No~Sew Sleeping Bag for Kids…Makes A Great Gift!

No~Sew Sleeping Bag for Kids...Makes A Great Gift!

Well, the weather here has been pretty warm lately, but it will get definitely get frosty again soon and the kiddos have been┬álonging for snuggly warm things to cuddle up with on those days. We were lucky to hit up Joanns on black Friday when they had some screaming deals on fleece and got tons of it for %70 off. The girls really wanted to help make these, so they aren't going to be Christmas … [Read more...]

Paper Sillouettes, Dresser, and Poofs….Oh MY!!

So, I'm re-healy backed up in taking pics of crafts to post, I am finding a slew of a-dorable others for you to feast your eyes on in the meantime.I stumbled upon this "must try" craft (the sillouettes) here at Crafty Nest and it now goes on my (long) list of crafts to try. Bbbbuuuutttt, since I probably won't get to it for awhile, I really wanted to link it so you all can try it now … [Read more...]