Fun and Kid Friendly April Fool’s Day Pranks

Fun and Kid Friendly April Fool's Day Pranks

April Fool's Day is very soon and as our kiddos are getting older, they are itching to try their hand at pranks each April 1st. I have to admit, though, so far I've been the reining champion of silly stuff around our house, but each year they get smarter and it's harder to trick these kids of ours. This year, I've thought up some new jokes that I can hopefully pull over on them....but if not, … [Read more...]

Fun Instagram Mom~ From Jokes To Slow Pokes

Fun Instagram Mom~ From Jokes To Slow Pokes At:

We (or maybe just me?!) had so much fun this April Fools day! It is my favorite holiday-I love a good clean funny joke or two, orrr three.      Here is a little of what our day looked like: While my sweet innocent babes slept I snuck into their rooms and colored on their faces.... Riley gave it a thumbs up, I was down stairs and heard her start giggling upstairs when she … [Read more...]

22 More April Fool’s Tricks and Pranks for Kids

22 More April Fool's Tricks and Pranks for Kids By:

Ok, so I already explained how much we love April Fool's Day here, so I don't need to again. But I did want to share some more fun pranks you all can do tomorrow when you are all full of mischief. First, I want to show you what happens when you mess with a 3 year old's Cheetos.... This video is from waaaaaaay back! I opened some bags of Cheetos and switched them out for carrots. Then I used … [Read more...]

Fun and Easy April Fool’s Pranks for Kids

Fun and Easy April Fool's Pranks for By:

So Spring is upon us and with that comes one of my favorite fun days....April Fool's Day! We play (nice) pranks every year and now that they are getting older, even the kiddos have started thinking up their own fun jokes to spring on us. The rules are that the tricks cannot be mean (like breaking or ruining things or the house), they cannot make too much of a mess, and tricks cannot be anything … [Read more...]

We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Programming…….

So sorry, but Freecycle Friday will return next week........I have something cool I want to show off, but have had a bad migraine most of yesterday and today......BUTI can take this opportunity to show you all some spiffy ideas for upcoming April Fool's Day!!(Our 3 year-old, Aislyn, started to be born on April 1st, but that was her joke on us since she didn't make her entrance till the next day!)I … [Read more...]