What Does the Fox Say?…Last Minute Costume

What Does the Fox Say?...Last Minute Costume By

I’ve always loved dressing up for Halloween, but being a mom sometimes puts a damper on having time to get your own costume together. This year, though, I really wanted to make sure I had something to wear…..even if it was only one day before Halloween. If it’s too late to make this for your parties….maybe you can save this one for your New Year’s party or next Halloween.

Have you seen The Fox video yet? I’m not one to watch a lot of You Tube, but I think this one is hilarious! It was made by 2 comedians from Norway and I loved the outfits for the dancers….So, I decided “why not”?

Luckily, this costume is pretty easy and most of you peeps should be able to get the shirt, tie, and pants no problem. It’s really just a matter of making the mask, and that ended up taking less time than I thought.

You’ll need:

~ A half mask….this one is from Michaels

~ Red, white, and black paint

~ Feathers….again, from Michaels and even came already in “ear” shaped ones

What Does the Fox Say?...Last Minute Costume By

The feathers were super easy. They just came in a package like this and I just had to take off the peacock feather that came on top. To get the black tips, I colored them with a black sharpie on top of a scrap piece of paper so I didn’t mark up my jeans….again.

What Does the Fox Say?...Last Minute Costume By

For the mask, I froze the “Fox” video so I could try to see the colors and lines as clearly as possible. Then, I used a pencil to draw the lines first so they would be symmetrical (mostly) on both sides. Sorry, the pencil lines are kinda difficult to see in this picture.¬†After that, I just painted the colors in like an easy paint-by-numbers. I had to do 2 coats of the red, but the other colors were fine with 1 coat.

I wanted to attach the “ears” so they stuck out, like on the video….so I whipped out some scrap cardboard and hot glued it all on to the sides. Your friends will be able to see these, but that’s OK since your mask will knock their socks off :)

What Does the Fox Say?...Last Minute Costume By

All done!!

What Does the Fox Say?...Last Minute Costume By

It doesn’t look like they used feathers in the video, but these worked out perfectly, and I’m all about doing things the easy way!

What Does the Fox Say?...Last Minute Costume By

Here I am modeling the mask….my oldest daughter helped me take these pics and forced me to pose like the dancers LOL.

Hope there’s still time to run out and gather the materials for this….it’s a super fun costume. The only drawback is that I’m afraid I will get requests to dance, which is NOT something I can do. So maybe I’ll just make the kids do it since they have watched the video about 3,000 times already. I had to make a “No fox video day” on Saturday.

Have fun!

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