Fun and Kid Friendly April Fool’s Day Pranks

Fun and Kid Friendly April Fool's Day Pranks

April Fool’s Day is very soon and as our kiddos are getting older, they are itching to try their hand at pranks each April 1st. I have to admit, though, so far I’ve been the reining champion of silly stuff around our house, but each year they get smarter and it’s harder to trick these kids of ours.

This year, I’ve thought up some new jokes that I can hopefully pull over on them….but if not, it’s at least fun to try! We do have rules about pranks. We are not allowed to do anything mean, destructive, permanent, or anything that will wake mommy up too early ;)

Fun and Kid Friendly April Fool's Day Pranks

~Safety pin the sleeves or pant legs of your kids’ clothes together. Pin them from the back or inside to try and hide the pin…and it helps if you can get your kids to lay out their clothes the night before so you know what they plan on wearing.

~Swap the milk. If you usually drink whole milk, fill the jug with skim instead.

~Safety pin their socks or undies all together. When they go to grab one, they will get a whole string of socks or undies for their trouble.

~Set their clocks ahead and hour or two so they get up thinking it’s 7:00, but really it’s 5:00am. This works better for older kids, of course ;)

~Swap the drawers in the kitchen….so the silverware will be in a different spot when the kids go to get a spoon or fork.

~Switch the kids in their beds, so they wake up in the wrong bed in the morning. This one is easier on your back if you do it with little kiddos and kids that are heavy sleepers. Thanks to Jess for this idea!

~Bake cookies, cake, or brownies, but use salt in place of the sugar.

~Pull clear plastic wrap across a doorway, so when they walk out {to the garage or out of their room in the morning}, they walk into the wrap. It’s pretty funny, just don’t do it anywhere they might fall down stairs.

~Freeze their cereal and milk and give it to them in the morning.

~Get the kiddos Cheetos for their lunches and secretly swap them out for baby carrots. You can see how this one went over for one of my kids one year here.

~TP the inside of their room while they sleep…it’s hilarious when they wake up.

Fun and Kid Friendly April Fool's Day Pranks

~Disguise their food….this one is really chocolate rice crispie treats shaped like meatloaf and frosting with a yellow starburst to look like mashed potatoes and butter and candy veggies. There are so many other ideas out there on how to dress up food to look like something else…bt be careful not to make the kids too mad, you’ll have to sleep with one eye open!

Fun and Kid Friendly April Fool's Day Pranks

~Last year I told the kids we were having little personal pot pies for dinner and swapped them with these fruit ones. Needless to say, they weren’t sad about the switch.

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Here are some other posts I’ve done in the past, check them out too!

Hope you found some cute tricks to use at your house….and hopefully your kiddos don’t outsmart you!

Have fun!

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