25 Days Of Christmas~Festive Glass Blocks

Well, here’s day #2 of my “25 Days of Christmas” and I’m starting to sweat a little :)
Today, I’m showing some cute glass blocks I’ve made in the past 2 years.

25 Days Of Christmas~Festive Glass Blocks by

This little one is soooooooo cute and is the first one I made. I used vinyl to make the lettering and sealed it with a clear gloss sealer and topped it with a cute poofy bow (2 1/2″ ribbon looks nice :)
  I usually put this one on a shelf inside my house and it sparkles in the sunlight (don’t all us girls LOVE sparkly things?)If you don’t have access to vinyl… can also cut letters out of paper and just Mod Podge them onto the block. And then seal it with a few more coats of glossy Mod Podge.

25 Days Of Christmas~Festive Glass Blocks by

This large is one I made last year and has some LED lights in it (they will last forever!) and I like to keep it on a little side table on our porch.
We have a sheltered nook, but if you want one safe to keep out in the elements….just make sure you use an out door sealant.

 25 Days Of Christmas~Festive Glass Blocks by

I LOVE the design on this one….it’s SO purdy and the font is so loopy!
This is what it looks like at night, YUM!
You can get a glass 1/2 inch drill bit from your local hardware store for $10~$20 bucks and just make sure not to overheat it while drilling into the block. Drilling each hole will take 5~10 minutes, so don’t give up!
Then, just feed a small string of LED lights and plug it in for some bright holiday fun! If you don’t want to can’t get your hands on a glass drill bit, just wrap a string of lights around the block before you add the ribbon (2 1/2″ ribbon looks nice)….it looks just as cute!
FYI: Emilee just let me know that Hobby Lobby sells these with pre-drilled holes….so those of you who are lucky enough to have a Hob Lob close, grab your coupons! (do they have coupons?)


I also posted about some Halloween ones here.
Now, be sure to check out “12 Days of Handmade Christmas Ornaments” with Kristen over at Write it Down!
I will be guest posting on day # 6….and I promise it will be so fun and easy!AND…..stay tuned tomorrow for day #3 of my “25 Days of Christmas”…..and another reader giveaway!!Have fun!
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  1. I love these! They are so cute! I cant decide which I like more.

  2. Love these.. such a great gift idea!

  3. You can also buy crafty glass blocks from Hob Lob with a hole already in them. In case you are scared to drill glass.
    I love what you’ve done.

  4. Super cute! Love them!

  5. I just love those! I should use my Cricut machine and make some.

  6. I second what Emilee said about Hobby Lobby. I used those blocks for centerpieces for my wedding and they were GREAT!! I think the price was $8 for the smaller blocks and $12 for the bigger ones…a great find in my book!!

  7. You can find the smaller glass bricks with the holes in them already at Hobby Lobby and other craft stores. They are from $7.99 to $9.99 each. They are smaller than the ones in the home improvement stores and lighter. They also have a stand for them.

  8. I hadn’t thought of using my Sizzix alphabets to make some letters so I will be trying this out…if I have time. Your blocks are great. TFS

  9. Lowe’s, the hardware store, also has predrilled blockes. They were 9.99 a piece, so I am not sure of the priLeahce.

  10. What vinyl lettering machine do you use?

  11. It takes WAY longer than 5-10 minutes to drill with the cheap glass drill bit. More like 1 hour +. We don’t have Hobby Lobby available in our area, so we ended up investing in a diamond hole saw when I used a bunch of glass blocks for gifts one year. It was expensive, but worth it when I can drill a block in 10-20 minutes verses 60+

  12. what font did you use? I love the look of this font thanks for the info. These are great.

  13. Michael’s sells them as well….use the coupons!

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