Rustic Advent Tree with Stamped Treat Bags

Rustic Advent Tree with Stamped Treat Bags

I love advent calendars! I think it's because they remind me of when I was a kid and we lived in Germany....where they do Christmas up reeeeeel good!! We used to get those little paper calendars where you opened the tiny paper door each day and hidden behind was a fun little I don't know about you, but there wasn't any other time of year where we got our own little … [Read more...]

ADD Cheater’s Guide To A (Somewhat) Clean House & Freebie Printable

ADD Cheater's Guide To A (Somewhat) Clean House & Free Printable by

Hello, my name is Emily and I'm a mess-a-holic. I admit it....I hate to clean and since I have ADD, I get distracted or overwhelmed super easily and am always needing to devise ways to trick myself help keep myself motivated to get my chores done. Don't get me wrong, my house isn't dirty....just always messy.  I'm terrible at putting away all things I get out for my projects and with ADD it's … [Read more...]

Need To Stay Organized This School Year…..And Later too?

Yes, yes, I know what you all are thinking.......terrible blogger, this one. But, I won't bore you with excuses. I'll just get on to the cute new craft I have to show you all! Okie dokie, so I love, love, LOVE those cute framed wall calendars you can write on with dry erase......BUT I don't think the tiny squares are big enough to write things in (legibly), I still don't have one in "ma … [Read more...]

Silhouette Bundle Winner!!! And Super Cute Birthday Calendar

So.........Wanna see who won the supa-awesome Silhouette bundle including:1. 2 rolls of heat transfer (1 white & 1 yellow, smooth)2. A package of tattoo paper (2 sheets!)3. A package of magnetic paper (4 sheets!)Well, I'm gonna make you wait a few......first I want to show you all this really cute project I made with the neat-o magnet sheets I got from Silhouette.We all know how much I … [Read more...]

25 Days Of Christmas~12 Days Advent Calendar

25 Days Of Christmas~12 Days Advent Calendar By

Ok, so this won't be a habit, I've just been SUPER busy! AND...... I'm coming up on a very busy weekend too! What the heck was I thinking posting everyday!!! BUT..... On with the show, so here's day 10 with a "12 Days" advent calendar. I actually saw this one on the Michaels website and HAD to have one (that makes 3 advents in our house, including this one). It's … [Read more...]

25 Days Of Christmas ~ Cute Christmas Countdown Blocks

25 Days Of Christmas ~ Cute Christmas Countdown Blocks by

Happy December Everyone! I was thinking about Christmas crafts and realized that there are SO many floating around in my (little :) brain..... Therefore, I decided to post everyday till the BIG day. This is great and will include craft tutes, gift ideas and tutes, tips, ideas for activities (maybe) etc. I made my own button!!!! All by myself!! You can grab one too.... So, … [Read more...]

Halloween Countdown Blocks

Halloween Countdown Blocks By:

Good evening everyone!! Feast your festive eyes on THESE! So cute, huh? Anyhoo, just cut 2 blocks from a 4x4 (so the blocks will be approx. 3 1/2"x 3 1/2"). You can get more details on cutting blocks from this post. The base is 3 1/2"wide x 3/4"high x 7 1/4"long. Figure out what color you want them to be and.......paint those puppies! Then, pick out your paper and cut 12 … [Read more...]

Christmas in July – Shadowbox/Picture Frame Calendars

Christmas in July - Shadowbox/Picture Frame Calendars

Arrrhhhhhh! K, to me it's still Wednesday......but I'm having a problem with my pics, so that's why I'm posting this at midnight. This is a very cute and super easy craft that one of my friends and I saw at a scrapbook convention we went to last fall (LOVE those!) The only difference is that they made theirs (can't remember which booth we saw it at) with a calendar printed on a … [Read more...]