! I especially like how you decided to do the chores. I’ll have to remember this as my munchkins get older. I also really like the temple plaque. I’ll be making myself one of those for sure.

  36. Great project and great philosophy on chores! Love it. Thanks for linking up!

  37. AKmamaof4~ Thanks! That’s something I’ll have to try :)

  38. I absolutely love all your projects on your site!!! :) K maybe a dumb question now about the temple project…but I am not familiar with Flikr or how it works. Do you buy the pictures or are there ones you can download for free?!?!? I want to make these for Christmas so I’ll need the temple pictures. Thanks :)

  39. Fab 5~ Well, I’m not entirely sure how it works, so I just make sure to ask the owner for permission if I want to use pics to make crafts.

  40. I Looooove those! Thanks for including the tutorials. That is so awesome of you. I just happened upon your blog in a craft search and now I’ll have to go check out more of it to see what other treasures you have here. :)

  41. I just came across your blog and I love it! I’ve been looking for chore chart ideas for our family and I love the magnetic roofing tiles idea! Thanks for sharing!

    I also love your thoughts on the chores, how they shouldn’t get paid to do the things they are required to do anyway. We believe that also! Glad to have “met” you :-)


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  43. I know this was a while ago but did you print your pic off of flickr at home on regular paper or at a store as a photo? I am going to make this for our monthly craft group and kind of curious…:)

  44. AmieJo~ I just printed it at home using photo paper. That way I was able to size it exactly :)

  45. This is awesome!! Looks beautiful!

  46. Hi Emily, I love it! I would love to print out the chores but the file is empty when I go to the link. Would you email them to me?? I would so appreciate that! Thank you, Amber

  47. This is the cutest chore chart I’ve ever seen! I can’t wait to get going on it! I’m also having a hard time with the chore link. Could you please email them to me, as well? Thanks so much!!

  48. Here’s a post of my finished product. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!!!

  49. I love this idea, but I cannot find the small “metal roofing shingles” that are used to make it magnetic ANYWHERE! I checked Home Depot, Lowes… did you use something different? Or where did you buy them and how expensive were they? (Are they called something different?)

    I’m going nuts just trying to find cheap, thin, inexpensive metal to create the magnetic surface. :(


  50. Ke’lona- Well, they are also called “metal flashing” so you can try that too…..I know for a FACT that every HD and Lowes should carry it. Good luck!

  51. Thanks for such a great idea!!

    My friend and I made these chore charts over the weekend! Our Lowe’s (where we bought our backer board) did not have the shingles but Home Depot had 8″x8″ flat shingles, although we had to hunt for them. They were in with other flat metal stuff and near the rolls of roofing metal. I actually didn’t cut my paper down because I wanted it 8 1/2 x 11 and only have my two boys at home now, so I did 3 8 1/2 x 11 sheets plus a vertical half sheet that I’m using with a magnetic backed shopping list.

    You can cut the shingles down with tin snips (bought a pair of Fiskars snips at Home Depot as well).

    We could not find the glass tiles without white stuff on the back and didn’t want to wait to order so we got clear round flat stones at Michael’s. They are a bit larger but we blew the chore pics up a bit on the copier and they turned out just right. I used Glossy Accents to stick the paper to the back of the stones since that is what I had on hand and it worked great.

  52. I recently bought the flat metal sheets at Home Depot (near rain gutters). I got 1 inch tiles from a store I found on etsy. Sun and Moon, I think. Their store (not via etsy) is a little cheaper.
    I’m having trouble downloading your icons on my husband’s computer though.

  53. Erika~ Hi! No problem… can email me directly ( and I will send them to you ;)

  54. I know this is an older post, but O M G I have been all over town this weekend trying to put together this VERY idea! Then today is when I finally find this! It certainly helps my ideas come to fruition since I was having a hard time finding what I wanted. Thanks so much for posting this and making my project work out the way I wanted it to!

  55. Oh! I want to make these! But the Name template isnt downloading! Can i find that somewhere?

  56. Oh! I want to make these! But the Name template isnt downloading! Can i find that somewhere?

  57. I saw the downloadable pictures you had for the magnets but I would like to add some additional ones unique to my kids. Where did you find the pictures at?

  58. Thank you so much for sharing the chore images!!!

  59. Thanks for this info…I’m in love with these charts!I’m totally making this and my tiles are on their way. For those that want extra pictures…go to excel and make a square (graph paper) or make a table in publisher or word. Then you can size them to the size you want (1 inch) and add pictures to your hearts content. You can adjust your size (in excel)by left clicking on the edge of your letter and number and dragging it. ( I think mine are 97 pixels). It will be square when the “pixel” numbers match–you can test this by drawing a straight line from corner to corner (or lots of corners) it should always match the corners if they are square. It’s also cheaper to get tiles from Sun and Moon’s site than etsy too. They also have some different shapes so I’m organizing mine based on shape the kids can find which “type” of job they are working on. This will be an every thing for every day chart so anything from make your bed to wash the car will be included. We’ll also have our prayer chart on here too so it’s easier to remember who’s turn it is. We’ll have mostly square, but add circle and triangle ones too.

  60. Love, love, love this chore chart! Thank you so much for this post. I know it is several years old but I discovered it through Pinterest. I tried to download the template for the name part of the chore chart but it gives me an error. Any chance you still have it and could email it or repost it for me? Thanks so much!

  61. How did you print on the scrap booking paper with the names and vertical lines? Is there a file you can email?

  62. I can’t download the chore PDF…could you email it to me? Thanks so much!!! LOVE LOVE this

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. I LOVE the chore chart!! What a great idea!! I can’t wait to make it this weekend! Thank you for posting your creative and inspiring ideas!!

  66. Can you email me the files? The links aren’t working :-(

  67. I love your chore chart and magnets! I too tried to download the file but it is no longer working. If at all possible, could you email me the file for the chores? Thanks you so much!

  68. thanks for sharing..

  69. Hello, I love how cute this chore chart is. I like many others cannot download your chore picture file. Where did the pictures come from? There are some additional ones I’d like to create. Can you email me the link? I am going to order the glass tiles from sun and moon. Thank you.

  70. Can you email me the files too?
    Thank you!

  71. I am trying to make this for my kids right now! I think it is such a great idea, and you did such an amazing job!! But I can’t download the file ( or even pull up the link) for the names and the To Do/Done part. If you could email them to me I would appreciate it so much! Or if you have any ideas on how I can get it to work that would be great too! Thank you!

  72. I LOVE this – what a fantastic idea! I am not able to download the file either. If you could email to me, that would be great!!!! Thanks!!

  73. We want to do this for our next super saturday. I’d love the file too!

  74. I love this project. I have bought the materials but can you email me the file for the chore pictures and the name file as well. Thanks so much.

  75. Hi Emily,

    I’ve been looking for something like this to use with my special needs son and would love to have the files for the chore chart and printable name files if you would be willing to send them! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful idea!! I’m off to home depot to recreate!

  76. Shannon Thomas says:

    i just found this idea on Pinterest and absolutely love it! I am trying to make this for my sons and wanted to know if you still have the file for the chore pictures? My sons are young so the pictures is a great idea! If you do have that file and could send it time I would appreciate it. Thank you for this great idea!

  77. Romaida Ostrand says:

    I would greatly appreciate the file for the chore pictures as well. I’m trying to make a chore chart for my daughter so she’ll start picking up after herself. Thank you!

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