My Life Written As Mystery~ Holiday Weight Gain

My Life Written As Mystery~ Holiday Weight Gain By:

Here’s a little something fun for the holidays!

I wake up everyday lately in a cold sweat. I’m tangled in my blankets and it takes me a few minutes to remember that I’m safe at home, in my own cozy bed. How did things get to be this way? Why can’t I recall how it feels to be happy….just for a few hours at least? It’s the holidays season, I should be feeling the warm fuzzy of love and kindness in the air. I should look at people’s pink~cheeked faces and return their cheery smiles when I’m out sharing in the bustle of this joyful season. But instead I am baffled!

What happened to me? Why can I not zip into my favorite comfy jeans anymore, or slip on my cherished  fuzzy sweater? I go through pair of pants after another….searching for one to hold me and make me feel secure and loved once more, but they have all turned against me and choose instead to hurt and pinch me. My soft sweaters no longer wrap me up in their plush, soft, goodness. Rather, they cling harshly to me and no longer do we feel like old comfy friends, but like cold, stiff acquaintances.

It is awkward in my beautiful closet now. This is no longer a place of refuge for me. My best, comfy friends are no longer full of pleasure and compliments like they used to be and we are distant now. I am mocked by them as they huddle together and whisper about me. They whisper and point and laugh at my bulges and not~so~flattering curves and when I look in the mirror, I am perplexed at the person staring back at me. Shocked herself at what she see too. I see clearly what has happened, but the mystery is how.

How did my once decent physique morph into the lumpier, plumpier, me that now inhabits my bathroom mirror? How did that tight 6~pack, I once sported, disappear {ok, really 2~pack, but still}? Where did that all that stinking cellulite come from…..seriously!? And, how on Earth did my arms get so…..jiggly? I don’t remember resorting to bad eating habits….I still eat healthy, don’t I?

But then, as I’m relaxing later with my steaming mug of hot cocoa….it all comes rushing back to me! Almost as fast as the sugar rush I’m starting to get from all the marshmallows crammed into my comforting, hot beverage: The lone gingerbread cookie my daughter leaves on her plate, that I don’t want to go to waste. The holiday candy that starts invading my house and somehow finds it way next to my computer as I work late at night {and then the resulting candy wrapper graveyard in the morning}. Taking 42 “sips” of egg nog throughout the day, when I only meant to take 2. And….how could I forget the plates of goodies that appear on our porch! I am a good mom and only let the girls take 1 or 2, but when they ask after them in the morning, I just shrug and casually say “I guess daddy ate them” even though daddy is out of town.

I am stunned….as I take a deep drink from my mug again, slurping up a few marshmallows in the process. I guess the mystery is solved. I can sleep well tonight, knowing that I will stop all that nonsense tomorrow. I will be able to walk proudly into my closet again and happily wear whatever I fancy that day. I will not be ashamed to waltz by my huge bathroom mirror anymore. I will not be sentenced to wearing yoga pants everyday as if I had actually just been at the gym. My mind is set.

But first, to finish this delicious chocolatey mug of cocoa and plate of warm, gooey cookies I already started on….

Have fun!

My Life Written As Mystery~ Holiday Weight Gain By:

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