Easy Wrapping Paper Neighbor Gift + Free Printable Tags

Easy Wrapping Paper Neighbor Gift + Free Printable Tags

So, Christmas is less than a week away and I wanted to think of something, besides treats, to bring over to our friends and neighbors this year. Not that I don't love treats....just trying to cut back. Not~to~mention.... I love treats a little too much and if I bake it, I will definitely have to sample it....just to make sure its safe and all. Well, I've seen the wrapping paper idea around and … [Read more...]

Our Funny Christmas Card and Photo Idea

Our Funny and Unique Christmas Card and Photo Idea

Are you as behind on your Christmas "to~do" list as I am? It just seems like each year, that list gets exponentially longer...sheesh! Anyways, we finally got our cards done and decided to be funny this year {and a little lazy....ok, a lot lazy}. We also kinda ran out of time to schedule a photo shoot with any of the awesome photographers we are lucky enough to know {although, my friend Amy was so … [Read more...]

Rustic Advent Tree with Stamped Treat Bags

Rustic Advent Tree with Stamped Treat Bags

I love advent calendars! I think it's because they remind me of when I was a kid and we lived in Germany....where they do Christmas up reeeeeel good!! We used to get those little paper calendars where you opened the tiny paper door each day and hidden behind was a fun little I don't know about you, but there wasn't any other time of year where we got our own little … [Read more...]

Cute & Easy Gift or Stocking Stuffer ~ Clothespin Magnets

Cute & Easy Gift or Stocking Stuffer ~ Clothespin Magnets

It always surprises me once Halloween is over and suddenly the days get chillier and it's the season for gift~giving. I feel a tightness in my chest and hyperventilate a bit when I start thinking about all the things that need to be done and all the awesome peeps I want to show appreciation for with some fun little things {you know who you are!}. But luckily there are about a million {give or … [Read more...]

25 Days Of Christmas~Better Late Than Never

Magical Santa Footprints By:

Sigh.......Don't you LOVE the little ones?The WONDER and the FIRM belief they have in all things magical?Without any doubt whatsoever, they are thrilled and mystified by this time of year. I want to treasure these years as much as I can, since I KNOW they won't last long. Case in point....... I wanted to make "Santa footprints" for Christmas morning this year, but I forgot when we … [Read more...]

25 Days Of Christmas~Merry Christmas!!

Just wanted to wish you all a VERY Merry Christmas!Hope you get to spend time with loved ones and make sure to.......EAT ALOT!Mmmmmmm!We are going to Christmas dinner at in-laws tomorrow (minus hubby since he is working), and I plan on eatingLOTS! :)Here are some pics from our Christmas morning yesterday, hope your kiddos are just as happy :)Have Fun! … [Read more...]

25 Days Of Christmas~No Better Pair

25 Days Of Christmas~No Better Pair by

Well, we had a GREAT Christmas today (since we celebrated early due to hubby's work schedule)! The kiddos each got Nintendo DS lites,......but not games (that's what we told grandparents they wanted :) and a few other toys. Hubby and I The girls had a great time playing with their toys after they opened them and are already asking about our next Christmases (we will be having 2 … [Read more...]

25 Days Of Christmas~Yay! A Winner!!!

HA HA HA!Ooops, I mean.....HO HO HO!!Sorry it's so late today, but we will be celebrating Christmas tomorrow (hubby works on Christmas :(,   so there were TONS of things to do today!Well, on to the WINNERS!!!!Drum roll please........According to Random.orgThe winners are:Carlie&Nellana!!!Yay!!!Please e-mail me and send your info so I can get these on their way to you both!!Sorry I couldn't give … [Read more...]