Adventures With ADHD ~ Throw In Some OCD And You’ve Got A Party

ADHD is a lot of fun and super exciting for me. It helps me run around with my friend the headless chicken and allows me to remember exactly %5 of conversations I’m a part of {because after the first minute, my brain starts thinking of 53 other things that are not in the least pertinent to anything being discussed}. It aids me in keeping every project I start, half-finished and strewn around my house, and likes to dangle shiny objects in my face whenever I try to focus too long on my blog or Etsy Shop.

But at least we sometimes have fun. OCD however, does it’s best to regularly try my patience with obsessions and compulsions that are not at all logical to me and in fact, suck the fun out of just about anything I love to do.

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Yes, I know. You might not imagine that a person with ADHD can also have OCD…..or at the least the variation that is a constant cause of anxiety in my scattered life.


If you’ve ever been to my house….at any time, ever. You probably don’t believe that I am a secret perfectionist due to the continual state of messy-ness and disarray that live here.

But, it’s true.

I cannot do any single task or make any craft without having to have it be perfect {in my eyes} upon completion. If it’s not, I must fix it….or toss it and start fresh. This is the biggest reason I cannot solely sell my handmade crafts in my Etsy Shop. I tried before and it did not go well {I made awesome wooden signs}. I would spend 16 times longer making the signs than any normal person would have and it was not cost~effective….or family~effective, for that matter.

Adventures With ADHD ~ Throw In Some OCD And You've Got A Party By:

Perfectionism in my life means that I have a hard time making mistakes and feel the compulsion to stop and fix them right here and now and nothing else is rotating in my universe except me and the tiny imperfection on the craft I was about to give as a gift, but now it’s trash. It is the reason why I own 3 different die~cutting machines and about 9 paper cutters…..because to free~hand cut something will send me straight to the corner rocking back and forth till my sweet hubs comes to pry away the non~symmetrical heart from my hands and remove it far from view. It is why I take so long to type things out because if I make a mistake or spell something wrong, I must backspace the whole sentence and re~type it correctly. And sadly, it is also why I had to finally had to go down to the basement and re~pack all the Christmas decorations that the hubs so sweetly packed away for me because in my mind it was all a jumbled mess {even though it really was fine}.

Whoa! I know, right. Makes you want to avoid eye contact with me for awhile huh?

Well, the good news is that I’m aware I act illogically…which bugs the hubs so much. “Well if you know you’re doing it, then why can’t you just stop?” “Ok, I’ll stop right…!” Said no one with OCD ever. Being aware is only the first teeny tiny step in a long process that includes tons of backsliding. And tears…..oh, the tears!

I am working on it, though. I try to stay away from big triggers, like running a solely handmade craft shop on Etsy. But, I still like to torture myself by writing a crafty blog….but I just can’t bring myself to stop that one. “It will be o.k.” has become my mantra when a craft I complete is not perfect according to my vision and I force myself to not toss it….this time.

The real reason I have been doing a little better lately, is mostly because I have be forced into it….not because I am an awesomely strong {and cool} person and Lifetime should make a movie about me where Liv Tyler would play the part of me {but if you do happen to work for Lifetime….call me}. It’s because the hubs is gone a lot for work and the choice has come down to: A. break down and crumple to the floor if the pepperonis on the pizza I made are not spaced out correctly or B. repeat “It will be o.k.” over and over and hurry up and slice it and throw it on plates for the kiddos so it’s out of sight….or secret option C. get rid of the devil pizza ans just feed the kiddos cold cereal for dinner {again}.

Adventures With ADHD ~ Throw In Some OCD And You've Got A Party By:

I do get frustrated frequently and wonder why can’t I simply stop. But when the dust settles from the long arguments I have with myself {seriously, I don’t think anyone will talk to me after they read this}, I usually come to the same verdict each time: It’s a trial that is in my life for a reason and if I don’t deal with it, no one else will deal with it for me. And choosing to not do anything, is just not who I am. I try hard to find a positive side to all this and to somehow “Make it my Strength.” So I have my little pity party, and then come out of my dark corner with new resolve to be the best variation of myself no matter what trials need to come my way. And if OCD is a part of me….then doggone it, I will make the best of it.

If nothing else, it’s good blog material when I have no crafts to show {because maybe I threw them all out due to imperfections}….

Have Fun!

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Emily McDonald is the owner of Not So Idle Hands and lives in Colorado with her hot hubby and 3 cute daughters. When she's not battling ADHD, Fibro, or Migraines she loves to be downstairs playing with all her pretty crafty things making fun stuff. She also runs an awesome Etsy Shop by the same name where she gets to sell shiny supplies to make pretty stuff {check it out!}.


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