The Power of Failure

The Power of Failure By:

I have learned to embrace failure….no, actually I have learned to love failure. Yes, that’s a weird thing to say but it’s true {and I’m weird, so I say weird things like that all the time}. Failure is an important part of life and, when all is said and done, usually helps make your life better somehow.

We hate it though.

We fight kicking and screaming against failure. We hang our heads in shame when we fail and a lot of times we “fail” to catch the whole point of it {failure, I mean}. We don’t understand that failing at something, no matter how stinky, will ultimately teach us something. It may not be immediate, but you will learn something {gosh darn it!}, whether you like it or not.

I know we’ve all heard the old: “Babies would never learn to walk if they didn’t ever fall down.” But, that’s not really something that’s relevant to us now that we are all expert walkers and haven’t been in diapers for a long time now. Though, I may or may not still have the chubby thighs of days long past….

We do need to have failure in our lives. We need to have constant failure. Big fails and small, they are all necessary for us to grow and move forward and continue learning and expanding our minds. I know it’s super frustrating to feel like you’re running against the wind, and getting blown backs a few steps. But, it really is a powerful learning tool and something we usually need forced on us.

In fact, today I have already failed several times. I failed to do all the chores I had set out to get done today, I got a migraine earlier and so that made me fail to get this post finished at a decent time of night (currently the clock says 12:10 am), I failed to get to Activity Days on time, I failed to refrain from yelling at my kids when they wouldn’t go to bed…..etc, etc. I know I will learn something from all these little fails, whether it’s how to manage my time better or maybe how to better convey the importance of bedtime to my girlies.

I know those aren’t really things to cry about, but I know I will fail again….like a big fail. Whether it’s failing at the lofty goals I always seem to set for myself {ie. get super powers in some weird but cool way and have the ability to fly and freeze time!} or what I imagined I would have accomplished in my life by now. But look at any hero movie. The hero always fails at some point during the film…..always. But that’s why we root for them, because they don’t stay down. They refuse to accept the fail. They always recoup and try again, sometimes several times before they finally succeed and win the whole movie….and kiss the girl.


That’s exactly what we need to think of ourselves… the “heroes” of our own action movies. Just sit for a moment, close your eyes and pretend you are viewing yourself as an audience would. Let yourself hear them cheer when you triumph and then listen closely for the sobs when you fall. Think about the world out there rooting you on, because that’s exactly what they do. We all love a good “feelgood” story.  After all, don’t those videos and articles go viral for a reason?

So, your mission {yes, I have the authority to order you around}, is to go out there in this big, usually scary, world and NOT fear failing. Walk out the door with new goggles on. The type of goggles that will help you see the lessons behind each missed deadline and messy room. Watch for the reasons why you might be late tomorrow or when you completely forget to bring the thing you signed up to bring {to the thing you also signed up to help at, but forgot}.

Take on a new mantra. When something does not go the way you planned, like it never does, remember to tell yourself this: “It’s ok, the world will go on, and I will try again tomorrow.” Because really, that’s all you can do. you cannot rewind the clock or force something to change course. Have your pity party and accept the failure as a lesson, then move on.

 I give you all my blessing to fail….and fail with Panache! Remember that everyone fails, so get the most out of every blunder that you can. Just think, it’s free instruction you don’t have to pay a fancy school for.

Have fun!

P.S. I just found a stash of Pixie Sticks that I’m definitely going to eat now….even though it’s super late and I need to get up early to wrangle kids.

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