No-Sew (No Kidding) Mermaid Costume

No-Sew (no-kidding) Mermaid Costume by

My oldest came to me awhile ago and told me she wanted to be a mermaid for Halloween so I immediately started scouring the web for cute costumes. The only things I found, though, were either Ariel costumes (from the Little Mermaid) or really adorable custom ones, that we couldn’t really afford. So then I started looking for ideas on how to make one myself. But then I remembered that even though I can sew, it’s not really well… I had think of how I could make this a no-sew costume.

I found the fabric I wanted for the skirt and tested a bunch of different glues to see what would hold the best. Even though she will only wear it a few times….I wanted to make sure it would hold up. The one that worked? Hot glue….who knew. Buuuuuuut, I totally burned myself about a dozen times making this, so be careful!

Here’s what I used, but the amount of fabric will vary depending on your kiddo’s measurements:

3/4 yard of blue metallic fabric that looks like it has tiny scales on it (this should be found in the dance wear area)

4-6 yards of crinkle shimmer fabric for the tail

1 yard of trim for the tail

1/2 yard of pink fabric for the top (dance wear as well)


Hot glue gun

Green shimmer mesh fabric – just a bit

No-Sew (no-kidding) Mermaid Costume by

I started by making the skirt. I wanted it to go down to her knees so she can still walk and run around while wearing it. I measured around her waist and not her hips, since she doesn’t really have hips. The material has a little bit of stretch in it to go up around any wider parts just fine, but with the glue don’t plan on too much stretch. I made just a regular tube skirt and “sewed” it with hot glue, going a few inches at a time. Then, I hemmed at the top and bottom with glue too. I decided to give it a bit of a wider band at the top to make it more comfy to wear. Last, I attached a small rectangle of fabric to keep the seams from splitting open at the end of the seams at top and bottom.

No-Sew (no-kidding) Mermaid Costume by

After the skirt was done I started adding the “tail” part. I came across this tutorial over at Martha Stewart, so I followed along the same path. The change I made was to cut the squares in half and fold them and iron them flat-ish so you can’t tell I used less. Also, it gave the tail some shape that looks like a mermaid but not too long to make Maddie trip when she walks.

Make sure to pay attention to ironing instructions so you don’t melt it. This one called for a low-medium heat (#3 on my iron) and a little water spritz helped. I got this fabric over at Joanns and getting that much fabric isn’t cheap, so make sure to go here to grab a coupon or get it on sale.

No-Sew (no-kidding) Mermaid Costume by

Last, I added some trim over the tops of the tail fabric since it looked kinda ugly left that way.

No-Sew (no-kidding) Mermaid Costume by

For the top, I needed something cute but easy….so I got 1/2 yard of this with the sequins already on it. Measure how long you want it on your kiddo and around the widest part of their torso. Again, this has lots of stretch, but using hot glue limits it a little. I only hemmed the top and bottom and then hot glued the Velcro to the sides. This kind already had adhesive, but said it wasn’t recommended for fabric so I used the glue to make sure it would stay. This is super easy to get on and off over a long-sleeved under shirt.

No-Sew (no-kidding) Mermaid Costume by

For her hair, I cut a few long, thin, wavy pieces out of this cool green mesh fabric….looks kinda like small netting. Then just hooked them onto bobby pins and stuck them in her hair.

No-Sew (no-kidding) Mermaid Costume by

She loved it!! I curled her hair and little and let her wear a bit of makeup, so she was ecstatic!

No-Sew (no-kidding) Mermaid Costume by

Here’s the back

No-Sew (no-kidding) Mermaid Costume by

And sitting, cuz mermaids do that too…..

No-Sew (no-kidding) Mermaid Costume by

So sweet!

No-Sew (no-kidding) Mermaid Costume by

Now, my middle daughter Aislyn wanted to get made up and show off her costume too….so here’s our little Hermione Granger.

No-Sew (no-kidding) Mermaid Costume by

And serious, cuz NOBODY messes with Hermione.

No-Sew (no-kidding) Mermaid Costume by

No-Sew (no-kidding) Mermaid Costume by

Now we have allllllll 3 of the girls’ costumes finished for Halloween….Whew!

What are your kiddos gonna be this year?

Have fun!

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