The Cheater’s Guide to Saving Time & Money

The Cheater's Guide to Saving Time & Money By:

As a parent, I know that it’s always a struggle to save both time and money simultaneously. If you in fact are able to find some cool and totally awesome time~saving method….it usually costs money. And if you are able to DIY something to save yourself some green…it will definitely cost you more time.

So, I sat down and thought long and hard about how on this green Earth a parent would be able to save both time and money. I had some pretty awesome epiphanies and I’m so excited to share with you all now. You don’t have to run right out and implement them right away, but I would certainly try if I were you. {But not really, cuz these aren’t really good ideas to do}

1. Communal Well~Rounded Breakfast~ Throw some Cheerios in a huge bowl {with some frozen veggies for nutrition} and you’ll be saving money on breakfast and time feeding everyone separately! I don’t know about you, but in our house the mornings are super crazy and this is an area I really needed to be able to save time & money. Plus, less dishes to wash and water to use.

2. Shower in your clothes~ This is a great way to wash yourself and do your laundry at the same time! Those washers use lots of water and electricity and it takes so much time to do it all, so why not do them together….you’re in there anyways.

3. Don’t splurge on new furniture when it breaks~ Save time and money by whipping out the duct tape and patching that puppy up! If you have kiddos, it will just get ruined again anyways….so save all that furniture moolah for later when they all move out.

4. Low on groceries but need to feed the kiddos in a hurry? Hit up your local Sams Club or Costco on Saturday afternoon and take your offspring around to all the samples stations. They really do seem to offer a fairly well~rounded selection of things to sample, so you know your kids are well fed.

5. Who needs video games? Run out and get some hip and cool Etch A Sketches for the kids….done.

6. Need to save time and money with hair cuts for all the kiddos? Two words…buzz cuts. Nuff’ said.

7. Don’t waste time and money getting rid of mice in your house~ Let them come. It’s free food for your cat and you don’t have to take time hunting the creeping little creatures.

8. Always “forget” your wallet when you go out with friends~ You’ll save money on going out and then over time your friends will stop inviting you out with them, thus saving time later.

9. No money to hire a sitter? Consider “renting” your kiddos out and make a little money on the side too!

10. Saving money going out to see movies is easy too~ Keep an ear out with the neighbors to find out who’s having a movie night at their house. Then, grab your folding chairs and park your family outside on the lawn, in front of their living room window and enjoy the show!

11. Save money and leave the lights off when you aren’t home…and even when you are. Invest in a few pairs of second~hand night vision goggles {from your local military supply store} and your family will be set! Better yet, just go to bed with the sun {as the saying goes}. You are your kids will be so rested and it will save money on lots of other things too…like late~night snacking and light bulbs.

12. Don’t even waste money on electricity for that matter~ Head over to a different friend’s house each night to “hang out” and catch up on some prime time T.V. While you’re there, make sure to charge up all your phones, computers, & tablets….and heck, why not even knock out your laundry/shower too!

13. Need to trim the fat on your wedding budget? Why pay for a huge, costly wedding cake, when you can have wedding Jello! It’s cheap to make and takes a lot less time too….plus, who doesn’t like Jello at a wedding? If you really want to impress, offer both Jello and pudding {yes, I know they’re really the same brand}….now, that’s a wedding not to be missed!

This last one is definitely a great idea and will save you both time and money…for realsies too. {not the friend~losing ways I listed above}

14. Head over to the Dollar Shave Club and set up delivery of razor blades every month….for as low as $1/month. Whoa! That simple tip will lots of time and so much moolah! In addition to shaving all that time and moolah, you may even win some of your friends back with your smoothly shaved face…or legs, cuz we all know that us chicks steal our guys’ razors all.the.time.

Now you’re armed with some great tips to saving precious minutes in your day and cutting down on your budget, maybe it’s time to take that trip to Mars you’ve been dreaming of….or the zoo….whatever.

Have fun!

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