My Two Cents About The Vaccine Wars

My Two Cents About The Vaccine Wars By:

I don’t normally write posts about hot~button topics, because honestly I would rather play with my pretty crafty stuff and show everyone how to make fun little things. But this is one area I’m really starting to get frustrated with the longer it goes on.

I’m talking mostly about the whole vaxxers vs anti~vaxxers war that has popped up all over the internet. But to elaborate even further, I guess it’s all the “Mommy Wars” that go on between us {and daddies}. How the decisions we make every day on how we raise our kiddos {breast vs bottle, co~sleeping vs crib, stay~home vs working {outside the home}, home~schooling vs public, etc.} seem to incite this primal urge in us to attack the parents who don’t believe the same as we do.

Still with me?

I participated in a discussion on the topic of vaccines on FB recently and it struck me pretty hard how readily people jump to criticism and blame and a lot of times, plain ‘ole meanness! Pretty much every discussion I’ve read out there ends up going into bullying of other parents over their parenting choices.

Yes, I know we join these discussion with the intention of explaining ourselves and pointing out the “obvious” flaws in the research that the other side probably read, but what comes out soon enough gets pretty ugly. I do think that some of it is unintentional since it’s difficult to read intonation, joking, sarcasm, and some of us simply have a hard time writing down their thoughts as they really meant them. But, it’s clear that a lot of that is purposely meant to insult, criticize and belittle their fellow parents over nothing more than differing opinions.

And why?

What does that help after all? Yes, maybe you get to blow off steam, but the damage you do to other parents can be lasting. I know that it can be hard to not take this vaccine issue personally. Simply because it is fairly rare that an issue comes up in parenting that not only affects your own kids, but can also affect others around you and maybe even a whole nation’s well~being. I think that’s the reason this makes us so mad and see red. You can’t make your friend do what you think is right to keep your kids safe too, so you label them as dangerous psychopaths who are trying to destroy your family.

I can see that people are taking this issue as personal attacks….like we are using vaccines in one way or another to injure or possibly fatally hurt your children. Those who choose not to vaccinate are seen as monsters who parade their little germ~filled spawn around to infect as many innocent children as possible. And those who do choose to vaccinate are seen as monsters who pump their kids full of poison and want desperately to poison yours as well.

You know what I see?

I see moms and dads researching the heck out of this issue {or any other issue} and then making tough choices in order to keep their kids safe and healthy to the best of their ability.

That’s all.

Every one of us, at one time or other, has read, to certain extents, about vaccines and made the decision based on their best judgment and experience weather to do it or not. Every one of us is doing their best to figure this out…..and what your friends’ best efforts look like will differ from what your best efforts look like. And the decisions your friends makes, will differ from the ones you make. The choices we make regarding our kiddos, depends on so many factors and it’s not up to us to say that what we determine is best for our kiddos will be best for someone else’s.

And my hubby pointed out that in reality none of us have all the answers…unless, of course, your magic wand is working.

I was curious and took the opportunity to talk to moms on both sides of this heated issue and you know what I never heard any of them say during the course of our conversation? I did not once hear anything like this: “Man, I really want to use my kids to infect as many people as possible with a bad disease….by the way, where are your kids right now?” or “Seriously, I can’t wait to inject everyone’s kids with poison and see what happens….hey, can your kids come over today?”

Not once.

This is what I did hear.

I did hear the love in their voices as they talk about the safety of doing this and how it might impact their little ones. The fear when they tell me about the things they’ve read about other kids getting hurt. The hurt when they talk about how much hate is directed towards them because they are seen as monsters or just plain stupid….or both. These are smart people who have done as much research as we did, but maybe came to a different conclusion than someone else….for their kids’ sakes.

As a mom, I can understand that.

I read a very good post a few days ago here {go ahead and read it….I’ll wait}, and it points out that no matter what we believe, or how we choose to raise our kiddos, there’s one things that we all have in common….the love we feel for our kids. Every choice we make regarding those cute little people who run our lives, is based on love and concern for their health, safety, and well~being.

And that’s exactly what we all have in common.

The love.

That crazy and intense love that makes us run rampant on social media and act out when we feel our kids are being threatened.

We don’t have to agree on every single issue. Each kiddo is different and the parents that kid has is the perfect parent for them. Those parents know what their kid needs. They are there day and night. They are there through the good times and the hard ones. They are the ones that will continue to be there after the dust settles from this issue and all the fighting {hopefully} stops. None of us parents is perfect, but we are perfect for our kids.

If you take anything away from this post, please take this phrase from Denise Stirk {who wrote the post I linked to above}:

“I’m a mom, I know.”



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