Inspire Your Little Architect with DIY Chalkboard Blocks

Inspire Your Little Architect with DIY Chalkboard Blocks

~By Merri Cvetan Winter is such a long season. By this time of year, parents are always looking for fun and inexpensive indoor activities. The best play time encourages kids to use their imagination and creativity. Although wood blocks have been a staple in the toy box for centuries, they're hardly high-tech. That's probably why parents love them. Blocks are almost the perfect toy. They help … [Read more...]

Awesome Recycled Cereal Box Chalkboard Tags

Awesome Recycled Cereal Box Chalkboard Tags By:

Happy New Year's everyone! Hope you all were able to celebrate with your families and enjoy. We have a tradition here that everyone gets to pick a snack or treat and then we eat the snacks and watch movies all night. Then, we watch the ball drop in New York (at 10pm our time) and then head off to bed. The kiddos still get to stay up way after their bedtime, but not till midnite LOL. Today I … [Read more...]

Super Easy Chalkboard Plate

Well, helloooooooooo there!So sorry it's been awhile, but we have been very busy enjoying all the fun stuff summer has to offer (and going a little crazy from cabin fever whenever we can't get out)So, I wanted to show a fun craft that I saw here last year sometime somewhere (I see sooooo many great ideas, but my memory poops out on me sometimes.....or I just forget to write it down.....).I got … [Read more...]

Freecycle Friday – More junk! & Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!So Blogger was acting up yesterday, so you guys get a Halloween treat.....Freecycle Friday on Saturday!K, so this week I want to show you all what I did with one of my thrift store finds.It's super-easy!I took this:And made it into this:Just using paint.I just used Krylon brushed nickel spray paint to cover the milk pail.(check out this post to see another use) Then, once dry, I … [Read more...]

A great toy for car (or plane) trips this summer!

Hallooooooo!I was going for the Winnie-the-Pooh sound with that....what did you think.Anyhoo, this is something cool for you to take with you on all your gloriously fun vacations you will be taking this summer so you can keep the kiddos busy during the boring parts (ie. the traveling). I got the idea for this from Little Birdie Secrets here and thought: "Hey! cool, a chalkboard you can roll up and … [Read more...]

Chalkboard Tags…….And More!

Awesome Recycled Cereal Box Chalkboard Tags By:

So, everywhere you look people are talking about recycling. Well, here's a great way to recycle your cereal boxes......or any boxes, after you're done eating the goods. I got the idea of recycling boxes to make bookmarks from Crissie Grace (She also made cute white chalkboard tags too, but a little different). Anyhoo.....they turned out soooooo cute and I wanted to make something to hand … [Read more...]