Jumpin’ On The Bandwagon Late Again….With A Great Mother’s Day Gift!!!

Yay! I’m finally making washer necklaces………….now that everyone else has already made them!!

Jumpin' On The Bandwagon Late Again....With A Great Mother's Day Gift!!! By:
So, I’ve had this on my “list” for awhile now, but JUST got around to doing it a few weeks ago thanks to my friend Heidi.
She CLAIMS that she’s not crafty, but is always showing me all these cute crafty things she’s done……..

Jumpin' On The Bandwagon Late Again....With A Great Mother's Day Gift!!! By:

And, at Christmas she made this A~dorable ornament as a gift topper!!! She didn’t think it was anything to rave about, but I beg to differ :)
So, of course I HAD to make some too!! (in the form of necklaces, though)
And we did this with our Activity Days girls too and they did a GREAT job!!!
I have seen them around blogland and thought they were SO cute, but had no stamping set :(Until……

…..Heidi let me borrow her sets of metal stamps and gave me a quick tute on how to use them (but I still managed to ruin a few before I got it right :)…….so I will now pass on that knowledge to you cool people.

Jumpin' On The Bandwagon Late Again....With A Great Mother's Day Gift!!! By:

Jumpin' On The Bandwagon Late Again....With A Great Mother's Day Gift!!! By:

 (this is what the letters look like…..can you tell they have been well used?)

Jumpin' On The Bandwagon Late Again....With A Great Mother's Day Gift!!! By:

She got these stamping kits on sale for $5 bucks each at a local Harbor Freight store (and they sell online too) and the washers you can just get at any place that sells building materials (ie nails, nuts, bolts, screws, etc.) for mere pennies.
You will also need:
Black sharpie
Beads (if you want)
And I used magnetic necklace fasteners for mine
I also used a self-healing mat under the washers to protect the floor (if you do it inside). Make sure to do it on a hard floor (not your purdy hardwood floors, though :-0

Jumpin' On The Bandwagon Late Again....With A Great Mother's Day Gift!!! By:

Just take the letter………..and place it where you want it………. and hammer it (pretty hard) 5-10 times to get it imprinted on the washer.
Jumpin' On The Bandwagon Late Again....With A Great Mother's Day Gift!!! By:

 Here’s what it looks like after stamping (I messed up on the “E” and didn’t feel like doing it over :)

Jumpin' On The Bandwagon Late Again....With A Great Mother's Day Gift!!! By:

Jumpin' On The Bandwagon Late Again....With A Great Mother's Day Gift!!! By:
Then, once you’re finished…….color the letters in with a black sharpie and quickly wipe the excess off with a baby wipe. I changed the washer in the second pic to show you all the one I made for Aislyn……since it doesn’t look like I did it while I was drunk it’s prettier.
Now cut your ribbon and add your bead!!

Jumpin' On The Bandwagon Late Again....With A Great Mother's Day Gift!!! By:

Cute huh? And so easy…….a Caveman can do it!!!

Jumpin' On The Bandwagon Late Again....With A Great Mother's Day Gift!!! By:

I made these for my girls with the smaller size washers and thought they looked SO sweet.


Jumpin' On The Bandwagon Late Again....With A Great Mother's Day Gift!!! By:

I also added the magnetic fastener to make it easier for the kiddos to put them on and take them off (we salvaged some from 2 broken necklaces they had lying around)
At Activity Days, we showed the girls this idea and a few of them did the small CTR with their names on the big one.
Jumpin' On The Bandwagon Late Again....With A Great Mother's Day Gift!!! By:
My friend Jessica (who does AD with me) made one for her friend’s baby shower with “love” on the small one and her kids’ names on the larger one.
Anyhoo, this would make an AWESOME Mother’s Day gift since you can totally personalize it however you want.
Have Fun!!
About Emily Mcdonald

Emily McDonald is the owner of Not So Idle Hands and lives in Colorado with her hot hubby and 3 cute daughters. When she's not battling ADHD, Fibro, or Migraines she loves to be downstairs playing with all her pretty crafty things making fun stuff. She also runs an awesome Etsy Shop by the same name where she gets to sell shiny supplies to make pretty stuff {check it out!}.


  1. Very pretty! Great job!

  2. Those are absolutely fabulous!

  3. Love the ribbons with the matching beads, a lot more beautiful than boring silver necklaces! Hey, if you have a minute, wanna make me one (or ten?) :D

  4. oops… and of course I voted :)

  5. So cute! I didn’t know it was that easy.

  6. I always wanted to try my hand at making these. But figured there was something major I was missing. You have taken the mystery out and I thank you for that. I may be able to tackle these some day now.

  7. thanks for the inspiration (and instructions). I love this!!

  8. These are simply adorable! I’ve been wanting to make these but have had trouble finding the stamping set {I may have to break down and order one off line – these are super cute!} Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. I did these last Spring with my daughter and her friends. I loved them so much I’m thinking about doing them again for girls camp.

  10. Love it! Going to the hardware store today!

  11. Harbor Freight here I come! :)

  12. This is great thanks for the tutorial!!

  13. I’ve been wanting to make these really bad. Over a month ago I ordered the stamp set from Harbor Freight…still waiting for it. Apparently they are on back order. I’m not a patient person! :( Your necklaces turned out adorable. I hope my stamps come sometime, oh maybe like before I die…or before I’m to old to hold a hammer.

  14. Thanks now I know what I’n going to do for Mothers day. On my way to home depot to get stuff to make necklaces. Funny who would thought of such a thing for home depot,

  15. these have been on my list for well over a year. I even bought the stamp set a long time ago… seriously how does time fly so fast!? You have renewed my desire to make these. I bet the girls had so much fun making these at your AD activities! super cute :)

  16. these have been on my list for well over a year. I even bought the stamp set a long time ago… seriously how does time fly so fast!? You have renewed my desire to make these. I bet the girls had so much fun making these at your AD activities! super cute :)

  17. Thanks for the link! So far it’s looking good for free milk!

  18. OH.MY.GOSH! i have been dying for one of these necklaces from many vendors and etsy. they are always sooooooo expensive i talk myself out of it. i cannot i believe i can now make my OWN! thinking about it, you could probably use the letters to stamp your name in bakeware to bring to ward activities and stuff. :) (kind of like etching on the glass) i think i might buy that $5 set now. awesome, thanks so much!!!!!!

  19. Hallo, Sweden here….

    I must tell you, that I love your virtual & image blog!! Amazing mix of pic’s & so much inspiration!

    Regards from Agneta

  20. It is so cute! And I need that stamping set to make my cute garden spoons!

  21. OOOOOO…UTTER DELIGHT! Thank you.~

    Ds has a giftcard for Harbor Freight too!


  22. I love these….and my mom and mother in law will love them for mother’s day! thanks for the gift idea.

  23. I’ve never seen these before, so thank you for sharing. I can’t wait to try making one myself!

  24. Those necklaces are adorable! Thanks for giving us the directions. Love & blessings from NC!

  25. Thanks for the fun variation on these necklaces. We made them last year for our primary birthday gift but only used 1 washer. I love the double washer look!!

  26. Love love love these!! I am going to be linking this up to my blog (giving the credit back to your of course) Thank you for such fabulous ideas!!

  27. Oh my!
    I absolutely adore these!
    (I just found you from Tasha at creationcorner).

    Darling, darling, darling!

  28. I just found you through Kari @ U Create and I am not a follower! This is a great project. I used to teach AD also and it would be a perfect craft idea. I am going to send the link to the new Ad leaders and the YW leaders in my ward! Thanks for sharing!!

  29. Ooopps. I meant to say that I am now a follower. :-)

  30. This is really cute! Makes me want to buy a set of those cool metal stamper thingies. :) First time visiting your blog, so glad I did! I’m the 1st counselor in our Primary Pres. and will definitely have to pass this idea on to our AD peeps. :)Have a great day!

  31. What a beautiful gift! Thank you for sharing how to make such a beautiful washer necklace….I have seen many variations, but yours is the prettiest version by far! I’m thinking I need to order this stamp set and get to work making each of my nieces a pretty, new necklace!

  32. Emily thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! It made my day!!! For reals!! :)
    This washer necklace is so cool. I really want to try it! Awesome idea.

  33. I wish I had read this last week while dh was out of town and stopping by Harbor Freight! We have 7 (yes SEVEN!)birthday parties in the next 2 weeks! These would have made awesome gifts (and inexpensive ones!)! do you know of anywhere else that sells the tool stamping kits? lowes maybe?

  34. Very cute! Just wanted to let you know I’m featuring this tomorrow at

  35. Way Cool!! I have a houseful of girls that would love to make those for friends!!

    Thanks for the tutorial!!
    Neat blog too!

  36. I love these cute necklaces! I want to order a stamp set so my kids can make their Grandma’s one for Mother’s day. Very cute!

  37. Where did you get your bulk packages of washers? I am having trouble finding those sizes, especially in bulk. I’ve been to Lowe’s and Home Depot so far. These are so incredibly cute!

  38. Fantastic job!
    I know what I’ll be purchasing this weekend! I can’t wait to give this project a try. Happy weekend! :)

  39. Heather~ I actually did get them at HD… can find them where you get the single washers :)

  40. Great idea, great tutorial. I think I better get myself a set of those stamps before they are all sold out by everyone buying them who sees this project.

  41. I know you said everyone had already made them, but this was the first time I had seen the washer necklaces. I bought a stamping set from Harbor Freight (thanks for the link- way cheaper than other stores) and am ready to try it for a quick Mother’s Day gift.

    Love the blog…thanks!

  42. I just came across your blog from hopping around. I LOVE this idea!! I’m going to have my activity day girls do this for Mothers day! How cute!

  43. I love this idea for Mother’s Day! Thanks so much for showing the process, I’ll be linking.

  44. I am heading to harbor Freight TODAY!!!! Thank you!

  45. So I went and got the set. Bought the washers and it was super hard to hammer the letter into them. Did you buy a specific kind with a softer metal? Or do I just need to hammer harder. I want to make up some demos for our girls camp.

  46. This is AWESOME!! I’ve been wondering what I would make for my kids’ birthmoms…not to mention Grandmas and everything. It’s always tricky to find something that is trendy/fun/cool…and cheap…and easy to mail. I just ordered the stamp set. I’m excited. Thank you SO much for the awesome idea! I’ll be adding this to my list of projects I want to do on my blog and will of course link back here when I do my own post about them.

  47. Stephanie~ Well, you just have to hit them HARD a bunch of times……and make sure you do this on a hard surface. You can also buy aluminum washers that are MUCH softer, but my friend says you can only get them at HD and not usually in large quantities.

  48. These came out great, I can’t wait to try them.

  49. Thanks for posting this! I’ve been wanting to try this for awhile and finally got some washers! I do have a hard time hammering the letters on. Should it be that hard? I keep testing on the same washer and keep having trouble with the letters! Argh!! Am I just a weakling? LOL!

  50. I just found out that I am the “Crafts Director” for Girl’s Camp and I think this would be a perfect craft for the YW to do!
    Thanks for sharing!

  51. Thanks so much for posting this! We are going to do these for my daughter’s 6th grade business fair.

  52. this is so great! thanks for sharing!!

  53. These are simply stunning! They are SO going on my list. Now just to find a local supplier of those letters.

  54. I tease my hubby about spending too much time at Harbor Freight…you should have seen his face when I ask him to take me there today:)
    I must also be behind the ‘times’ cause I have YET to see these necklaces! I can’t wait to make a few..Thanks for sharing…I wanta make a few for candle wraps too..I love to dress up a candle:) I”m your newest follower.

  55. Very adorable!

  56. I have had such a hard time with this:( I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Either the letters don’t get imprinted enough, or the stamp slips. I have gone through over 20 washers and haven’t made a pretty one yet. I am working on my cement firplace. I’ve tried with a mouse pad, with a board, and with the board and mouse pad. I got some aluminum washers and it works in 2 hits, but they are very cheap looking.

  57. Angela~ So sorry, but they are a little tricky at first. You REALLY have to hold onto the stamps while you hammer, so they don’t bounce and hit them HARD. Yes, the aluminum ones are much easier, but do look a little cheap……hang in there and good luck!

  58. thanks for posting this. Can’t wait to try it!

  59. Hi..I’m Barb….I am from Tues.Blue Cricket…Love them..Have seen them all over the place but you have the best tutorial! Can’t wait to start doing these..Thank you so much!!
    I am your newest follower. I hope you will get a chance to visit my blog @
    & get inspired by something for your family/home. I hope you will follow me as well. Nice to meet ya new friend!!!

  60. I can’t wait to try this! My MIL has 32 grand kids and she would LOVE to have something that showcases them ALL – I think this just might fit the bill. Super Cute!! thanks : )

  61. I wish I had seen this before Mother’s day — I would have known what to ask for. Not the washer necklace, the stamping set! It would be too hard for me to decide which necklace. Thanks for sharing … I’ve posted a link.

  62. I’m back again to take another peek at your beautiful necklaces….Can I ask where you purchased your pretty ribbon and beads from? Thanks so much!

  63. You inspired me! i went to Harbor Freight and bought the stamping set…then I bought washers…now I can’t wait to try it out! Thank you!

  64. Buying the stuff to do these this week. I want to make a bunch for MS Awareness week next week for my 19-year-old daughter (she has MS) to give to her classmates in cosmetology school. I have one question that I cannot figure out, how do you add the fastener to the cording to close it? I am not a jeweler so I have no clue!


  65. Kim~
    Are you talking about the silver bead on it? I just got a bag at Michaels and slid it down the ribbon (after tying the ribbon on, of course). They were pretty cheap….I think 5-6 bucks for a bag of a few hundred…..and I used a coupon! Good luck!

  66. Kim-
    You buy the fasteners at the craft store. There are directions on the back of the package. You will need a needle nosed pliers and a dot of glue. I still have not been able to make the washers.It was too hard to pound them. There was always 1 letter I would screw up out of a bag of washers:(

  67. I bought the stuff to make these back before Christmas and STILL haven’t done it !! Seeing how cute yours turned out I am now REinspired and WILL do them by Mother’s Day!!! Thanks for the tutorial AND the motivation :)

  68. LOVE THIS! Featuring your project on!

  69. If you were glueing the washers together, what kind of glue would you use?

  70. strawbarigurl~ Hmmmmm, I think I would have to say E6000 glue. Good luck!

  71. Strawberigurl~ Hmmmmmm, I would have to say E6000 glue. Good luck!!

  72. Thanks for the awesome tutorial and great idea! I just made these today for my nieces christmas presents. However, mine do not look as good as yours! I think it was the fear of smashing my fingers with the hammer lol! Also, my BF’s teenage daughter just got baptized so I pounded one out for her too! Thanks again!

  73. OMGoodness.. Loved these so I went to Harbor Freight online store and ordered the deluxe stamping kit. Can’t wait until it comes in so I can make these!!!

  74. This comment has been removed by the author.

  75. I almost bought a necklace like this for $70 on this Xmas. Glad I didn’t! I just ordered the stamping set from Harbor Freight seconds ago… can’t wait to begin making these. For weddings, babies, engagements, mother’s days! Lots of possibilities. My only concern is do the washers stay silver or ever cause any sort of irritation when worn as jewelry? I guess for this price, when that happens I’ll make another! ;) Thanks for the wonderful tutorial.

  76. Thanks for the post. I just made my own and it was super easy. Menards also has a stamp/punch set that stamps really nice and easy. It was $9.99 and I paid about $1.30 for each package on washers. I read many posts from this forum and others that stamping with the Freight Harbor is really hard to do, so I decided to look elsewhere and I am glad that I did. Buy Menard’s stamping kit-super easy.

  77. This this craft is not working, I can’t get the stamp to imprint on the washer no matter how hard I bang my hammer or how many times. No way I can have 10 year olds do this.

  78. What type of washers are you using? I know you mentioned that aluminum would be softer (but cheaper looking) so I was wondering what kind you used on yours? I bought some in bulk at a hardware store, they were steel & took everything my hubs had in him to make them stamp. I was wondering if maybe there was a happy medium between the steel and the aluminum washers.

  79. Cute idea. Going to try it. Looks like fun but will need hubby to help pound them.

  80. Can’t wait to start doing these..Thank you so much!! I am your newest follower.


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