Freecycle Friday~Make Your Soap Last Forever

Ok, so I’ve been lame about my Freecycle Friday feature the last few months, but I pinky-swear that I will try, try, try to do better.
So here goes……..
Well, I LOVE the great foaming soap from Bath & Body Works, but I alway have to wait till it’s on sale dirt cheap, and then I buy out the whole store :)

My friend Ginny posted this and opened my eyes to how I can save BIG $$$$ on my fancy soap.
Two Christmases ago hubby got me a soap foamer from Kohls for the kitchen…..and I was LOVIN’ it!
Till a few months later and it suddenly stopped working and I was SO SAD :(

But now (thanks to my smart friend) we just recycle the empty soap bottles over and over and just refill them as they run out…….and they work great!
I especially LOVE the one in the kitchen filled with dish soap!! So easy just to pump out some foam (with plenty of cleaning power!) and off  I go hubby goes washing dishes!

For the ones in the bathrooms, I just use my favorite liquid soap (not dish soap, but you could).

This works with any liquid soap, but I haven’t tried it with the soap that has the tiny washing beads.

 You want to do a 90% water to 10% soap (see how long your soap can last!!!).

These ones are 8.75oz bottles, (but I just mix up 8oz each time to make it a bit easier) so I put a little less than an ounce of soap into a glass measuring cup……..

…….and then fill it to 8oz with warm water (not a high stream to keep it from foaming).

Then, I stir it carefully and pour it into the container.

(I love how you can totally tell this wasn’t the original scent that came in this bottle :)

Now, I don’t have a heart attack every time I find the kiddos in the bathroom with a sink full of foam and an empty soap bottle on the floor :)
Have fun!
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  1. Great idea! And are you putting liquid hand soap in the bathrooms or also dish detergent?

    Now you have to work on decorating the bottles!!!

  2. This is the same formula I use to make bubble refill for my kids! Now I can stop buying foaming soap refill for the bathrooms! Thanks!

  3. Great tip. Thanks!

  4. I read somewhere about some one using left over shampoo in place of liquid soap too, I haven’t tried it yet myself. Great tip for the foaming soap! I love the soap but hate the price :)

  5. Reading this makes me wish I didn’t throw away my old bottles already! Definitely going to do this next time I have the foaming containers! :) Thanks!

  6. This is great! Thank you!

  7. Great tip but I have a dumb question. What kind of soap did you use to mix with water? Are we talking just any regular liquid soap like dial?

  8. Thanks for the tip! That is what we have been doing because the Bath and Bodyworks soap never last long enough but the foamy stuff is great. I mixed in some soap and water and I just told my husband before reading this post that I don’t think I added enough soap! Thanks!!

  9. I love this tip!!!

  10. Love it! Come link this great idea at my party: Thursday’s Treasures!!

  11. Nice tip. We try to stay away from liquid soap in our house because it’s a lot more wasteful than bars, but this is a great idea! Thanks!

  12. Thanks for sharing! I love that idea.

  13. Can’t wait to try this. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Awesome! I’ve often wondered if that would work but didn’t know the soap to water ratio. Thank you!

  15. You are so good at explaining step-by-step how to do this stuff! Awesome! Ya know, I bet if you have a favorite scent from B&B you can just use their showel gel, & get a nice result too!

  16. I have been doing this same thing for a couple of years with my method brand foam bottles.
    I buy the big refill bag of method hand soap gel. Squirt some in the empty bottle add water screw on the cap and shake up the bottle to mix the water and soap. So easy and saves so much money!

  17. I’ve been doing this for a couple of years now. I works so well and saves so much money!

  18. Interesting – I never thought of this but gonna try it.
    Thanks for posting!

  19. Bath & Body Works is my one luxury… got the foaming soaps at every sink in my house! And I totally know what you mean about waiting for the sales and then cleaning them out. Glad to know I’m not the only one!

  20. My very frugal friend showed me this a while ago and trust me, you save SO much money!

  21. this is a great idea, i’m posting on my blog under “things you should try!” thanks :)

  22. Please follow up with what kind of soap you use. Great tip!

  23. What a great idea! Now I need to get some more hand soap since I threw out all of my old bottles!

  24. Well, For the ones in the bathrooms, I just use my favorite liquid soap (not dish soap, but you could).

    This works with any liquid soap, but I haven’t tried it with the soap that has the tiny washing beads.


  25. i bought a bunch of these soap pumpers during my last mall trip (B&B Works was clearing them out.) somewhere i’ve got a bookmark for personalizing the labels…

  26. I know this was posted a quite a few weeks ago, but I just came across it. I think this is a great idea. Although I don’t have any of the older B&BW bottles, their new bottles are great! They are clear and the name on the side is not as obvious. You can easily peel off the labels. You might have to use something to get the sticky stuff off, but I love them and I don’t have to worry about a “decieving” label…lol! Love your blog! P.S. – I e-mailed you under…just wondering if you got it. Thanks!

  27. This is the perfect soap to water ratio! Thanks for sharing the tip. I’m featuring this post tomorrow…

  28. All I can say is Duh, why had I not thought of this with the foam pump I do it with the other regular containers, thanks for the tip, will use it, especially with the sales going on right now at BBW.

  29. what a fabulous idea! I am sharing this (and linking to your site) on wednesday if you don’t mind! Fabulous idea! Love it!

  30. Wow!! What an awesome idea!!! I, like you, love buying my soap at Bath and Body…but if they’re not on sale it can get expensive! What a great tip, and with 3 teens in the house…I need this idea!!!:)

  31. FANTASTIC idea. I can’t wait to try it out. My daughter uses SOOOOO much soap each time she washes I feel like I’m supporting Bath and Body. I usually buy the moisturizing, but next time, I’ll get the foaming and then afterwards……save a bundle!


  32. I fell in love with this back when you very first posted it, but my soap hadn’t run out yet. But today I FINALLY gave it a try and I am absolutely in love! I’ll definitely be linking to this on my blog. Thanks so much! :)

  33. Thanks for sharing. I posted about this on my blog:

    I sent everyone here for the “Refill Recipe”. Thanks again for sharing!

  34. My sisters and I have been doing this for years.. we used to do it with the pampered Chef foam bottles before BnBW came out with theirs.

  35. This is the good idea. It suit my lifestyle “Saving”..Gonna do this idea. Such a wonderful idea.

    • Zieana~Thanks so much, my good friend taught me this and I keep doing it since it saves me lots of money on soap. Thanks for stopping by!

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