25 Days Of Christmas~Super-Duper Giveaway!!!!

Update: First of all…..I got so excited when I wrote this, that I forgot to say when it ended. So, contest ends Monday nite at midnite and I will announce the winner on Tues.
Also, the contest is for 2 winners, each receiving 1 roll of vinyl……sorry I wrote that wrong earlier :(

Guess what I got in the mail??
After I posted this………Sign Warehouse contacted me to say thanks for the post (I didn’t know they read my blog!)
Offered me some FREE VINYL!!!!!
So I said….
I’m giving away……. not 1,
2 of the rolls away to 2 of you lucky ducks (1 roll per winner)!
Yup! You heard me……2 FULL rolls of vinyl to do with what you want.
These rolls are 24 inches x 10 yards!
That’s 24 inches x 30 FEET!!!
So, I picked beige to give away, since it’s the most versatile color I own.
Looks great with alot of colors!
To enter:
Yup, you guessed it (and leave a separate comment for each entry)
  •  Leave a comment~Be sure to make it funny…..I like to laugh at with you guys
  • Be(come) a follower~Hey a girl’s gotta feel loved :)
  • Blog about this giveaway and leave your link
  •  Put my button on your blog~yes, I will be getting a regular one soon :)
  • That’s all…….no other ways…….I can’t think of anything else
Have fun & Good luck!
About Emily Mcdonald

Emily McDonald is the owner of Not So Idle Hands and lives in Colorado with her hot hubby and 3 cute daughters. When she's not battling ADHD, Fibro, or Migraines she loves to be downstairs playing with all her pretty crafty things making fun stuff. She also runs an awesome Etsy Shop by the same name where she gets to sell shiny supplies to make pretty stuff {check it out!}.



  2. Love me some vinyl. Pretty Please!!!!

    justmons @ hotmail . com

  3. I LOVE vinyl! I’m just getting nito ot and have so far only ordered one roll from signwarehouse. I would LOVE to get two more for free!

  4. Wow, I was so excited in my last comment I misspelled things! Honestly, not on purpose! Anyway, I’m a follower!

  5. WoW how awesome! I would love to win, and I already follow you ;)

  6. So I just found out what a Cricut is. I know, I know. I’m new to this whole crafty thing.

    But turns out my friend has one, and I can use it! I just need some Vinyl. This opened up new worlds. But since my spending money is almost non-existent right now, this would be the perfect giveaway for me to win!

  7. And I am a follower :)

  8. I would put this to such good use!!

  9. What a great giveaway! I have a cricut but I am still to scared to try vinyl-sad I know.

  10. I follow your blog

  11. I have your button.

  12. Awesome, I just jumped on the cricut bandwagon 9a few years later than everyone else!) and I’d love to try my hand at cutting vinyl on it!

  13. I’m a follower.

  14. Vinyl is my new love! It would be a great Christmas present:)

  15. Now I’m a follower.

  16. I just received my Xmas present to myself…a New Cricut Expression, so I need vinyl and lots of it. Yippee!

  17. I have your button on my blog!

  18. Oooh…I love vinyl. And free vinyl is so much awesomer. So my 4 year old daughter likes to pretend to be a pirate. She says, “Ahoy, Hades!”

  19. i am a devoted follower- pick me!

  20. I have been a follower for a long time!

    And here’s my email:

  21. I have just started using my cricut and vinyl on my walls- LOVE it! So if ya pick me it will be put to good use!

  22. Your Christmas button is on my blog.

  23. i have recently started stalking your blog and have become a follower.
    beth anne service

  24. if i win, this will force santa/my dear sweet hubby to buy me cricut for christmas.

  25. I’d love to win the Vinyl! I’ve never used it, but my mom and I have been dying to try it out on our Cricut!!!

  26. I’m a follower and could probably figure out a few good things to do with all that vinyl. :)

  27. okay, so now that I have to leave a comment so I can win, now you know that I stalk your blog, I guess I’d better become a follower! :) Too fun, vynil is my fav! thanks! You are very talented and I love all your ideas! Thanks! :)

  28. Send some vinyl my way! Can’t get enough of that stuff!

  29. I am a follower too :)

  30. Ooooh, I haven’t had the pleasure of playing with vinyl yet, but would LOVE to!

  31. I also follow you via google reader. :)

  32. I just put your button on my blog! :)

  33. I’m a follower of your AWESOME blog!

  34. Oooooooooh, I wanna win soooooooooo bad because if I won TWO rolls of vinyl (two is so much more than one and means so many more things I could create) then I would finally have a very legitimate excuse to buy a CRICUIT (do you see the justification wheels churning in my head as I approach the subject with my hubby… “But I NEED it because I have all this beautiful vinyl that NEEDS to be used because I WON it and it wouldn’t be fair to all the other people who entered and DIDN’T win if I just had it sit here in my crafting closet” Oh yes, I will win that discussion!)!

  35. Oh for fun!! I could totally get into that! Go Vinyl!

  36. Oh, thanks for the great giveaway!! I don’t have any vinyl on my walls yet, but I think with all of that, I could really get busy!!!

  37. I am a follower:)

  38. Oh I’m so excited I might pee. Just think of all the cute things I WILL make with that WHEN I win! (Hey thinking positively never hurts:) Thanks!

  39. I’m a follower!

  40. ohhhh! Vinyl! I would love to make some fun projects with this!

  41. I have just started to use the vinyl with the cricket machine. I would love to win!

  42. oooooh, I really need some beige vinyl. This is an awesome giveaway!

  43. I have been following your blog for awhile now!

  44. I am a follower.

  45. I put your Christmas button on my blog.

  46. I blogged about this fab. giveaway. My blog is private, but I promise I did. Do you need an invite?? :)

  47. Do forget me up here in Alaska… I use craft time to keep warm :) Love your site!!!

    Mom in Juneau, Alaska!!!

  48. Following now… My friend Lyn gave me the link to your sight so please use this entry for her.


  49. Vinyl is so exciting to me that it might make me actually finish a project. Pick me!! Pick me!!

  50. You are one lucky girl. I’m a follower!

  51. i am a follower! (so is my daughter)

  52. I tried really hard to come up with a funny comment. Here’s the best I could do: knock, knock. who’s there? vinyl. vinyl who? vinyl you give me that vinyl? sorry. hope this won’t disqualify me.

  53. and I’m a follower from way back.

  54. and methinks you must like comments about as much as i do!!!

    but you get more…

    but for now, i’ll settle for the vinyl!!! :D

  55. And I shall display thy button on my blog.

  56. And, last but not least, posted about it. Thanks for being such a sweet, generous person! (Does sucking up count as an extra entry?)

  57. Havent’ used vinyl yet … dying to get my feet wet though and try it out!

  58. AND of course I follow!

  59. Don’t you just love all of us greedy crafter’s out here in blog land. I follow you all the time. And my mom just gave me her cricut machine two weeks ago. Thanx for always inspiring me. Kelli Hansen

  60. I put following you too. Kelli Hansen

  61. OOH – it’s hard to be funny on demand!
    PS – Of course I already follow your blog.

  62. I would love some vinyl for my new cricut machine – thanks for the great giveaway!

  63. I am a follower!

  64. i follow!!!

  65. i think i am getting a cricut for christmas and so i really need this vinyl! no really, this is sad, i have never used vinyl and i really would like to start. pick me just because im sure people are thinking i am a crazy lady for just admitting that i am a crafter that has never touched the stuff.
    oh how my life is sad. :(

  66. I love vinyl! I give projects using vinyl away as gifts all the time!

  67. I am now a follower!

  68. we could make lots of people colored cut outs. not sure why we’d need ‘em, but we’d have them.

  69. also a follower

  70. I love vinyl, I would LOVE to win this!

  71. I am a follower of your fun blog.

  72. Wow! What a great giveaway! I just got a cricut and need some vinyl to play with

  73. oh my, just thinking of the possibilities is making my pulse race! I wonder how many different things I can make with 10 whole yards of vinyl!!! I don’t think my husband would like the results of adding vinyl to anythign I can get my hands on in our home!

  74. my cricut thinks this would be wonderful for me!

  75. oh and I’m a follower through bloglines!

  76. What fun, thanks!

  77. already a follower!

  78. oh man, how cool is that, they sent you free vinyl! I hope I win, I would LOVE to do some vinyl projects with my cricut

  79. OH WOW!
    I can’t even believe it!!!
    What an awesome giveaway!!!!

  80. PS I follow you… follow you follow you whenever you post!!

  81. I would love to win! How fun!

    I am a follower too!


  82. If I won the vinyl, I would just HAVE to buy the machine, right? So, if I win, I will be helping the economy.

  83. Man what a killer contest! I have been wanting a lot of vinyl since I read your post :D

    (I’m a follower too)

  84. Me, me, me! Please enter me, yes me. I promise to be good. A great little follwer, a contest poster….yes, yes, yes…..


    Great giveaway!

  85. Jen Witt –
    What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire?


  86. See good little follower. It’s now official!


  87. Jen Witt – follower :D

    Santa rides in a sleigh. What do elves ride in?
    Mini vans!

  88. Now, I’ve posted the giveaway on my blog and linked it back here.

    Really, I love your blog. So glad I stumbled across it tonight.


  89. I might pee a little if I win because not only have I literally never won anything ever from a blog but i am also getting a cricut from santa and I heard they cut vinyl.

  90. op and I am a loyal follower!!

  91. I’m a follower!

  92. I have two boys, one is 2.5 years and the other is 10 months. I was breastfeeding the 10 month old and I had this conversation with the 2 yr old:
    C- Are you feeding Reese? Is he eating milk?
    Me- Yup, he’s hungry.
    C- Oh, no, wait a minute. He’s drinking KoolAid! There’s KoolAid in there!

  93. I’m a follower!

  94. Ugh…I’m so bad at coming up with funny things to say on the spot. But, please pick me, pick me!!

  95. I have friends who swear they will never have vinyl in their home, so pick me so I can make them cute stuff and make them EAT THEIR WORDS! :)

  96. ps…I’m a follower!

  97. Love vinyl! I’m a follower–thanks for all your great ideas!

  98. I’m a follower! Please enter and pick me! :)

  99. Just got a cricut in the pre-christmas sales. Now I need the vinyl. :)

  100. I’m a follower and I’m not ashamed to admit it!!

  101. {jumping up waving my hands in the air} Please, pretty please pick me!!

  102. The numero uno reason I bought my Cricut on “Cyber Monday” this year??? To make cute vinyl-ey crafts!! :) Ooh! I hope I win. lol.

  103. Oh, yes! And I’m a follower. Love all the crafty ideas you post.

  104. I’m a follower…..

  105. Me, pick me! I am obsessed with vinyl right now ans I need a fix…so really pick me:)

  106. I’m just discovering the many vinyl possibilities out there. Pick me!

  107. I’m a follower.

  108. Your button is on my blog –

  109. I blogged about your giveaway -

  110. I would totally be uber envious of you…except for one thing. You see, if I’m envious, then that means I’m coveting your VINYL. Vinyl may be awesome, but even vinyl isn’t worth breaking a commandment over. It would be a huge blessing, and I’d love to win, though!!

  111. I follow you!

  112. I love vinyl…this would be great. How fun!

    For something funny….I told my son we were going to see Santa and he told me “Mom…that’s Santa Claus to you”…he just turned 3.

  113. I recently discovered vinyl. And now it’s EVERYWHERE I look! Seriously, is there anything in which you CAN’T involve vinyl in some way or form?? Love that vinyl!

  114. AND…I’m now a follower!

  115. This comment has been removed by the author.

  116. I had to calm down a bit with the vinyl because I have it on every wall in my house! But we are moving and it doesn’t transfer that great! So pick me so I can vinyl every wall in my new house! ;-)

  117. vinyl. that makes me think of lots of things i could do. however i got a cricut and it is still in the box i cant open till christmas. pick me so i can make something christmas day. or not it could sit in the box until i can buy my own and i will have to visit the place you got your vinyl from that is a awesome big box.

  118. i am a follower. pick me

  119. Sing with me : “So happy to be stuck with you”! That pretty much sums up how I feel about vinyl!

    Love it!

  120. I am a follower! You are pretty amazing!

  121. We are all buttoned up over here in Orange Peanut Land!

  122. I’m a follower!

  123. I’d love to win some vinyl! Thanks for the chance!

  124. I’m having a bad hair day and need a roll of vinyl to cover it up! =0)))

    Please enter my name.
    So fun!!

    thanks and blessings

    barbara jean

  125. I’ve decided to follow you anywhere.

    Please enter my name again.


    barbara jean

  126. I am a follower!

  127. As for funny…..well I have a 3 week old daughter and my 17 year old brother is visiting me right now. I told him I needed to go express (milk)….after two days of this he asked my mom if my husband and I were having problems. When she asked why he said because I had to go express myself every 3/4 hours. He thought I was yelling into a pillow or something to express my feelings…..not milk :) Silly boy!

  128. I would love to play with some vinyl! I love your blog by the way, you are so wonderfully creative :)

  129. I am a stalker, i mean, follower via Google Reader!

  130. I have been wondering where you can get large rolls of vinyl! I’ll have to check that out! And, would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win a roll! Thanks!

  131. OHHHH vinyl…great giveaway!!…gots loads of ideas for using that…:)

  132. Button button, who’s got your button?! I DO! On my craft blog!

  133. I blogged about the giveaway on my craft blog!!

  134. I could use this. Thanks for the chance to play!

  135. Would Love to win!! And my hubby would love it if I won because I could stop buying so much :) Also I am a follower already!

  136. I just became a follower this week! And I’m super excited at the idea of winning something! And even MORE excited to find out what I can do with this Vinyl…mental note, begin the googling!

  137. I would love to win! I just starting making projects with vinyl.

  138. I’m a follower

  139. I would follow you anywhere! LOL

  140. I added your button to my creative

  141. Vinyl, vinyl everywhere, I may create some vinyl underwear! LOL

  142. oh gosh, i don’t know how to be funny on cue! i wonder if anyone’s ever cut vinyl shaped of pooh?

    not funny. sorry. i struggle.

  143. i follow

  144. button buttoned

  145. What would the world be without vinyl. Please enter me, it would be used for sure!

  146. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway. Its so great.

  147. Im a follower

  148. Oooh, love the blog! Please enter me in the giveaway!

  149. I have your button and i blogged about this.

  150. And now I’m following you! Can’t wait to take a better look around!

  151. I love all the crafty things that you do, we are made from the same mold, but you got the “Creative Mind” gene and I got the “That’s a great idea let’s copy it” gene! Just became a follower too. So for my “funny” comment. When my 2 year old is hungry he says, “I’m starving hungry!” Well I am STARVING HUNGRY for that vinyl! Oh the possibilities……

  152. I am a follower!

  153. I have never used vinyl and would love to try it out. This would be a great push to try it! Love it!!

  154. Awesome, me want to win some free vinyl!
    Purty please!

  155. Already a follower and enjoy being inspired by your creative wisdom! :)

  156. I’m a follower!!!


  157. I hope I win!!!

  158. SERIOUSLY need to win this giveaway. I think I might die if you announce my name. Oh please, oh please.

    staceywalk at gmail dot com

  159. I am fo sho a follower!

    staceywalk at gmail dot com

  160. LOVE vinyl. I am trying to think of all the ways I could use that much vinyl. I am putting up a photo collage of my three kids on our stair well…might need to add some more there:)!!

  161. I’d love that much vinyl! I could cover the house with all the quotes I’ve been keeping and not have to just pick out the very best.

  162. Cool – I’ve been wanting to work with vinyl….
    - Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  163. Enter me please! I have a record player I could use it on….kidding. My Cricut and I would be busy for years!

  164. I have to win this! I love making everything possible with vinyl!

  165. How does pathetically funny work for you? I’ve had a Cricut since May, still haven’t gotten the deep-cut blade, and still debate whether I should get vinyl or not, even though I’ve wanted to put a saying on our bedroom wall for several years now. Are you laughing or crying? ;)

  166. I follow you!

  167. Holy cr@p, that’s a lot of vinyl! I’m have serious jealous anxieties!

  168. & I already follow your lovely blog. :)

  169. How many men does it take to screw in a lightbulb…only one if I win the vinyl and label where they are!

  170. My oh my…what I could do with a roll of vinyl!!!

  171. And I’m a follower.

  172. I would love to win 2 rolls of vinyl to use for all of my special projects.

  173. Please enter me! … oh the possibilities!!!

    You’re in my Google Reader!!

  174. I’m a follower!

  175. So many things can be done with 30 feet of vinyl! The signs and creations that can be made!

  176. I asked santa for a cricut for christmas so if the jolly man delivers I would love to try out some vinyl!

  177. Kara B: Funny??? I am not that funny. But the best part of my day is when my 3 year old wants to make a promise she says pinkie square, not swear. Its great!!!

  178. Kara B: I am a follower!!

  179. I keep reading vinyl and thinking of records and Im not even old enough to have owned records btw Im a stalker er I mean follower!

  180. What the heck am I supposed to do with all that vinyl!? Definitely pick one of your more crafty followers to give it to. I just love giving you a hard time. Love u!

  181. my best friend in the world just got a cricut. and let me tell ya, we have had a BALL figurin’ out all the twists and turns, and playin’ around w/ scrap vinyl and paper. so you bet-your-boots this vinyl would be much loved by us!
    so i’m thinkin’ you should probably pick this texas girl as a winner for the giveaway! i’m glad we’re on the same page! ;)

    thanks for the great giveaway and your great blog!
    God bless!

  182. i’m a follower!

  183. i put your button on my blog.
    *i feel like there should be some witty way to say this, like “i buttoned you up” or something, but the wit juices just aren’t flowing. so sorry!

  184. A friend just got a cricut and we were talking about how many different things we could do with it. Vinal signs would be fun! thanks for the chance.

  185. I would love some free vinyl to add to my stash of guilt-inducing projects waiting to get done!

  186. LOVE vinyl! Enter me, please!!

  187. OK, I want me some vinyl!

  188. I would love some vinyl. It’s the only crafting medium I’ve never used!

  189. I’m a follower. And a believer. Enter me again pretty please. I need more to do. haha.

  190. I’d love to have some vinyl for the cricut I don’t own but borrow!

  191. it would be a first for me to use vinyl for a craft but i am up for the challenge. enroll me!!!!!!!

  192. I love my vinyl cutter. Thanks for the opportunity to share in your treasures!

  193. just became a follower!

    Nellana @ hotmail. com

  194. I have never worked with vinyl but would love to learn.

  195. I would love to win, please o’ please pick. My fingers are crossed in hopes of winning.

  196. I posted about the giveaway on our blog.

  197. I also grabbed your button for the blog!!

  198. I can’t think of anything clever to say..other than I would love some vinyl!
    My Sister has a cricut and we haven’t tried the vinyl cutting yet…so it would be fun to try new things! Thanks!

  199. I was just refered to your blog from a friend and I LOVE it! Great ideas! I just joined as a follower. Keep up the good work!

  200. I named my daughter after YOU…and would LOVE to win the vinyl!!! Please, oh please pick me! :)

  201. I’ve been a follower for a while now and check your blog DAILY, if not multiple times a day! You have great ideas! Randomly pick me! :)

  202. I got the button on my blog as well!

  203. Carmen
    Hmm I wish I could think of something funny to say. My daughter could tell you some good knock knock jokes if she were here?

  204. Follower

  205. After I posted about this…….

    Not So Idle Hands contacted me to say thanks for the post (I didn’t know she read my blog!)


    Offered me some FREE VINYL!!!!!

    So I said….


  206. I am a follower.

  207. I put your button on my blog! :)

  208. I would love to win and of course would share with my friends. Who doesn’t love Vinyl.

  209. Thirty feet of vinyl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like fun!!!!!!!

  210. Lucky you….count me in….happy holidays!

  211. Enter me please, I would love to have some vinyl.

  212. I’m a follower.

  213. Vinyl would be awesome!! I haven’t tried it with my cricut yet!

  214. Yes please! I’ve gotten so many ideas from your blog. Love it.

  215. I am a follower!

  216. Thank you for this giveaway! I hope I win! Yay!

  217. I would LOVE to win this!! Bring on the vinyl projects!

  218. Hey, I was one of those people that bombarded their site when I read your ringing endorsement! SO … you’re welcome for the vinyl. :o) Seriously, thanks so much for the link you have saved me millions. Okay, not really millions, but a few dollars that I can buy more vinyl with!

  219. On the first day of Christmas my favorite blog site gave to me… FREE VINYL PLEASE!!!

  220. Holy Moly…I’m excited to be in the running for this fun prize!

  221. I’m followin’ ya!

  222. what a fantastic giveaway! I wish I had something funny to say that would make you laugh but I’m sitting here with the flu so I’m short on humor…sorry.

  223. Funny…life seems pretty “funny” lately so lets see…Mason {13 months} gets ahold of a bottle of glitter that his sister was using to beautify her creations and decided that the living room needs a little magic…I did not relize the bottle was open until poofs of “magic fairy dust” as Mackenzie {3 1/2} calls it were flying thru the air…needless to say our living room is still very MAGICAL though I have vacummed MANY times :):) Hows that for some Christmas spirit :):) Poofs of magic are still covering the boy :):) I love these stinkers :):)

  224. I {STALK} follow you always :)

  225. I have your Christmas button…mostly because your FABULOUS :):)

  226. I’m a follower and I would love some vinyl. I just found you a few weeks a go & I LOVE YOU!

  227. i have a cricut and not even sure what to do with it. i know, crazy right! so having this much vinyl would kick my butt into gear on creating something awesome! i’m TOTALLY crossing my fingers and toes to win this! thanks for being so generous!

  228. and i’m a follower

  229. I just got a vinyl cutter PLEASE Let me win!!!

  230. I’m a follower!!

  231. haha! this is a great give away — that’s a lotta vinyl I would love to win!!

  232. Hey here is my comment :) I love you blog it totally cool!

  233. I am in love with vinyl! I would love to get some!

  234. This is so fun! If I win I will need to repaint my walls since they are baige but hey, it would be worth it right?

  235. I just got the silhouette and would love some vinyl for it! Thanks for the opportunity!

  236. Hope I’m the lucky winner. :-)

  237. Love love LOVE vinyl….:)

  238. I am now a follower of you blog. You have such cute ideas on here.

  239. Would love to win some vinyl. I can think of many great uses for it. How cool is that that they sent you vinyl and that they read your blog. Awesome! Thanks for sharing with us lowly readers. :)

  240. this is awesome, you should definitely start name-dropping all the places you get stuff from :D

  241. So…I LOVE vinyl and have been literally begging {on hands and knees} for a cricut expression from my husband for about a year now…maybe a roll of vinyl sitting around the house would “inspire” him to get off his duff and buy me one already:) You are so sweet to share!

  242. I also added your button:)

  243. I want some vinyl!!!

    Liz :)

  244. I’m a follower!

  245. I can’t remember if I signed up for this- I wasn’t going to as I have won several giveaways but thing thought of my friend who has a cricut and thought I would try and win it for her!

  246. I posted about it too in my blog!

  247. And I am a follower

  248. I recently got a cricut…and just had a million ideas go through my head about everything I could make with that great stuff!

  249. Oh my goodness…………just think what I could do with 30 feet of vinyl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you so much!

    Pat B.

  250. K with all those millions of people that have entered I know that I will not win, but hey its worth a shot :)

  251. another fabulous blog contest that I won’t win! :)
    I’ve been following you for awhile now, love your blog!
    Merry Christmas!

  252. Vinyl is like my own personal drug. I can’t get enough of it. I hope I win.

  253. awesome… thanks for sharing!

    I am SOOO kicking myself for not buying the cricut at walmart on black friday. I had one in my hands too! I decided to do the responsible thing and not buy for myself. Then my husband went out and bought his new tv. STUPID! STUPID! STUPID! (talking about myself!)

  254. sooo… jsut discovered your blog through Tip Junkie. WHY do you come to me just days before Chirstams?!!! Oh well, early start on next year?

  255. Wow sure is nice of you to be sharing your vinyl with me, that is because i’m sure i’ll be the one who wins. Thanks again, and LOVE your blog!

  256. Well …I’m craft challenged …so I can see vinyl stuck to everything as I work with it …hair included (ha) …I have some crafty friends so I’m sure I could coax them to help me out!

  257. Jennifer Holton says:

    I would love some vinyl! I am new to this crafting thing, so I don’t know what I would do with it.. but I am sure someone will tell me!

  258. Would love me some vinyl..that is if the stars aline and Santa delivers my cricut…if not I will be taking that roll right over to my sil to use hers…wait, why does she have one already and not me =( Happy Holidays!

  259. I’ve been trying all day to become a follower… won’t let me!!! WAAAAA!! :*(


  260. And for my funny comment to enter the drawing:

    (you know the tune)…
    All I want for Christmas is some BEIGE VINYL, some BEIGE VINYL, some BEIGE VINYL,
    All I want for Christmas is some BEIGE VINYL so I can cut a MERRY CHRISTMAS!


  261. Yeah!! My persistence paid off! I’m now a follower! :D Can I have that second entry now? ;)

    susan dot fairchild at gmail dot com

  262. I have been dying to try crafting with vinyl! Enter me please :)

  263. Woot Woo-I’m a New Follower!! Can’t wait to sift through everything!

  264. Vinyl would definitely be a good way to start crafting!! Thanks for the chance!

  265. I would love to win the vinyl. I new to all this and need something to practice with.

  266. I’m a follower!!!!

  267. Maybe, just MAYBE if I get the vinyl I can convince to get me the vinyl cutter I’ve been drooling over for the last few years. He thinks I already have too many crafts I participate it and doesn’t understand that I need to add just this one more (for now!) ;)

  268. Please give me vinyl and then tell me what to do with it. :)

  269. oh, man….i have dreams of this stuff….and need to just keep up with you and what you are doing. you are my muse…totally and completely and i adores you. a lot. i hope i win…i hope i win…i hope i win….i so hope.

  270. I could wrap up all three of my kids with that much vinyl…

  271. Sorry – I’m not very funny but I would LOVE to win this! I have a cricut and have been dying to try vinyl with it!

  272. Oh yeah… and I’m a follower too!!!

  273. I hope I am not to late!!!! I would definately love the vinyl!!!! Sista, sista, pick me please!!!!!!

  274. If you need to cleanse, eat too much celery in a day… believe me, it might be funny – til you do it. :)

    CraftTeaLady AT yahoo DOT com

  275. I follow on bloglines.

    CraftTeaLady AT yahoo DOT com

  276. Yay for Vinyl, especially FREE vinyl. Thanks, i hope i win!

  277. Oooh-lalla! What a great giveaway. Hope I win! (And I’m sorry I don’t have something funny tonight…it’s late and I’m tired).

  278. I just started following you! I’m loving your site!!

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