Cheater’s Guide For Eliminating Holiday Clutter~ADHD Friendly Too!

Cheater's Guide For Eliminating Holiday Clutter~ADHD Friendly Too!

If you’re anything like us over here, you might still be swimming in all that clutter from Christmas. We still have wrapping paper out, brand new out~of~the~box gifts {played with once}, Christmas decorations {partially put away}, and mountains of laundry {yes, not necessarily Christmas related…but still}.

I’m not the most organized person, but since I have ADHD I’ve always had to be creative with ways I can help myself a least not get buried under all the clutter, new gifts, dishes, and dirty laundry. So, I was thinking of ways to help with all the holiday mess we created this last week and wanted to share with anyone else who might need it {go ahead, raise your hand}.

Rally the Troops


Set aside an hour per day for the next few days….while the kiddos are still out of school….and have them help organize and clean up your festive mess.

Do the Easy Stuff First….For Pete’s Sake!


Go around the house with a big bag and grab all the trash, wrapping paper bits, leftovers from New Year’s Eve, and anything else that needs to go in the bin. Then, gather up all the empty boxes from all the cool stuff the kiddos got and get rid of those too!

This takes, like 10 minutes and will instantly make the house look cleaner already!

Out With the Old


Get 2 boxes or bins and label them “garage sale” & “thrift store” and assign the kids {and yourselves} to find 10 things each or more that you don’t need anymore. Have the kiddos target old toys they don’t play with and you can look for things you just don’t use anymore. Then, just toss them into the boxes for donating or selling once warm weather hits.

Giving everyone a specific amount of items makes the job less daunting for the kiddos and you if you are like me and cannot handle large “sort through your whole house” jobs in one fell swoop.

Get Rid of the Enemy in Your Kitchen


Yep, I know your dirty secret….cuz it’s mine too! Every year I find so many treats and sweets that we have accumulated over the holiday season and now we need to say goodbye to {or I will never again fit into my pants!}. I always wonder how it all got there forgoodnesssakes!

I don’t usually buy that kind of stuff the rest of the year, but the “limited edition” flavors always call out to me and tell me I better get this in my shopping cart now….since soon it will be only a sweet pepperminty memory.

So, eat a healthy lunch {because you never do this sort of thing on an empty stomach}, and get in your pantry and purge all those things that need to go. Put them in a bag and toss them out! Be ruthless….if it’s not around for you to eat, then you can’t eat it. Duh!

Find Those Orphans New Homes


Help your kiddos {and you} find a place for all their shiny new possessions. Whether it’s something that just goes in their purses, like a gift card…..or something that needs a whole lotta space, like a ping pong table. These things need to find their new homes soon or they’ll end up in all the wrong places. And then it’s clutter.

Not Everything Needs to Stay


Got some things that you need to return….or re~gift? Grab an extra box or bin and label them “return” and/or “re~gift” {come on, you know we all do it….just own it}. Put the “return” box in the car along with any receipts and that way  you will have it with you if you happen to have a few extra minutes after the gym.

Put the “re~gift” box somewhere so you can grab stuff when the next birthday party rolls around…..just make sure you don’t re~gift it to the original gifter! Awkward….

Store the Decor


Set aside 30 minutes each day….or a few times each day to put away the Christmas decorations. Don’t forget to keep the “donate” or “sell” bins close in case you come across anything you don’t love anymore and need to part ways with.

If you get the whole family involved, you can assign small jobs to each person to make it go much faster. Have little kiddos run around the house “hunting” down anything Christmas~y and have them bring it to you to wrap and put away. Have the hubby do the heavy lifting like putting the tree away and getting the lights off the house and older kids can help find and put stuff in boxes too.

Channel Your Inner Prepper {not the crazy kind}


Yes, you can start thinking about next year already….and no, that doesn’t mean you won’t still be running around like a headless chicken come November. But, you can keep the list of giftees you made for this year, since it will stay pretty much the same for next year anyways. Teachers, neighbors, friends, kids, relatives, etc. and then pick up things {or make them} you find throughout the year.

This way, you can nab things when they are on sale or not be too much part of the mad dash later. This will also help spread out the cost of the season over 12 months instead of just one. Don’t just pin those crafts “to make next year”….actually get started!!

Make sure these items have a place to go when you find them….a secret place hidden from kiddos in case you find things for them too. Find yet another bin {yes, I have an obsession with bins….ask my hubs} and hide it away where you can add stuff throughout the year. Then, toss them in and when November rolls around, you will be overjoyed you have a head start.

Follow these easy steps and do them a little at a time and I promise that you will clean up faster than you ever thought possible. Then, you can get on to enjoying your new year and ignoring your resolutions ;)

Have fun!

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Cheater's Guide For Eliminating Holiday Clutter~ADHD Friendly Too!

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