DIY Candy Eyes For Your Spooky Treats

DIY Candy Eyes For Your Spooky Treats

Gearing up to make some fun Halloween treats and want to add some fun candy peepers? Why not make your own this year? It's incredibly easy to do and each batch makes about a million of these things. Start off by following the recipe for royal icing here over at Bake at 350. She does a beautiful job with this and there's no way I could improve it. *Remember to make these a day ahead of whenever … [Read more...]

Harry Potter Birthday Party Favors ~ Party Part 2

Harry Potter Birthday Party Favors ~ Party Part 2 By:

Well, here we are at part 2 of the fun Harry Potter party we had last month. You can see Part 1 here or Part 3 here or Part 4 here. I wanted to make the favors look like the candies from the books/movies, but I also wanted to put my own fun spin of them. I also like using see~through bottles and containers that are cute and can be dressed up any way. Here are the Bertie Botts jars. I used the … [Read more...]

Frozen Birthday Party ~ Final Reveal Party~Part 3

frozen party 3

Ok, I finally got allllll the pictures gathered from this awesome Frozen party we threw for our super cool {now} 8 year-old. There was a lot that went into it {a bit too much, hubby says}, so I wanted to show it all. This was a "sleepless sleepover", so everyone got to wear jammies and bring pillows and blankets to snuggle up with during the movie. It all started with the invites. I had the … [Read more...]

Lucky Leprechaun Donuts and Tricky Leprechaun Traps

Lucky Leprechaun Donuts and Tricky Leprechaun Traps By:

Nothing says March like tiny green donuts and cute little Leprechaun traps, right? Well, a few years back, when my older two kiddos were in Kindergarten (different years, same school) all the kiddos were assigned the cutest project ever! They were asked to make a Leprechaun trap to bring in to show the class. Then, on St. Patrick's Eve all the traps were put to the test to try and catch one of the … [Read more...]

St. Patrick’s Day Treat ~ Leprechaun Loot Pail + Printable

Saint Patrick's Day Treat ~ Leprechaun Loot Pail By:

With 3 girlies around, St. Patty's Day has become kind of a big deal here.....What, with all the rainbow and pot o' gold themed stuff out there, and little people with magic and allllll the green tinted food! It's no wonder my girls have warmed up to this fun holiday pretty quickly. I added these cute clear paint cans to my Etsy store recently, and wanted to play with some fun ways to dress them … [Read more...]

15 Festive Christmas Treats and Katiedid Designs Giveaway Winners!!

15 Festive Christmas Treats @

Are you like me and always realize too late before a holiday party that you have nothing to bring.....again? Or just the plain 'ol boring thing you brought last time? I always get so bogged down this time of year, that I forget to search for fun and yummy desserts to throw in my Tupperware and slap out on the treat table to share. I love having fun and tasty things to share...always makes me smile … [Read more...]

Wicked Magic Potion Cupcakes

Wicked Magic potion Cupcakes by

Well, Halloween is almost here and so are all the fun parties (if not already). If you're still looking for a cute treat to bring to one of those fun parties...try these. I LoVe making cupcakes, but I'm not the best at decorating them the cutest. So, I started trying to think of something that was cute and simple to whip up for that ward or neighborhood party you head to this coming … [Read more...]

24 Cute and Yummy Halloween Treats

24 Cute and Yummy Halloween Treats

It's no secret that I loooooove Halloween! And around here we tend to go all out. One of my favorite part of this holiday is alllllll the cute and yummy treats you get to make for the kiddos (or yourself after said kiddos go to bed) Coincidentally, this is also the time of year when I get a little fluffier around the middle. Well, there are so many ideas out there in BloggerLand that I don't … [Read more...]