Why I Am How I Am – Part Deux

Ok, so I’ve got my bowl of cherries (no, really it’s cherry season here and they are GREAT!!), a tall glass of water and I’m ready to type some more!!
Umm, so I guess this next one is from my baby sis, Sarah……she asked:
So ummm how come you haven’t posted my cool clock that I made you for Christmas?
Ok, so I don’t really have an excuse, other than I keep forgetting :(

But here it is now!! This is the best clock that my baby sis made us for Christmas!! Isn’t it awesome?!?!?!?!

She painted, decoupaged the paper, numbers, and quotes on and then sealed it. We LOVE it and have it on our mantel for all the world to see :)

If you want to see pics of my sis, you can click here and here to see pics of her wedding last August (that I took :)

Eileen asked:

How much time do you spend each day updating/posting to your blog?  
Well, I don’t post every day, but when I do, it takes a few hours (for me) to write a post. I have to write out the steps for the tute and then upload the pics to Photoshop to edit and then add them to the post…….and that doesn’t take into account the bazillion times I get interrupted by my family.
Also, when I am making a craft (and this goes for all those other crafty-blog-ladies out there), I like to stop at each step to take the pics that I ultimately post with the tute.

Do you have any computer/technical background?
No way, I’ve had to learn how to design my own blog as I go along…..with help from some great bloggy friends of course!!
Do you earn much money from your sponsors?
Nope, for my sponsors I currently only charge $5 per month for space on my sidebar. I also earn a little from Google Ads, but it’s not much….yet :)  Although, maybe next year I’ll show the Super Bowl here…….and then I can charge whatever I want!!!

Lucy asked:

What is your favorite recipe?
Mostly things that are bad for me and I can’t eat very often!! But, I would have to say it’s a toss-up between the aebleskiver recipe and caramel sauce for dipping my mom gave me (from her Danish friend when we lived in Germany) or yummy no-bake cookies!! Both of which I will share with you soon…..I promise!
Where would you visit if you could go ANYWHERE in the world, and why?
Well, hubby and I traveled a bit in Europe before we started popping out kiddos, but the next places on our list are Australia and New Zealand (as long as we are going that far, we might as well visit both!)
Then we can visit Middle-Earth too!! And maybe meet some hobbits (because NZ is where they filmed the movies, get it?)

What would you drive if you were to be given ANY vehicle?
Just check yesterday’s post to see the answer to this.
What do you love about your home?
That it’s just a one level and NO STAIRS!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!
What do you hate about your home?
Too many ginormous walls to decorate……we’ve been here 4 1/2 years and STILL have alot of bare walls!!
Why are you so nice to share such FUN with us?
Thank you for that, BTW.~

Awwwww, you are sweet! I really like doing a blog, and meeting so many bloggy (yes, that’s a word) friends! Plus, it helps that I am keeping track of the crafts I do…….I’ve even had to go back a few times when I’ve forgotten measurements or something ;)

Jill asked:

What’s your favorite way to “escape from mommy-land”? 

Well, I hate to say it, but t.v. (or movies) are my escapes. I usually watch a little to unwind after putting my 3-little-reasons-my-hair-is-grey to bed at night. My other escape is kinda obvious……what? No, it’s not?? Well, CRAFTING of course you sillies (can you tell I hang out with kids all day?)!

What’s the one crafty talent that you wish you had?

I wish I could sew better…… in, not scared out of my wits when I have to sew anything other than straight lines.

If you were a superhero with craft powers, what would they be and how would you use them?
Hmmmm, hubby and I were JUST talking last week about what super powers we would each like to have. (BTW, I would LOVE to be able to teleport AND fly and hubby wants invisibility) But, as for crafting super powers…….maybe the power to NOT screw up any of my crafts? And I would use them to help others not screw up their crafts too! Because, trust me, I mess up more than you think :)

If you had to pick one craft to do and that was the only one you could ever do, what would you pick? That is my toughest question I ask myself.

Oh man!! I could NEVER stick to just one thing!! I get bored all the time AND have ADD, so that would make me crazy!
When you are sitting in your nice alone time crafting or relaxing what is the one thing you mind tends to run to?
Well, sometimes I think about what I’m gonna write in my next post or how I want to do the tute…..OR trying to work out different ways to trick my kids into going to bed early or eat their veggies.

Mandy asked:

How do you prioritize your time with motherhood, being a wife, cleaning, cooking, crafting, blogging, and whatever else you have!?

Well, I have learned that when I get busy with other things, my kids are the ones that get neglected the most. So I try to make sure I spend time with them (and hubby) each day and play games or snuggle or even just listen to what they have to say (‘cuz girls ALWAYS have something to say!!) As much as I joke about them, they are the sweetest and I LOVE spending time with them and all together as a family too.
So, I guess my first priority is family……..but crafting and blogging always trump cleaning and cooking (we have PB and J alot for dinner at our house)!!

Shirley asked:

Prioritizing time! That will be a wonderful one to hear! Starting the blog for the ribbon retreat has been a bit stressful balancing motherhood, being a wife, and crafting and blogging about it. You craft bloggers are my heros! lol.

Mostly just what I said above. But, trying to make deadlines (that I set for myself) is stressful at times, but sometimes I have to just let my self be a little late posting in order to keep my sanity.

Where did you grow up and what in your childhood has shaped you the most?

Wow, this is deep!! I’m not sure what has shaped me from my childhood, but I do know I was lucky to have a stable family life and two parents that loved me very much. I also had TONS of siblings (just kidding, there were only 5 of us, but some days it seemed more!)
I grew up mostly in Colorado, with some time in Germany (I was born there since my dad was stationed there for the Army) when I was little. Germany is the COOLEST place for a kid…..they LOVE kids there and always seemed to be having fun things going on (or maybe that was just what I thought as a five year old :)

JustJenn said:

Wow! Good questions here! I’m curious to see your answers Emily! (call me nosey, LOL!)

That’s ok, isn’t that the whole reason we all read blog!?!?! Cuz we want to see what everyone else is up to and see into their lives (and wish we were them……oops, didn’t mean to write that outloud)

Seth’s Mommy asked:

Favorite Guilty Pleasure?

 Well, since this is a PG blog…….I would have to say going and browsing at craft stores or finding some screaming deals at thrift stores or Marshalls (that’s MY crack!)
Favorite TV Shows?
Check yesterday’s post.
Biggest Vice?

(HA! you guys thought I was going to say crafting!!) If I’m not careful……I can polish off a whole bag of Skittles (or M and Ms) in one sitting. And then I’m all hyper and crazy (crazier) for a few hours!

Char@CrapI’veMade asked:

If you ever come to Utah, can we have lunch?

Umm, yes please!! Lunch is my 2nd favorite meal (after breakfast and before dinner :) We get up there around once a year to see family (Duh, I’m LDS, so of course we have family in Utah)
Would you rather have newspaper for skin or bendy straws for hair?
Ooh, Ooh, bendy straws definitely……you must’ve been reading my mind, cuz I was just thinking about having bendy straw hair the other day!!!
Could you do a cartwheel right now?
 Can you? I’ll do one if you do.
Whose poster did you have in your junior high locker?
Hmmmmm, well that was ___ years ago… probably New Kids On The Block or NKOTB as they are known now. Right next to my Trapper Keeper and leg warmers.
Hope asked:
How did you feel about the way LOST ended? 
Oh man I was NOT expecting that ending!!! It was a nice twist ending and very sweet that they all ended up together (although I’m not quite sure where they went…..heaven maybe?). Even thought they didn’t answer all the questions I’m sure we all had, I was actually happy with it. I guess it’s kinda fun to leave with a little mystery and gives us something to talk about with our friends. I do want to watch it all over now to see the things I missed the 1st time around :)
Also, what’s your favorite craft/s?
Check yesterday’s post

Valentinegirl asked: 

What’s your favorite color?
Blue….and I like green alot, but don’t tell my girls, I’m ONLY supposed to like blue. That would throw off their universe.
What is on your most played in itunes?
 I really like Barenaked Ladies (they have a song called “McDonald’s Girl”!!) and Weezer, but otherwise I listen to alot of different music.
What is your favorite quick and easy dinner to make?
Peanut butter and jelly!!! I make it alot when hubby isn’t home so I don’t have to listen to the kids whine about dinner being “yucky”

Do you constantly think of crafts all the time? And when you are on vacation, do you break from crafts, or write down ideas to crate once you return home? Or do you take crafts to do while on vacation?)
 Yes, yes, no. 
Ok, yes, I am always thinking of crafts to do, but it’s not because I’m crazy or obsessed or anything (just a little of both)……’s just because of the blog and I want to always have cool stuff to post for you all.
Well we haven’t taken a vacation since Jan 09 because we were saving $$ (and vacation hours for hubby) for our trips to Russia, but when we do get out again, yes, I do break from crafts and just maybe take a few notes if I see something cool.
No, hubby would probably leave me if I took crafts to do while on vacation……not kidding.
Greenbean asked:
Ok…i know nothing about sewing…but wanting a newbie friendly machine…any suggestions?….
Unfortunately, I don’t know much about sewing machines (other than mine). I know that I do like that mine’s NOT digital (too many things for me to break), but I’ve heard others say differently.  I also LOVE the button feature and the general setup of mine (I have a Janome model 385.4052LX200). But I think Ashley over at Make it and Love it did a post about machines awhile back you could check out.

 *Update* I totally forgot to add this in that my super-sweet friend Chanelle (who writes the blog Simply Real) wrote for me to put in here. She says:

“When I read Emily’s post asking for questions, I thought and thought about what I could ask, but couldn’t come up with anything. I did think of some things you might not know about her. She said she would be honest in answering your questions, and I’m sure that’s true, but there are some things she may forget to tell you. So that’s where I come in.

Things you never would have known about Emily
So you already know that Emily is a super star crafter. But you may not have known she’s got the Midas touch- everything she touches doesn’t turn to gold, it turns to a craft. You’ve seen that with her freecycle fridays, but what you haven’t seen is her crafters club. She’ll have us over to do crafts, take one look at mine, and say something sweet like, “Maybe I can finish that up for you.” When I next look at it, my tile with vinyl slapped on haphazardly becomes a beautiful work of art.

When Emily moved in a mutual friend told me that Emily was into health. I believed her for a while… until Emily fed my 8 month old a donut (his first sugar EVER!)

But healthy food or not (and seriously, it’s probably healthy most of the time), whatever she’s doing is working for her. A man down the street from her said to me, “You and Emily look exactly alike. Except she’s the skinny version.” Ummm…thanks?

When you walk into Emily’s front room, the place where a dining room was probably shown in the model, you see a craft table for the kids. There is open space where folding tables can be set up at any time if someone wants to come over and craft.

The only time I can remember Emily getting mad at someone in the four years I’ve known her is when someone tried to take credit for an Emily-craft. She’s the kind of person who will do anything for anyone, but don’t mess with Emily and her crafts.” (Aaaawwww, thanks Chanelle, this is so sweet!!)

Well, thanks so much to all of you who asked questions, and those of you who just stopped by to read them. 

Hopefully I didn’t bore you and make you not want to ever come back here or fall asleep on your keyboard….like I did a few times :)
Please come back tomorrow for Freecycle Friday…..I’ll miss you till then!!
Have fun
and don’t forget to upload pictures of YOUR projects to NSIH Flickr group.

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Emily McDonald is the owner of Not So Idle Hands and lives in Colorado with her hot hubby and 3 cute daughters. When she's not battling ADHD, Fibro, or Migraines she loves to be downstairs playing with all her pretty crafty things making fun stuff. She also runs an awesome Etsy Shop by the same name where she gets to sell shiny supplies to make pretty stuff {check it out!}.


  1. Thanks for the Q & A posts. It is always nice to learn more about blogging buddies from all over the place.

  2. Thanks so much for doing this! It was fun to see my name come up in a post. (yup, I’m that self centered :P) The answer about ready other’s blogs because we want to be them, so true! (I read your blog regularly!!) I think when I read other people’s blogs I usually want their houses and decor. lol

  3. Do you REALLY make PB&J for dinner?

    I’m actually hoping you do, because I was starting to feel like you are SuperMom ;) A little PB&J for dinner would at least balance things out a little, LOL!

  4. No. I cannot do a cartwheel. Never could, actually. I’m super klutzy.

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