Framed Burlap Stocking Decor

Framed Burlap Stocking Decor By

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This year as I pulled out all my Christmas decorations (late, since we traveled for Thanksgiving) I noticed this cool stocking frame I made a few years back, and realized that I had actually taken pics of it, but never posted the tutorial (so, please forgive the old pics).

It’s a really cute decoration, so I thought I would go ahead and show you all how to make it so you can have one of your own. I used my vinyl cutter to make this, but I’m willing to bet good money you can find a cute stocking image to use with your Cricut or Sillhouette.

You’ll need:

~ Burlap (just a bit, unless you plan on making a bunch)

~ A 12×12 frame (now is a good time to score one with all the sales going on everywhere….this one came from Michaels)

~ Upholstery nails with the sharp end bent off (can get these at any craft store or even Home Depot or Lowe’s)

~ Vinyl to make a stencil (you may also be able to use a ready-made one from Joann’s, Michael’s, Or Hobby Lobby)

~ Hot glue

~ Paint and brush

Framed Burlap Stocking Decor By

Framed Burlap Stocking Decor By

Start with your square of burlap (I know, duh….I didn’t have to take a picture of it). Put your vinyl sticker on it and stick it down. Then paint over the stencil…..trying not to get it under the vinyl.

Framed Burlap Stocking Decor By

Take the first stencil off and you have a lovely stocking.

Framed Burlap Stocking Decor By

Stick on the wording stencil and then paint that one too.

Framed Burlap Stocking Decor By

Remove it and then grab your neat frame. I left the matting in it and the burlap was big enough to cover the hole.

Framed Burlap Stocking Decor By

Framed Burlap Stocking Decor By

Hot glue the burlap onto the frame and then use some pliers to bend the sharp part (don’t know what that’s called) back and forth on the back of the nail till it comes off. Then hot glue those in the corners of the burlap. I know cheating, but the matting isn’t thick enough to actually pound those puppies into it.

Framed Burlap Stocking Decor By

Ta da! Really cute!

Framed Burlap Stocking Decor By

Can’t even tell that it’s hot glued on Shhhhhhh.

Framed Burlap Stocking Decor By

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Have fun!

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    • Thanks so much Sandra! It was so fun to find your blog and poke around a bit (a lot). Thanks for stopping by and saying “Hi” that was so nice of you :)

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