11 Ways to Ditch That Halloween Candy

11 Ways to Ditch That Halloween Candy by

When me and my sibs were kiddos (5 of us total), we trekked as far and wide as we were able to in order to collect as much of the sweet stuff as we could. We often ended up with A LOT of candy and for the first few weeks of November, we were pretty wound up. I even remember sneaking candy in my lunch to school to keep the sugar high going strong all day long….maybe that’s why I was called hyper-active?

Well, when our little ones were old enough to start begging in the streets for candy, we would keep it in a shared bowl in the pantry and let them have 1 or 2 each day. That actually worked really well since that was all they were used to and we didn’t usually have lots of treats around anyways.

Well, a handful of years ago, my good friend Chanelle told me what they did at their house. They called it “The Halloween Fairy” and it’s been the best, and most fun Halloween tradition we have! It goes like this:

Halloween night we usually let them have a “free” night and pick out some of their faves to munch….cuz, let’s face it…sampling right away is the best! After that, we let them pick out their favorite candy to keep (and limit it to 10 or so). Any toys they get they can keep too. The rest, they leave at the foot of their bed for the Halloween Fairy and the more of your stash you leave, the better. The Fairy then comes at night and trades the candy for a toy or book or something else they like…nothing too extravagant.

This has been a slamming success from the start and they look forward to this every year, even more than the candy part. I think it’s the magic and the surprise of it all. They’ve loved each “gift” they’ve gotten….from Hello Kitty slippers to craft kits and stuffed animals.

I’m sure my older two already know it’s not real, but it’s still fun for them to do it, so they’ve never said anything and still get excited and giggly. But, if you’re kiddos are too old or wouldn’t like that kind of thing, there are a few other ways to get the bulk of the sugary goodness outta your house after the Trick-or-Treating is done.

1. Halloween candy buy back. Some dentists will “buy” their candy for usually $1 per pound and then donate it to other causes.

2. Take it to work and let your co-workers that don’t have kids have some treats too…free candy always makes you lots of friends!

3. Save it to use in other holiday baking or for all those cute gingerbread houses you will eventually make in a month or so.

4. Donate it to a food bank, homeless shelter, or Ronald McDonald House in your area (check first to see if they take candy)

5. Send candy to troops overseas. This needs to be non-chocolate items, but the donations are greatly appreciated. You can go to Operation Gratitude or Operation Shoebox to get more details.

6. Throw it away! Yep, just bag it up and toss it out…make sure to stack some yucky trash on top so you won’t be tempted to dig it out later :)

7. Save it for Christmas stockings. You can even throw it in the freezer to keep temptation at bay till then.

8. Use it for a birthday pinata. Maybe you have a kiddo with a special day coming soon (or not so soon). Again, toss it in the freezer to keep it fresh for the kiddo’s happy day.

9. Do candy experiments with it. Hop on over to to see some fun ways you and your kids can learn science from melting, drowning, or exploding their sweets.

10. Use them to make colorful art projects with. Collages or crafts are fun to do with bright and colorful candies. Slap some Mod Podge on it to keep your little ones from licking at them later.

Hope this helps you to keep the sugar highs at bay this Halloween and through till Christmas candy hits.

Have fun!


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  1. What a great idea, that “Halloween Fairy”! And love your other ‘candy sharing’ suggestions, too.


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