Cross Your Fingers!!!

So tomorrow we go to court and hopefully things go well for us…..
My nerves have been raw all day and all I want to do was get it over with.
You see, I’ve never been to court before for anything
Especially not a court where I’ve needed a translator, so…..
keep your fingers crossed for us as we try to finalize this adoption so we can finally bring our little girl home……to meet our other little girls (and that I don’t pee my pants).
Also, I thought I would post some cool pics that me and hubby took today while out on a (very brief, since it’s soooooo cold) walk.
We walked towards a church that is near our new hotel (yay! It is SO NICE and has free wifi…..finally).
When we went to cross a small bridge to get to the church/museum……we noticed a TON of metal locks all along the rails of the bridge.
It looked really cool so i took some pics and we read a few.
Looks like they are some sort of token of peoples love for each other and maybe dates of marriage.

Even though they all look really old, the dates we saw were not more than a few years, and they varied with style and engravings. Some were nicely engraved, while others looked as if carved by hand.
We tried to ask someone, but alas, my Russian is very bad (non~exsistent). So, if we do find out, I’ll let you know.

Just thought it would be fun to post for now.

I’ll let you all know how tomorrow goes.
Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers…..we need them all :)
Have fun!
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Emily McDonald is the owner of Not So Idle Hands and lives in Colorado with her hot hubby and 3 cute daughters. When she's not battling ADHD, Fibro, or Migraines she loves to be downstairs playing with all her pretty crafty things making fun stuff. She also runs an awesome Etsy Shop by the same name where she gets to sell shiny supplies to make pretty stuff {check it out!}.


  1. That lock says “Maria”

  2. I think…

  3. hope all goes well for you. I’ll be hoping for the best for you.

  4. I go to court all the time. You will be just fine! They are just regular people and they will not bite you.

    Praying for calm nerves and a bold spirit!

  5. I guess that’s an Italian tradition that some Russian newlyweds like to do. I never saw that in Ukraine (where I served my mission). Here’s a link on one of my fave sites with some information and some meanies taking off the locks. :)

    The locks all have names and dates of the just married, and 2 of them say “Eternal Love”, or “With Love for Always” if directly translated. :)

    The last one says “Marina Oleg”, meaning Marin + Oleg I’m sure.

    Good luck in court! Molodets (good job) for adopting! You are saving a life!

  6. *”Marina + Oleg” :)

  7. Thinking of you guys back here at home! Hope all goes well and we can’t wait to see Kira when you bring her home.

  8. My husband and I lived in China for awhile. While there we climbed a mountain (supposedly the most holy mountain in China), and they had the same thing. What it was there, and I’m guessing it is the same, is that we had our names inscribed with either that date, or the day we got married, I don’t remember, and then we locked it, and threw the key off of the mountain. So I am guessing where it is a bridge, that you will find a whole lot of keys in the water beneath! Good luck with everything!

  9. Oh-they called it “locking your love” and then you throw the key so that you won’t ever be able to find it-so that your love will always be locked.

  10. yep, they were right. Maria, with love forever, elena and oleg. How cute.

    Good luck! Hope you are having a wonderful time.

  11. What a beautiful tradition.

    I’ll pray everything goes well in court for you!

  12. Ohhhh…good luck!! You’ll do great!

  13. I didn’t know the meaning of the locks, but saw a bridge in Florence, Italy this summer with tons of locks. How interesting! It never occurred to me that it could mean something . . .

    Good luck tomorrow!

  14. I love your pictures of the bridge-very interesting. Good luck tomorrow!

  15. Love the pictures! If you get this before you go to court, RELAX, we were in two Russian court proceedings and lived through it (without any soiling of pants). They ask you very basic questions – SMILE and know all will be well and you will have your daughter shortly! Our proceedings lasted about 15 minutes. You are almost there!!!
    I’m praying for you all!

  16. I am praying for you, hope all goes well

  17. Good luck will be praying for your family. Your story hits close to home!

  18. Praying for calm and for favor in court today.

    Thanks for sharing the photos of the bridge today. What a wonderful tradition. I love it!

  19. Praying for calm and for favor in court today.

    Thanks for sharing the photos of the bridge today. What a wonderful tradition. I love it!

  20. Best of luck!

  21. VERY BEST WISHES to you guys today! I can’t wait to read your next blog saying how well everything went and how happy you are to have YOUR little girl now!

    That tradition of “locking your love” is beautiful. We should do more stuff like that in the States…

  22. This is Sharlene (Kristen’s sister) Hope all goes well for you. Glad to hear all is going great so far.

    After looking at those cool pictures and reading the signifigance of the locks, it might be fun to do a lock with your names and Kira and throw away the key…just a thought!

    Good luck!

  23. GOOD LUCK!!

  24. Awesome photos, they are called
    Love Padlocks .

    I would say good luck but I already saw today’s post so I am going to say Congratulations!

  25. OK I had my Russian speaking brother-in-law look at the locks. They are 2 names: Marina and Alieg. He tells me that when people get married they put their names on locks and lock them to bridges.

  26. The locks represent love for each other, like Romeo and Juliet. By locking it to a metal gate, it means your love will never come undone. They have them all over Europe. I live in Italy and they are on every metal fence you see. I love them. :) Congrats on the adoption of your beautiful little girl.

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