Kids Party Food Idea: Mac N Cheese Bar + Video

 So, I am so very excited to introduce you all to my awesome sis, Beth {or Liz or Lizzy or Elizabeth}. She has a really cool You Tube channel over at The Crunchy Housewife where she makes great videos that show how to do all sorts of neat things….along with some cool tips and tricks.

Well, she told me about this fun idea and I asked her if she would mind doing a guest post for me since this is the greatest idea for anyone with kiddos {or just anyone who LOVES Mac N Cheese}.  Enjoy!

Kids Party Food Idea: Mac N Cheese Bar + Video t:

Summertime is chock-full of Kids Parties.  And…you need yummy food at kids’s parties.  And most kids like Mac N Cheese.  So at your next party, why not mix things up and have a Mac N Cheese Bar?  It’s easy to do, relatively inexpensive and you will make a great impression on your little guests and big guests.  Here is a video tutorial on how to do it:

Here are the five different ways I customized the Mac N Cheese:

~Bacon and Dried Breadcrumbs
~Broccoli and Ham

~Olive and Tomato

~Chili and Cheddar Cheese

~Spinach and Parmesan Cheese

I’m telling you…each one of the combinations was delicious!   And you can do this your way, by adding any toppings you want, by making this gluten free or dairy free (by using gluten free and/or dairy free Mac N Cheese), and you can even use plain noodles and supplement them with sauce and toppings.   And I would use the creamiest Mac N Cheese versions possible, because stuff like “Creamy Shells N Cheese” is scrumptious.  ;-)

If you want to take things further with this Mac N Cheese party thing, you can make “noodle crafts”.  Try some of these ideas with dried noodles:

~Noodle Necklaces - use dried noodles of various shapes, sizes and colors (use Jute Twine to put the noodles on)

~Noodle Art – provide each child with noodles of various sizes, shapes, and colors.  Then add some paper, scissors, glue, markers, paint, etc., and encourage them to make noodle art!   They can make noodle pictures on paper, noodle towers (by stacking and gluing noodles together), and so much more!

~Noodle Counting – have kids sort noodles by shape, size, and/or color.  They can then count the noodles and take them home to sort and count later on.

I hope this gives you some great ideas for kids party food for your upcoming summer parties (and all other parties).   What would be your favorite Mac N Cheese topping at one of these parties?

~ Beth vlogs at Youtube as The Crunchy Housewife and has a fun time experimenting with DIY, homemade and kids’ stuff there.  Make sure you check out her channel!

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