Tee Shirt Stencil Painting

So, are you all as excited for Black Friday Thanksgiving as I am?
Yeah, I guess this is a bad time to be on a spending freeze :(
Anyhoo, I just wanted to post this tute before the Fall season finishes up (since I will be starting Christmas crafts very soon).
I made these a few months ago with some other moms for my daughter’s field trip to an apple orchard near us.
They make these at her school each year for the kindergarteners, and the moms volunteer to decorate them for each field trip they go on. That way, at the end of the year the kiddos have a great keepsake of their kindergarten year.
Supplies~White quality T-shirt (I got these at Old Navy for $5 bucks each….Target has them for around the same price)~T-shirt paint (I used tulip soft paint)

~Freezer paper (or vinyl, if you have some)


~Paint brushes or small foam brushes

~Some scrap cardboard

So, you should always pre-wash your shirt……it gets the sizing off and helps the paint stick better.
Then, cut some freezer paper down to 8 1/2 x11″ and put it in your printer. You can print your design onto the (non-waxy side) of the paper and then cut it out using a craft knife. If you use vinyl, cut it out and weed out the inside to create a stencil.
Tee Shirt Stencil Painting By:
Now, apply the stencil to the front of the shirt (or back). If you’re using vinyl, apply like here. If you use freezer paper, iron it onto the shirt, waxy side to the shirt.

Tee Shirt Stencil Painting By:

Cut an empty cereal box down and put it inside the T-shirt to keep the paint from bleeding through (yeah, we love our “Honey bunches of oats” as you can see in this post too :)

Tee Shirt Stencil Painting By:

Use your paint brush or foam brush to paint on 2-3 thin layers of paint, letting it dry in between (it takes around 30 min.-1 hour to dry enough to apply another coat). If you want to layer the paint (ie. like a worm on the apple), make sure the paint is completely dry (and heat set, if it needs it) before applying another stencil on top.

Tee Shirt Stencil Painting By:

Remove the stencil and heat set if your paint needs it (the kind I used, only needs to air dry).

Tee Shirt Stencil Painting By:

Ta Da!!
So cute!
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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I am truly thankful for wonderful, crafty friends! Love you!

  2. WHat a fun site! I love those shirts! And thanks for putting a link to my desktops. I love the linky love :)
    I’ll be adding your site to my reader. What fun ideas!

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