Freecycle Friday~Cute Easter Treats……Happy Birthday Baby!!

Hi there all and happy Freecycle Friday!!
Today I wanted to show some cute ways to wrap up your Easter treats!!

Freecycle Friday~Cute Easter Treats......Happy Birthday Baby!! By:


First of all……I’ve had these cute test tubes forever! (I bought a TON years ago, and STILL have some :)
They make the cutest package for some pretty MMs or other small candies. I LOVE getting seasonal colored candy to put inside.
The best part? The test tube is so cute, you don’t really need to add ribbon or embellishments……just give as is!!

Freecycle Friday~Cute Easter Treats......Happy Birthday Baby!! By:


This next one was soooooooo cute, I could’nt NOT do it!! I saw this here on All the Small Things and HAD to do it too :)

Freecycle Friday~Cute Easter Treats......Happy Birthday Baby!! By:

You just need a few things that you probably ALREADY have for Easter. I did really want to try the edible Easter grass, so I got some of that too :)
My older girls were just tickled when they saw this!!
I wanted to tell the tale of how our April Fool’s Day went……
In the morning, i jelled the kids’ orange juice. They thought it was funny, but didn’t want to eat it like I thought they would.
For snack, I swapped out carrots in their bags of Cheetos like they did here. I think it kinda confused the girls and they didn’t realize at first that they were carrots (Maddie was at school for hers and had to taste one first :).
Aislyn got mad at me and started crying (I NEVER buy chips, so this was a rare treat and I ruined it for her) and I caught her reaction on video (just diregard my messy kitchen and table and her crazy hair :)
I’ll add video later…..I can’t get it to work right now
For lunch, I made the faux grilled cheese sandwich from here. the girls were suspicious (even though I thought it looked pretty real), and then they were SO happy.
I made the meatloaf cupcakes for dinner and the girls were ECSTATIC that they were getting to have cupcakes for DINNER.
Then, they figured out that it was meatloaf and mashed potatoes…….and they were NOT HAPPY WITH ME :(
They whined all through dinner and finally I promised that if they ate it, they could have some candy dessert.
They both kept saying, “Mom, you shouldn’t trick people like that”.
Oh well, I thought they would think it was funny… next year I will need to do something different.
Freecycle Friday~Cute Easter Treats......Happy Birthday Baby!! By:



Freecycle Friday~Cute Easter Treats......Happy Birthday Baby!! By:


She is 4 today and was SUPPOSED to be an April Fool’s baby, but she tricked us and waited to come out.
Freecycle Friday~Cute Easter Treats......Happy Birthday Baby!! By:
Freecycle Friday~Cute Easter Treats......Happy Birthday Baby!! By:


So, happy birthday to my big girl.

Freecycle Friday~Cute Easter Treats......Happy Birthday Baby!! By:

It makes me a little sad that she is getting so big, but she is SO much fun and has the greatest personality.
Freecycle Friday~Cute Easter Treats......Happy Birthday Baby!! By:

She also says the funniest things and when she gets angry….she’ll tell you off (in a 3 4 year-old way).

Well, this has been a lllooonnnnnggggg post, and thanks for bearing with me as I rambled on.
Have Fun!
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  1. Happy Birthday to my Aislyn!!!

  2. It sounds like you (and maybe only you) had a super-fun April Fool’s day! :P

    Happy birthday to Aislyn! She is such a cutie!

  3. Happy Birthday to your adorable daughter!
    Sounds like you had a lot of April Fool’s fun.
    I love your crafts, especially the bunny with edible grass in the jar. I saw that grass at Target, but decided to pass on it, now I see I shouldn’t have.
    Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday little Aislyn! We love you! (Emily, very cute Freecycle Friday craft). ;)

  5. Happy Resurrection Day!!! Your kiddos sound like my son, it all depends on his mood whether he’s a good sport with the practical jokes or not! Hopefully next year the girls will just think it’s hysterical! :)

    I’m having a blog-aversary giveaway at my blog:
    Just thought I’d share!

  6. I had a rough time with April Fools Day too. I LOVE the holiday, it’s one of my favorites, but my kids (and husband)just thought I was a huge nerd. I can’t count the number of times I got the “eye roll” that day. Oh, well, I had fun anyway. And I always tell them that they knew what I was when they chose me:)

  7. Oh man I am laughing so hard! I can’t wait to see the video! I remember once my mom took us to get pictures taken and she thought she’d be funny and make faces at us from behind the camera man to make us “smile” I burst into tears and ran out because I thought she was being so mean! You just never know your kids reactions I guess!
    Oh and I love the test tube treats! So cute!
    Jax @ Aly&Ash

  8. I love your April Fool’s Day jokes! Those were too funny! I will definitely have to do some of these for my kids next year!
    Happy Birthday to your daughter!! What a little beauty!

  9. Haha! April Fool’s Day is too funny. Your ideas/links led me to make a special dinner for my family. They mostly liked it. My son wasn’t too sure he wanted “meatloaf” for dessert but he quickly changed his mind! Thanks for linking to family fun and for all your great ideas!

  10. Ya! I can finally leave a comment! Wonder what made the computer work now? Anyways, Happy Bday to little Aislyn. Now stop growing! Brooks and I need a chance to catch up. LOL

  11. And this is AJA signed into Brooks account by the way…. :)

  12. Thank you so much for the inspiration!! Come look at my Easter decoration. Inspired from yours. :)

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