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Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit…but this past June we had been dealing with Molluscum.  I have not met anyone yet that knows what that is and wouldn’t tell you what a hassle it is! I’m writing this because I hope to help someone, even if this helps just one person I would be happy…I have found something that worked incredibly fast for us.  I wish someone had it laid out for me when I first found myself in this situation.

A couple of my kids have very sensitive skin and deal with a little bit of eczema.  My son Braden, almost 5yrs old, has VERY dry skin all the time so we are always lotioning him up! One night I noticed what looked like a tiny pimple on his stomach and a couple behind his knees.  They were the size of pin points and looked like they would easily pop and produce a little white puss.  Well…I’m a popper and squeezer, I can’t help myself! I convinced him to let me try.  I tried popping and squeezing and it was stubborn! Definitely not as easy as it looked.  I finally squeezed hard enough (my poor son!) and out came a tiny, HARD white ball and blood….lots and lots of blood.  This blood was not easily stopped either.  After that he wouldn’t let me touch the ones on his legs of course. I didn’t think much about them again, thinking that all the lotion we put on him must of clogged up a few pores and caused some pimples or something. After all they were tiny and I figured they would clear up on their own.

About two weeks later a friend found out her daughter had Molluscum and I did some light research via my best friend, google.  I had heard of Molluscum but didn’t know much about it beside it being contagious and that it’s hard to get rid of so I was curious.  I saw that it usually presents itself on the arms, legs, and torso.  The next morning it hit me.  I asked my son to strip down to his underwear and I did a careful once over.  He had a few more of these “pimples”. Two on his chest, a few behind his knees, and a couple new ones near the inside of his elbows.  About 13 in all.  I did what any good mom would do.  Found a bubble, placed him in it and then sanitized my whole body and anything else he could of touched! Okay, if only it were that easy, right?  Once I realized that he had Molluscum, I considered taking him to the doctors but what would that give me besides a co-pay and an official diagnosis?  No thanks, I’ll save my money.  (I would suggest going to the doctors to anyone that isn’t sure and would like someone to actually diagnose it but I was certain this it was it was and anxious to get rid of it ASAP.)

I have to admit I had a “momentary” freakout which sent me on a google rampage for 3 days straight.  Whenever I was awake and not using my hands for something else, I was on my phone reading about Molluscum.  What causes it, how its spread and more importantly how to get rid of it.  I read so many websites and followed so many threads.  I took note on what didn’t work, what did work, how fast they worked etc.

There is a lot of information out there but here is the jist of the information I collected that helped me to make a regimen to implement to get rid of the “M” word (now a bad word in our home!):

~It is a virus that attacks the skin in both kids and adults and it is not harmful at all

~Ones own immune system should be able to prevent, if not, fight it off.  (In fact seems most doctors suggest to just “let it run its course, but if you read at all online about it that always leads to HUNDREDS of these little devils all over your body)

~It spreads by contact, and very easily

~Thrives in warms moist areas

~Most people deal with this for about 2 years (which led me to believe you have to be very persistent and consistent in not only the treatment but the prevention of spreading it)

~The white core in the center is very contagious

So once I had my information narrowed down to this I then started to research all the ways you can treat Molluscum. There are creams-VERY. EXPENSIVE. CREAMS.  I’m talking $60 plus shipping for 2 whole entire ounces! They had good reviews but they didn’t work 100%. There is the dermatologist route where they burn them off with acid or freeze them, neither had wonderful reviews. There is a prescription medicine said to be in the $500 range and I didn’t read that it helped anyone. And there is some homeopathic treatments. (I’m itching just thinking about all this!) It was frustrating and a bit scary to read that there will a million different ways to treat this and none of them seemed to work.  Sounded like people would just try lots of different stuff for about 2 years and then something would finally work. Hmmm…I read and thought and prayed and read some more.  Finally my mommy instinct kicked in and something just stood out to me more then the rest (even thought it was mentioned much less) and I came up with this plan to try and happy to report it worked incredibly fast.

You have to be super consistent and very thorough but we have had great results!

1.Go to your local health food store or order on line a couple ounces of Tea Tree Oil. (Toxic if ingested-just a quick note!) The bottle I bought was just less then $7. We ended up using just over 2 oz total.

2. Treat each and every molluscum “bump” with tea tree oil via a q-tip 3x per day (I wasn’t leaving any chances!).  Use a different q-tip head for each bump to be sure to not spread. Wash your hands after treating. Place soiled q-tip right into a trash bag without setting on the floor.

3. I washed the kids sheets and blankets (by this point my two year old had a bump or two on his chest) every single day.  Yes, a pain but so worth it. IF they wore pajamas that absolutely covered every single bump I might skip a day but normally just did it every day.

4. I washed their pajamas every single day as well as their clothes.  I also changed their clothes twice a day.

5.Whenever clothes came off or a towel was used I put it straight into the washing machine, NOT the hamper and washed my hands right after.

6. The kids took showers only, no more baths until all bumps are gone as it can easily spread through a bath.

7. Do not cover with a bandaid, leave open but covered by clothes.

8. If my son ever sat on the toilet seat I immediately wiped down with sanitizer

9. I replaced our hand towel in the bathroom with paper towels until his arms cleared up

10. I started to give my kids vitamins every single day as well as one green smoothie every day to help boost their immune system.

11. No lotions or moisturizers at all.

12. I covered his booster seat where the backs of his legs rubbed on it with a towel and switched it out every day.

13. If we went swimming I bought water tight bandaids and covered every single bump.  The CDC recommends this and does not say to avoid the pool. When he was finished swimming I dried his body thoroughly, placed CLEAN clothes on him and put his towel and suit in a trash bag (when I got home I put swim suits and towels straight in the washer and threw the trash bag away.)

14. And I was CONSISTENT! After about 2.5 weeks my 2 year old was clear and my 8mth old that contracted just one bump was clear as well.  My son with the most bumps was down to just 3 from around 15.  Things were looking good and I got a little relaxed.  I started to change sheets and blankets every 2 days, skipped some smoothies, etc and then when I realized he was getting more on the back of his legs I thought about his booster seat in the car! Since I have seen a couple more bumps we are back to it.  We will beat this and its so close to gone, at this moment he has two teeny-tiny ones that (fingers crossed) will be gone by the end of this week.

I realize and feel lucky that the “bumps” my kids had were very, very small and few. If you search on line you will see that they range from pin point size to 5mm and look more like a wart.  They normally “cluster” which didn’t happen with my kids and it’s not uncommon to get in the hundred range.  Also there is a debate about popping…the white core is what is contagious from my understanding and a lot of people say if you pop it you will spread the virus and end up with a new cluster of “bumps” soon after. Other people say if you are able to extract the white core and sanitize before you touch anything else this is a great treatment.  It hurt my son tremendously to pop them and so we chose to just treat them with the above method. Although it is TEMPTING to just pop them and get it over with (or so you hope)!

I really hope this helps someone and am happy to answer any questions you may have!

**Disclaimer: None of this was recommended by a doctor. This was a course of action I decided upon after researching different information on the internet.

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