My Life Written As Drama~ Bedtime

My Life Written As Drama~ Bedtime By:

I was reading a fantastic book last week… where the story line was so thick with description that I wondered: What would my life sound like if written as a book? It might be a comedy, adventure or even drama, but I wanted to let you in on some of the most exciting times of my life these days….written as a passage from a book, of course.


The young girl with the sleepless blue eyes and wavy brown hair, suddenly looked downcast as I cheerfully announced: “Bedtime! Everyone in to their rooms.” Her whole body rose and then slumped over as she sighed heavily and turned to slowly trudge towards her room as if walking through nearly dried concrete. It seemed like an eternity before she reached her room, a mere 5 feet away. Her pace slowed and then stopped at the door as if she needed to catch her breath before taking the last 4 steps to her bed. Hunched over, she turned to me with pleading eyes and a near quivering lip and begged, “But mom, please can’t we stay up just a little longer?” She emphasized each word and drew them out to get the full effect of the whine across to me as I stood my ground there in the hallway. Waiting with arms crossed.

I uttered no words, but simply lifted my arm like a silent sentinel and pointed in the direction I wanted her to drag her petite body next. The girl then stomped the rest of the way to her nest full of soft, colorful blankets and overstuffed furry animals and tossed herself halfway into the middle of it all. There was a fluff of fur and covers that temporarily flew up into the air. She rolled over and rearranged the fluffy friends she had disturbed and then sat up suddenly, facing me with a hopeful smile on her slightly freckled face. “Can I sleep in your bed tonight, mom!?” she chirped optimistically. How can I ever say no to that sweet, expectant face? “No,” I replied sternly. Each of my girls asked this question at least 6 times every bedtime even though they are well aware this is only a possibility on weekend nights…..and this was only Tuesday.

Her nearly twin sister on the bed opposite hers popped her head up like a young prairie dog and repeated the question in her own interest. “Can I sleep with you, then?” she mimicked as if the answer for her would be different. “Nope,” I repeated for only the second of many more times that night. The younger sister flopped her head back down on her pillow and protested, “but you never let us sleep with you! That’s not fair!” The younger girl had equally blue eyes, but they were enormous and she had an uncanny ability to tear up as soon as she was presented with an unwilling parent.

I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths before I reassured my sweet offspring that I was sorry.  And admitted that yes, I was being unfair, but I still loved them very much and could they both please, please, please, for the love of my sanity….lay down so I can tuck them in and be able to savor my precious hour of child~free time for Pete’s sake!? The last part I kept to myself as an inner dialogue, therefore my truly sweet offspring did not stop their badgering. The younger girl kept her teary eyes trained on me as she posed the query again, but with a softer, more pathetic voice to garner more pity from me. But when I turned her down once more, she buried her head in a Pillow Pet and started to fake sob as if auditioning for a part in a sad movie. She played the part well, though….shaking her small frame to copy that of a real cry session. Unfortunately for my precious middle child, I was wise to all of her tricks. So I simply went over and started quietly tucking in her sibling till she decided to give up her ploy and go calmly into dreamland.

Being older, and therefore wiser, the drama queen’s older sister knew it was a good time to stop begging and settle for a cuddle and a kiss from me this time. Maybe tomorrow would be her day to make a stand against the injustice of bedtime, but tonight she was waving the white flag and would be content to save her energy and hopefully gain points for being the “good” one this time around. I softly whispered my good-nights and awarded hugs and kisses to my blue-eyed beauty and when I turned, I found my younger daughter calm and ready for her share of my affections as well. She got her smooches and a cuddle and as I walked out to enjoy the short amount of freedom I had before my own bedtime, I clicked off the light and softly closed the door to their room. After a quick peek in on the smallest of my trio of girlies and finding her fast asleep, I let escape a small sigh of relief before heading off to the computer to get in some late night work.

I sat down at my desk with a little dish of creamy chocolate ice cream {the delicious reward for my awesome parenting that day}, and started in on my long to~do list. Suddenly, there was a long, sneaky creak from the hallway where my children should be sleeping peacefully. There, standing in the shadows, was my cute middle child silently staring at the spoonful of sweet ice cream headed towards my lips. I looked from my bowl to my daughter and back at my melting dessert and reluctantly put my spoon down and went over to the drawer to retrieve a second one for her to join me.

The End

Stay tuned for more excerpts of how I view portions of my life….if it were written as a book.

Have fun!

My Life Written As Drama~ Bedtime By:

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