Blogging Tips~ Make A Schedule Already….and Stick to It!

Blogging Tips~ Make A Schedule Already....and Stick to It! By:

So, does this sound familiar to you? You finally have the house to yourself (or at least your tiny computer area at the kitchen table while little ones are sleeping), but you just. can't. get. to. that. post.? You are ready to sit down and bang it all out, but you keep getting distracted by that towering pile of laundry, a counter~full of dirty dishes, or even that beautiful sunny day that's … [Read more...]

Blogging Tips~ Make Money Blogging…Oh, Yes You Can!

Blogging Tips~ Make Money Blogging...Oh, Yes You Can! By:

We all wanna make money....and if you're able to make money writing about something you love, while staying home with your {mostly} sweet kiddos.....that's even better right? Well, the good news is that you most definitely can earn money blogging! And I'm going to tell you how {cuz I get asked that all.the.time.}! The main ways~ The main ways most bloggers earn money. 1. Google AdSense ~ This … [Read more...]

Blogging Tips~How To Add a Click-Through Photo {JPEG} for Your Printable In WordPress

How To Add a Click-Through Photo {JPEG} for Your Printable In WordPress By:

The new year has started and it's time to get down to some serious blogging business. I know I have a lot of things on my list to learn, and I bet you do too. So, I wanted to start a series showing the cool things I've learned about blogging that have helped me make my blog what it is so far and might be helpful to you all too (sharing is caring, after all). This first post will show you how to … [Read more...]