Our Funny Christmas Card and Photo Idea

Our Funny and Unique Christmas Card and Photo Idea

Are you as behind on your Christmas "to~do" list as I am? It just seems like each year, that list gets exponentially longer...sheesh! Anyways, we finally got our cards done and decided to be funny this year {and a little lazy....ok, a lot lazy}. We also kinda ran out of time to schedule a photo shoot with any of the awesome photographers we are lucky enough to know {although, my friend Amy was so … [Read more...]

Fun Instagram Mom~Love Is In The Air

Fun Instagram Mom~Love Is In The Air By:

February is here and love is in the air! Or sick germs who love this family anyway.  We started off the month with my 3 month old in the hospital for 4 days with bronchiolitis and a virus. And the cherry on top you ask?  Just 4 hrs after arriving at the ER with her, my husband calls and says he needs to bring our 4 yr old...all I can say is we have the best family and friends around. People were … [Read more...]

A-Mazing Valentine’s Cards for Kids + Freebie Printable

A-Mazing Valentine's Cards for Kids + Freebie Printable By:

I am in love with Valentine's colors these days! It's fun to not be obligated to only pinks and reds anymore....bring on the blue's, grey's, and purple's! I also like trying to think outside the box when it comes to little surprises to attach to the cards your kiddos hand out. So, when I found these cute little mazes at the Dollar Tree....I HAD to get them and find a fun way to incorporate them … [Read more...]

Katiedid Designs and Sweet Giveaway!!

Katiedid designs and Sweet Giveaway at

I can't believe that tomorrow is Thanksgiving!......then after that, it's time to start thinking about getting Christmas cards ready to send out EEEEK! Don't worry, I wouldn't freak you out without having a super awesome solution for you all for card/invitation needs this year. I'm pleased as punch to introduce you to a friend of mine: Katie over at Katiedid Designs Katie has the cutest … [Read more...]

Pardon My Drool……

So........Have you ever been working so hard on a project that you accidentally drool a little on it?????No? Oh, me neither......I was just curious.Anyhoo, I took a few days off and I feel refreshed :0)Hope you all had a great Christmas and got all the stuff you wanted got to spend lots of time with your families.So, since Christmas is over, it's now time to start churning out thank you cards for … [Read more...]

Halloween Invites For Your Zombie Party

Halloween Invites For Your Zombie Party By:

*Sorry about the dark was overcast ALL day.*  Today I finished these cute invites for our fun up-coming Activity Days Halloween party. I LOVE this card design!!!! I got the idea from a friend of mine (hey Valerie!) 2 years ago when she made some super-cute baby shower invites for another friend of ours using this design. So, here's how: You need to start with … [Read more...]

Super-cute pop out card!

I have a confession to make.Ready?Here goes.....It was my birthday 2 weeks ago (on June 16th) and I didn't tell you guys.There. I said it. Now I feel better.In case you are curious....I turned 30.......again ;)You may be wondering why this crazy person felt like she needed to confess that, but it has to do with this card I'm going to show you all today!My friend Mary (hey girl!) sent me this card … [Read more...]