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Wanna hear a funny story {of course you do….who says no to a funny story}?

This happened the year I posted about these funny t-shirts I made for our girlies to wear whenever they were out~and~about with their dad. I was trying to hurry and get the shirts done and photos taken as well as still adjusting to our recently adopted tiny kiddo {yes, we brought her home in Feb, but adjustment always takes awhile}. So, of course I was super frazzled and got the shirts done just in time for the big day!

Well, turns out that somehow I had mixed up days and we were surprising daddy a whole week early! Since you can’t really un~excite your kiddos for special occasions, we went ahead and celebrated the week before and the hubs was a great sport about it {and got a good laugh in at my expense}.

Good times, huh?

Printable Father's Day Tags With Awesome Quote By:

Anyways, here are some cute tags I wanted to share that I made for all the dads in our ward this year. I LoVe this quote by L. Tom Perry and thought it would be a good one to hand out with the little gifts {whatever they might be *wink, wink} for all those awesome fathers this Sunday. Yes, Father’s Day is this Sunday, so you’d better hurry up.

You can just click the photo to take you to a PDF you can then print out. Enjoy!

*BTW, if you need to know how to make your photo into a click~able PDF, check it out here.

Hope you all have a great Father’s Day!

Have Fun!

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