2 Bite Valentine’s Cheesecake In A Jar

2 Bite Valentine's Cheesecakes In A Jar By:

Valentine's Day is coming soon and I wanted to make a little treat that would be cute and yummy! Well, since I just LoVe cheesecake, I thought that would be a great treat to pop into some adorable teeny jars and spread some love around. Plus, I also just LoVe these itty bitty Weck jars {here in my Etsy Shop} and am always looking for a way to use them! You'll Need: For the filling 1~ 8 oz … [Read more...]

Sweet and Fun Robot Party for a Girl or Boy

Sweet and Fun Robot Party for a Girl or Boy

Our youngest just turned 6 last week, so to match her awesome Halloween costume we decided to throw a robot party and combined it with my nephews who had birthdays close to hers. The resulting shin~dig turned out pretty cute with the blue and pink together. It was super fun creating the tags and thinking up cute names to call the snacks and treats. The "nuts & bolts" were a hit....the kids … [Read more...]

29 Out of This World Caramel Treats

29 Out of This World Caramel Treats

Ok, so we all know how popular caramel has gotten these days {totally warranted, of course!} and during the Fall season our taste buds seem to salivate more for this sweet saucy stuff. So, in the spirit of cooler weather....and packing on pounds....I want to share some of these delectable~looking recipes with you all. And yes, I added several recipes for caramel sauce so you can pick the one that … [Read more...]

DIY Candy Eyes For Your Spooky Treats

DIY Candy Eyes For Your Spooky Treats

Gearing up to make some fun Halloween treats and want to add some fun candy peepers? Why not make your own this year? It's incredibly easy to do and each batch makes about a million of these things. Start off by following the recipe for royal icing here over at Bake at 350. She does a beautiful job with this and there's no way I could improve it. *Remember to make these a day ahead of whenever … [Read more...]

Easy & Yummy Valentine’s Sprinkle Layer Cake + Frosting Tips

Easy & Yummy Valentine's Sprinkle Layer Cake By:

Ok, I have a confession to make. I'm not very good at making layer cakes. There. I said it. Yep, they always end up being lopsided, lumpy, and {yes, AND} crummy. So, I've been making a lot of cakes lately in an attempt to finally get it right {luckily, no one here has been complaining about all the extra cake}. This one was actually pretty easy to make and looks really cute {and kind of hides … [Read more...]

15 Festive Christmas Treats and Katiedid Designs Giveaway Winners!!

15 Festive Christmas Treats @

Are you like me and always realize too late before a holiday party that you have nothing to bring.....again? Or just the plain 'ol boring thing you brought last time? I always get so bogged down this time of year, that I forget to search for fun and yummy desserts to throw in my Tupperware and slap out on the treat table to share. I love having fun and tasty things to share...always makes me smile … [Read more...]

Wicked Magic Potion Cupcakes

Wicked Magic potion Cupcakes by

Well, Halloween is almost here and so are all the fun parties (if not already). If you're still looking for a cute treat to bring to one of those fun parties...try these. I LoVe making cupcakes, but I'm not the best at decorating them the cutest. So, I started trying to think of something that was cute and simple to whip up for that ward or neighborhood party you head to this coming … [Read more...]

Spooky Cupcake Ghosties Plus Easy Fondant Recipe

Spooky Cupcake Ghosties Plus easy Fondant Recipe by

Today I wanted to show you a really cool Halloween treat that you can totally make with the kiddos and is easy and fun. This is a re-post from a few years ago, but we made these at our house again recently and they are still a big hit around here so I thought I would show them again. The fondant recipe is also great to have on hand for anytime you need to make a cute cake....or cupcakes too! … [Read more...]