Christmas Yarn and Pom Pom Wreath

Christmas Yarn and Pom Pom Wreath By

I just love bright colors and for Christmas I adore the bright pink/blue/green combo….and a hint of heather grey. So, this year I’m taking the plunge and made a wreath that’s full of color and wonderful textures. I loved this one I made with fabric for Halloween/Fall, but I decided my next one should be made with yarn. So, I went hunting for the fattest yarn I could find since I love feeling texture when I craft.

Christmas Yarn and Pom Pom Wreath By

Look at this fantastic texture!!

Christmas Yarn and Pom Pom Wreath By

I originally was thinking to do it with pom poms all around it like the Anthropologie one here (128.00 bucks….yikes!). But, as I was churning out the poms, and stopped to try it out a little….I wasn’t in love with the way it looked.

So I started wrapping the wreath with the big, fat, soft, fluffy, delicious, grey yarn. Yes, it was SO soft! I just wanted to line my bed with it and cuddle up.

I liked the way the wrapped wreath looked much better…..and then I ran outta grey yarn. So, I kept the love going with the blue yarn and that made it look even better! BTW, this was my secret to wrapping it quicker since wrapping with the skein of yarn is difficult. But, I totally spaced the fact that I wouldn’t be able to USE the remote while it was all wrapped up….o-well, at least I was able to catch up on all my commercials that I usually skip.

Christmas Yarn and Pom Pom Wreath By

Christmas Yarn and Pom Pom Wreath By

Then, I hot-glued on some large jingle bells and then added (some of) the poms that I had churned out and tightly snuggled them up around the bells.

Christmas Yarn and Pom Pom Wreath By

Tie on some random yarn and twine, and……

Christmas Yarn and Pom Pom Wreath By


Oh yeah, I could absolutely NOT find something I liked to hang it with…..and after tearing the house apart, I ended up using a striped scarf I had hanging in my closet. Actually looks really great!

Christmas Yarn and Pom Pom Wreath By

It’s so bright and happy, it makes me smile when I drive up to the house every day…..or actually several times a day since I’m a mom chauffeur.

Christmas Yarn and Pom Pom Wreath By

I am in LOVE with all the texture on this wreath! The fluffy poms and the thick yarn is great.

Christmas Yarn and Pom Pom Wreath By

I need about 3 hundred more of these to make a mattress out of….

Christmas Yarn and Pom Pom Wreath By

Now I just need to decorate the rest of the porch with those colors and we’ll be all set!

What colors are you loving to decorate with this year? Do you prefer yarn or fabric for a wreath?

Have fun!

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  1. I am soooo in love with this wreath! Gorgeous! I would love to make this, but am very craft-challenged :) What type of yarn did you use? And where did you get the inspiration for the color scheme? Thanks!

    • Hi Dawn~ Thanks so much! I love texture so much, so I used the thickest yarn I could find (I think at Michaels ;) I’ve loved the pink/blue color scheme for a few years and just threw in some green and grey for variety. I think I saw it first at Tai Pan Trading awhile back. Have fun making your own!

      • Thanks, Emily! I’m planning on making this this weekend, and will be a copycat and go with this same color scheme. I just love the combo! I do have another question: How much yarn did you use?

        • Oops — meant to ask where you got the pompoms, too. Are they homemade?

          • Hi Dawn~ That’s so cool! I bet yours will be awesome! I only needed 1 skein of each color and ended up with some leftovers. I made the poms too with the larger of the pom makers from the Clover company (should be able to find these at any craft store). Try to get as much yarn in them as poss and they will be nice and fluffy :) Good luck!

  2. This is soooo colorful & fun! I love it a lot!



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