Fun Instagram Mom~ Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring, to me, means that it is just that much closer to the best season of all SUMMER!  But let’s be real, in SoCal most days feel like spring or summer :) Just my kind of place.

    I have had 3 old milk containers, rinsed out and sitting on my counter for weeks! My husband will be so glad I finally completed this project that took all of 5minutes.

    We recently planted our annual veggie garden and we have black berries that grow yearly as well. My kids LOVE to help water but between fighting over the hose and crying when it’s time to turn it off, I thought I would make them their very own “watering cans”.

   These were SO easy and turned out great.

    All you need is:

-~One plastic milk jug, with lid
~One sewing needle, bigger the better
~A flame of some sort {I used my stove top}

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{Ignore the baby soap in the window sill… I still give my youngest sink baths because those are the best kind right?!}

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Secure the lid on the container and hold the jug tightly by the handle with your non-dominate hand. With your dominate hand, safely and bravely hold the sewing needle over the flame for about 5 seconds, or until it is hot enough to pierce a hole clear through the lid. If it doesn’t go through completely, reheat the needle and have another go at it.

    The more holes the faster the water will run out and your kids will be asking for a re-fill. So depending on how big your needle is and how much you like to re-fill things…that’s how many holes you make. I did quite a few since the holes weren’t that big.

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     I tested it out in the sink when I was done to be sure none were plugged and I had enough for a good flow.

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Then you fill it up with enough water and hand off to one happy kid!
  {If you are really into this, you could have your kids decorate their new watering cans with markers or paint}

Happy family gardening!

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