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February is here and love is in the air! Or sick germs who love this family anyway.  We started off the month with my 3 month old in the hospital for 4 days with bronchiolitis and a virus. And the cherry on top you ask?  Just 4 hrs after arriving at the ER with her, my husband calls and says he needs to bring our 4 yr old…all I can say is we have the best family and friends around. People were jumping at the opportunity to help babysit and bring us meals.
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Anywayyyyyyyy we are back to normal now and I am curious who has been constantly crafting all those ridiculously cute valentines ideas for their house from pinterest?! Not me. I sit at night snug in my bed pinning away …. I can see that adorable heart garland hanging from my mantle, I’ve always wanted to try sewing paper like this. And I definitely drool over the cinnamon rolls shaped like hearts, if you have ever been on Pinterest I’m sure you have seen them. And the never ending debate: pass out candy valentines or non-candy valentines?
But then I fall asleep and wake up to yet another busy day of child rearing and house cleaning and maybe a bit of laziness. I get a little intimidated by projects when I don’t have all the materials and I would have to put 4 kids in my car and then in a shopping cart (and back in the car-whine, whine, I know) just to get them!
But I do have a few tricks up my sleeve.
My daughter and I stumbled upon some one-on-one quiet time somehow and she wanted to craft. I didn’t mind that as long as it was something we could give away and not keep around the house.
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So we got the trusty Perler beads out and made these hearts….
 …One for every person in her class! It took some time, but that gave us the opportunity to have a good mother-daughter chat about life.
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And I asked Emily to print these up for me. I plan on using that tape and attaching a deflated balloon to each one. My kids LOVE playing with balloons. Hope the rest of her class does too.
She used the link I found through Pinterest  to make the print outs but made that bag herself!  Have you checked out her Etsy shop lately? Some cute stuff on there…
And to complete the outward expression of our love through gift giving this Valentine’s day we are going to use the all time best ever sugar cookie recipe and cut out X’s and O’s and of course hearts to then frost with this glacé icing found here. We like to add in mint extract to this icing during Christmas {My favorite part of this icing is that it dries flat and hard so you can stack!} and give them to friends, family, neighbors, teachers etc  It’s fun for all ages. My husband and I get into a “my cookie looks better then yours” competition and it’s easy enough for the little ones to have their cookies turn out pretty too!
Perfect Sugar Cookies
3 eggs
2 cups sugar
1 cup melted butter
1 cup sour cream (I sub one cup non fat plain Greek yogurt)
1 tsp baking soda
4-5 cups flour (you will need much more)
1 tsp vanilla
  Instructions: Cream together eggs, sugar, butter vanilla and sour cream. Add flour and soda; mix well. (I add more flour until I know it won’t stick then I roll it out). Roll out and cut out shapes. Bake at 350 degrees. If you roll out to 1/4 in thick 11 minutes is PERFECT!
     I’d love to see how yours turn out! Be sure to email pictures to
    Happy Lover’s holiday!
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Emily McDonald is the owner of Not So Idle Hands and lives in Colorado with her hot hubby and 3 cute daughters. When she's not battling ADHD, Fibro, or Migraines she loves to be downstairs playing with all her pretty crafty things making fun stuff. She also runs an awesome Etsy Shop by the same name where she gets to sell shiny supplies to make pretty stuff {check it out!}.


  1. Hi Em, I have 5 days to craft 3 kids’ classes worth of homeade valentines…
    ( 68 in total) I refuse to buy them this yr when slacking until last minute forces me to! Help! Need ideas!
    Love your col springs friend…:)

  2. Those beaded hearts are adorable! Glad to hear you’re doing great! :)

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