Wicked Magic Potion Cupcakes

Wicked Magic potion Cupcakes by

Well, Halloween is almost here and so are all the fun parties (if not already). If you’re still looking for a cute treat to bring to one of those fun parties…try these.

I LoVe making cupcakes, but I’m not the best at decorating them the cutest. So, I started trying to think of something that was cute and simple to whip up for that ward or neighborhood party you head to this coming week.

Wicked Magic potion Cupcakes by

You’ll need:

Cupcakes ~ Duh

Frosting ~ You only need a half batch, since you’re not using much

Green cotton candy ~ I found this at Target in the Halloween section

Paper straws ~ get ‘em just about anywhere, but these came from Michael’s

Cupcake wrappers ~ These ones are from the My Mind’s Eye “Wicked” Party elements

Wicked Magic potion Cupcakes by

Bake up your batch of tasty treats.

Wicked Magic potion Cupcakes by

Spread some frosting on them to make the cotton candy stick. Tint it the same color so it blends in with the cotton candy.

Wicked Magic potion Cupcakes by

Wicked Magic potion Cupcakes by

Cut your straws into thirds and pop them in the cakes.

Wicked Magic potion Cupcakes by

Carefully, add the cotton candy to the top of the cupcake. You want it to look fluffy and wispy….like potion smoke. I tore it apart as I went to make it look like this.

Wicked Magic potion Cupcakes by

Add the cupcakes wrapper….cute!!

Wicked Magic potion Cupcakes by

They look dangerously delicious!

Wicked Magic potion Cupcakes by

A few last tips:

1. The frosting will make the cotton candy start “melting” and will be get pretty flat after an hour or two, so I would suggest you plan ahead to frost and add the cotton candy right before you walk out the door. For 2 dozen, it took about 20-30 mins.

2. If you can get your hands on a cotton candy machine easily, it will make wispy-er looking and you can add it faster and not have to tear and fluff so much. The pre-packaged stuff is kinda mushed together and hard to make look fluffy.

Wicked Magic potion Cupcakes by

Have fun!


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