When My Heart Goes Out Walking Around….

When My Heart Goes Out Walking Around.... By:

These days, my heart belongs to 3 others bodies, besides my own {and one grown up body, if you count my hubs}. In fact, I think they have larger portions of that organ than I posses myself.....which can't be safe for me at all. It's a really weird thing to experience, this sharing of my heart with others. I mean, I have been in a family before this one that me and hubby created, it's just that … [Read more...]

The Easy Life We Might Have Had Without Our Special Needs Daughter

The Easy Life We Might Have Had Without Our Special Needs Daughter By

The first time we saw our soon-to-be youngest firecracker of a daughter Kira, we were in an old, WW1 era, run-down but fairly well kept up orphanage in Kaliningrad, November (very cold!). The staff had us wait in a small waiting room/office while they went and got her and brought her to us all bundled up. But one thing we didn't know back then was how much impact that little bundle … [Read more...]

Sleeping Yoga Master

Maybe there is some truth to the "Russians are better suited for gymnastics" stereotype?Have fun!(Freecycle Friday will be back next week) … [Read more...]

Update……..And A Giveaway!!!

FIRST of all.....I would love to thank you all for your awesome and kind comments!MY READERS ROCK!!!!!AND.....Since I have utterly NOTHING to do here, (and no, I can't go sightseeing with the baby, silly gooses)So, I'm gonna post some pics I've taken here in the last few days and on (very brief) outtings.Here is the morning of the day we went to go get Kira from the orphanage (you should have seen … [Read more...]


The newest member of the McDonald clan.....Kira Svetlana McDonald!!!They granted our adoption, (admit it, you guys were all worried) so she is now our little girl!!There were lots of tears (hubby's.....ok, mine)....and lots of smiles and promises to the judge and prosecuter that we will take good care of this sweet and fragile girl.Which, of course we will!!! They could not, however, waive the 10 … [Read more...]


K, so court went well today but lasted 1 1/2 hrs. since they asked so many questions. Mostly about our desire to adopt a baby with congenital heart disease (which was repaired at 6 months) and lingering effects from that and the fact that she was 11 weeks premature. We do, however need to return tomorrow since they wanted an additional document that our agency is going to e-mail for us. Therefore, … [Read more...]

Cross Your Fingers!!!

So tomorrow we go to court and hopefully things go well for us.....My nerves have been raw all day and all I want to do was get it over with. You see, I've never been to court before for anything ANDEspecially not a court where I've needed a translator, so..... keep your fingers crossed for us as we try to finalize this adoption so we can finally bring our little girl meet our other … [Read more...]

S-S-So C-C-Cold

Well, it's REALLY cold outside!.....And I'm having to post from my itouch, (which is hard) so this will be short :(It's SUPER cold here, but we've been able to spend some time with kira.She's in the hospital right now getting over bronchitis (not serious, they hospitalize the kids for evrything here), so went there to see her instead of the orphanage. She's still so tiny, but she smiles more and … [Read more...]