We’ve Been Boo’ed, How About You? + Freebie Printable

We've Been Boo'ed, How About You?

When Halloween creeps closer and the other holidays are coming up on the horizon, it seems like it gets more fun to go sneaking around, dropping treats on our neighbor’s porches and doing a ding~dong~ditch!

Watching your kiddo tip~toe up to the door and glance back at you over their shoulder with a look of thrilled excitement on their little face is the best! And then they reach out a small hand with uncertainty and quickly punch the doorbell and,…. after a stunned second or two turn around and dash back to the car….even careful to not run on the grass LOL

We've Been Boo'ed, How About You?

Anyways, we put together some cute treat buckets at Activity Days last week and I wanted to make an updated version of the signs to hand out with them. It’s been a few years since we’ve done this and my friend was so awesome to go out and gather the supplies and remind me how fun this is for everyone in the neighborhood once it gets going.

Just click on the photos to print these puppies out.

We've Been Boo'ed, How About You?

Here’s how it works….or at least how we’ve always done it:

~Gather up some goodies….can be treats or non~treats. Just fun stuff to pass along to your awesome neighbors.

~Copy these 2 pages for each bucket, or print them from here.

~Put your copy of “We’ve been Boo’ed” in your front window or door {only if you were already Boo’ed, don’t if you haven’t yet}

~Sneak over and ding~dong~ditch those sweet treats on their porch and don’t forget to hide and watch if you can….it’s really fun ;)

That’s all! Sit back and watch the fun spread from neighbor to neighbor.

Have fun!

We've Been Boo'ed, How About You?

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