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Fun Instagram Mom~The Official Game of 4th of July at:

Can you guess what the most important item is in this picture? I know you’re looking at that frosting…

 That’s right…the toothpick!

 The Toothpick Game is absolutely the most fun game you can play in a pool.  It is highly competitive so if you are not, sit back, relax and enjoy the show because it is bound to be a good one!

 The object of the game is to retrieve the toothpick out of the water more times than your opponents.  We normally play until the first person reaches 20.

 The officials rules (by yours truly…I am a Seasoned “Tooth pick Game” Champ by the way):

 Everyone stands out of the water on the edge of the pool wherever they wish.  One person is selected to dive down to the bottom of the pool with toothpick in hand and place it on the bottom and then quickly swim back up and join the others standing out of the water.  This is where the fun begins because you see, A. toothpicks are hard to see in a pool of water and B. They float…eventually.

So as everyone is standing around the edge of the pool you start looking and searching for any sighting of this toothpick that is slowly rising to the top of the water.  You can move around the perimeter of the pool to get a better look if you wish. (Which will cause just about everyone to be curious and follow you even if you don’t see anything!)

Once you have a toothpick sighting you jump in and try to grab it! (Yes a tiny toothpick in a big ol’ pool…with how ever many other people probably jumping in on top of you too…just adds to the fun!) Once you jump in and are under water you may open your eyes and look for it if you missed it which happens a lot of the time BUT once you break the surface with your head you must get back out of the pool to continue searching for it.

You ARE allowed to push people in to throw them off course IF and only IF they are already in motion.  You can NOT just simply push people in for the fun of it (and it is kind of fun).  If they are in the process of jumping for that toothpick then by all means shove them and shove them hard so that they can not reach the toothpick.  This is a competition after all!

You ARE also allowed to jump in if you do NOT see  the toothpick to either make it harder for others who might have an eye on it but aren’t ready to jump or to interfere with someone who is jumping for it.

Now there are all different techniques but when it comes down to it you do what you gotta do to catch that toothpick! Some people see it a few feet under the water and like to dive for it, I think that is way too hard! … I personally think its easiest to wait until its floating on the surface or really close to it and do a running leap, try to snatch it up before my body hits the water and pushes it off into some unknown spot.  Like a running cartwheel…or flying squirrel move? (I will promise to try and get some pictures this 4th of July.) This comes with its own risks too, by the time the toothpick is to the surface there is a much higher chance a lot of other people have seen it too…

Now you might run into a problem where a few minutes go by and it is nowhere to be seen…check the filter, check the inside edge of the pool, sometimes after several failed attempts and splashes it might have even made its way to the outside of the pool.  Also, once the toothpick is water logged it will no longer float, so be sure to switch it out from time to time.

This game (should be a sport I think) is prone to cause some bloody noses, definitely bruises and a few bumped heads so BE CAREFUL but have FUN!

Now go get your toothpick on and have a great Fourth of July!


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