Cheaters Guide To Fake Ironing

Over here at NSIH (Not So Idle Hands), I like to take as many shortcuts as I can around the house since I seem to be so busy all.the.time. (hmmmmm, I wonder why that is). So, I want to start a new series sharing the shortcuts I’ve learned over time, so you can hopefully skirt around your hated chores too.

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The holidays are coming up fast and so I thought today I would show my cheaters shortcut with a much despised chore that’s more necessary this time of year. Ironing! And well, ironing is something I NEVER do….unless it’s for a sewing craft, naturally.

I only have little girlies ’round here and therefore, always have TONS of wrinkly dresses hanging out in their closets that I need to make look presentable so I’m not letting them out in public looking like they slept in the hamper.

*BTW, these dresses are not the same dress….just matching dresses for my 2 older girls. That’s why the before & after pics look a teeny bit different. In case you were wondering….

Cheaters Guide To Fake Ironing By:

My trick is just a spray bottle and super hot tap water…..

Yep! That’s all there is to it! I’ll even prove it in pics.

Cheaters Guide To Fake Ironing By:

Cheaters Guide To Fake Ironing By:

Take your cute, but super wrinkled dress and hang it on a hanger (usually over the tub or shower). proceed to spray the wrinkled spots with the hot water….shaking it out (pretty hard) every few sprays….till you are happy. Then, just let it hang dry.

Cheaters Guide To Fake Ironing By:

Takes like, 2 minutes….tops!

Cheaters Guide To Fake Ironing By:

Waaaaaaaaaay better! You can see that pretty much all the wrinkles are out, and it looks great and makes it seem like they have a mom who cares.

This works so well on just about everything and you won’t have to whip out the iron and board on Sunday morning or on crazy weekday mornings for work clothes. Just make sure to do this the night before or a few hours ahead of time, so the clothes can dry before you scamper off to your activities.

You guys have any secrets that help you to simplify your chores? I’d love to hear!

Have fun!

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  1. I found you! For what seemed like years I thought you had quit blogging, then another blogger had one of your posts and I was so happy! Glad to see you are still around…love your blog.
    And this is a pleasant surprise to see a fun font for comments!

    • Hi Rachel~ Thanks for not giving up on me :) I did have to stop for awhile, but it feels so good to be back….especially when I have readers like you! Thanks again!

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