Oreo Cookie Ice Cream Sammies

Oreo Cookie ice Cream Sammies by

I’ve been craving sweet stuff lately, so when we walked down the cookie aisle in the store yesterday and I saw the Oreos….they were staring back at me. So, much to my children’s elation, I put some in the cart. But that wasn’t enough sugar for my stupid cravings….Nooooooooo. My craving overpowered my brain and made me walk to the ice cream aisle to get some creamy Breyers vanilla bean ice cream to squish in between the chocolate cookie layers and my offspring were cheering me on (no, really, they were saying “Yay! ice cream AND cookies!). Then, I wandered over to get pretty sprinkles to round off the sugar trifecta and won the affection of my children for life.

Well, these are pretty easy to throw together, but I learned a few tricks along the way. I made some yummy ice cream cookies a few years back, but I think this way went a bit better.

Oreo Cookie ice Cream Sammies by

The ice cream I was using is pretty soft because the fat content is higher, so I had to leave it in the freezer and reach in to take scoops as I went….otherwise, it just completely melted right away. I also kept the Oreos in the fridge to keep the ice cream from melting on contact with them.

Oreo Cookie ice Cream Sammies by

Oreo Cookie ice Cream Sammies by

Twist the cookies open and make sure to leave the cream inside! I used a tiny cookie dough scoop and plopped some on each cookie. At this point, you can totally leave them like this…..Mmmmmm! But to make it easier to roll in sprinkles, go on…

Oreo Cookie ice Cream Sammies by

I squished the cookies and used a knife to swipe the edges and make them flat-ish.  Then, put them back in the freezer till you have a few made up.

Oreo Cookie ice Cream Sammies by

Then roll them in the cute sprinkles to add festive color.

Oreo Cookie ice Cream Sammies by

Yum! These are just like eating cookies and cream ice cream since you still have yummy cream inside! Plus, they are the perfect size for little hands and I bet all the parents of the kiddos that I give these to will be thanking me for getting their kiddos all hyped up….you’re welcome.

Oreo Cookie ice Cream Sammies by

Oreo Cookie ice Cream Sammies by

Have Fun!

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  1. Karolin Hommel says:

    Hi Emily,

    I am working for the advertising agency, FCB Hamburg in Germany.

    One of our clients is OREO and we are responsible for the local Facebook page. We regularly watch out for new and delicious OREO recipes we can use for our postings. While having some research I’ve found your blog and also your pictures of the OREO Cookie Ice Cream Sammies.

    We very much like the idea. That’s why we would like to post it on our OREO Facebook page. Would that be okay for you? Of course we’d link your blog.

    We look forward hearing from you soon.

    Best wishes,

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