25 Days Of Christmas~I Know It’s Around Here Somewhere!

Be sure to check me out today over at Write it Down.
I am guest posting today for day #6 of her “12 days of handmade Christmas ornaments” and you won’t want to miss the one I did today!
So, yes, I know yesterday’s post was a little tame…….but the tip is sssoooooooo GREAT!
Instead of saying “kids, lets clean up the house,” and having them whine and drag their feet, I say “Hey! Let’s see how much we can clean up in only 5 minutes.…..ready…..GO!”
They LOVE it and run around so fast picking up their toys and putting it all away.
I even add a few minutes sometimes (ok, always), since they don’t notice and “time flies when you’re having fun.”
My 5 year-old even gets so pumped up, that she’ll keep going well after the timer dings :)Anyhoo, My hubby has been begging me for a llloooonnnnngggg time to post pics of what my office/craft room¬† looks like on a daily basis.He says ” Why don’t you post pics of what your office really looks like so your readers know that you’re not as perfect as you claim to be.”
(BTW Sweetie~I’ve never claimed to be perfect…..but I know you all know that I’m pretty close :)

Well, since I was talking about cleaning tips yesterday, I figured I would go ahead and indulge my wonderfully supportive hubby……..

Now you all are dying to see, huh?

Maybe I should just wait till tomorrow to show you :)

Just kidding! Here’s my embarrassingly messy office….I didn’t even bother to try to clean up for these pics (since I guess that would defeat the purpose, now wouldn’t it?)

For those who are sensitive….avert your eyes!

25 Days Of Christmas~I Know It's Around Here Somewhere! by


25 Days Of Christmas~I Know It's Around Here Somewhere! by

25 Days Of Christmas~I Know It's Around Here Somewhere! by
 25 Days Of Christmas~I Know It's Around Here Somewhere! by

Now you guys can show pics of your messy houses, so I won’t feel so bad :)

Have fun!

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Emily McDonald is the owner of Not So Idle Hands and lives in Colorado with her hot hubby and 3 cute daughters. When she's not battling ADHD, Fibro, or Migraines she loves to be downstairs playing with all her pretty crafty things making fun stuff. She also runs an awesome Etsy Shop by the same name where she gets to sell shiny supplies to make pretty stuff {check it out!}.


  1. I was just thinking I should take some pictures of my MESSY craft area, ugh. It’s crazy! Thanks for making me feel I’m not alone. :)

  2. I am SOOOO happy to know that someone else’s “office/craft area” looks like mine.
    Thanks for the ornament posting today, I will be trying it very soon! Kristin

  3. Sigh…you just made me feel so much better! I should try and get photos of my office and my scrapping space! It’s a disaster!

  4. I love that scale. I wish the thrift store fairy would be that nice to me.

    My craft room nearly always looks messy too.

  5. Boring women have immaculate homes…enough said.

  6. Looks just like mine!


  7. hey, where did you get your scrapbooking desk? that seems perfect. i’ve been looking for a good desk for a couple of months now.

  8. I actually just cleaned my super messy, sewing/crafting room. It is nice to know that I am not the only one who let’s it get messy!!

  9. My room looks pretty much the same way (although not as pretty when clean). My dear husband walked into it yesterday, and told me that it looks like an art room. Guess it’s supposed to be a mess if you’re being creative. Gotta love the man!

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